180 Box Of Chocolates

    Another day passed and as expected, Yera Han and her ghost were still the hottest talk inside the hospital that reached everyone's knowledge.

    "Did you thoroughly check all the camera footage in the hospital during those hours?" Lyndon asked his security as he watched the video where Carla was pointing her finger toward the direction Yera showed herself but there was no one in that area.

    The men inside the security room were startled as Jam entered the room.

    "What are you doing here?" Lyndon asked with knitted brows.

    "I'm curious like you. What else? I actually wondered what would you do if Yera's ghost appeared before you..." Jam scoffed as she scanned the video on the screen.

    "This is not a place to discuss such things..." Jam heard Lyndon whisper in her ear and she just shrugged her shoulders as a reply.

    "Hmm, this is interesting. I guess that nurse was speaking the truth. I heard another doctor close to Dr. Song actually has a third eye. I wonde..." Jam's words were cut when Lyndon abruptly grabbed her arm and walked out from the security room.

    "Stop bubbling things without enough basis in front of people Jam! You will only make things worse!" Lyndon scolded as soon as they were out of the room and out from other people's eyes and ears.

    "Stop overreacting! But I don't believe in these stupid ghost stories. Everything can be fabricated nowadays and I feel something fishy is going on Lyndon. I won't be surprised if that ghost of Yera starts haunting you soon dear... Well you do know you can run to me anytime you wanted..." Jam jested that made Lyndon's face turn sour.

    "How can you even joke around like that?" He hissed. Jam gave him a mocking laugh and scorned, "I'm more worried about Yera's doppelganger who is so much alive rather than that so called ghost of Yera. I'm just curious what the CCTV had captured but still I will keep an eye more at Dr. Deyna Song. Who knows? She could be posing like that ghost somehow?"

    Lyndon looked around before he abruptly grabbed Jam's arm and exclaimed, "Stopped messing around."

    Jam's eyebrows raised while she responded, "See how behaved I am lately? As long as you won't get near to that Deyna Song I'll keep behaving dear." Jam raised her hand to caress Lyndon's cheek but the latter turned his head and quickly released her.

    "Go back to work Jam and I'll eat dinner with you later." Lyndon muttered that made Jam's heart flutter. 'I am really stupid right?' Jam told herself inwardly while she looked at Lyndon's back with teary eyes. How come she could not give up her first love that easily?

    She recalled the first time she met Lyndon... She would always cry hard because she was often bullied when she was a kid, calling her a bastard child. Everybody knew that she was an adopted child and because of that she was often bullied by the other kids in their community and school. One day, while she was alone on a bench, crying hard, a boy approached her and looked at her crying state. He handed her a box of chocolates he had, saying, 'eat these and you will smile.'

    Well she did smile after eating the box of chocolates he gave her. She met him first. She loved Lyndon first... But Yera appeared somewhere in the picture... Yera could take everything else but not Lyndon so she did every possible way to break them up but the engagement between families was too tied to break easily.

    Lyndon''s father was like a dog to Old Master Han, a dog who was willing to do anything for Old Master Han to keep the Chu's family line in place. Yera died and everything went well already. However, another woman appeared that made Lyndon bicker.

    Jam released a frustrated sigh... Lyndon seemed to be distancing himself from Deyna after the incident of her getting drunk and confronting Dr. Song at the restaurant where the Department of Surgery had a dinner celebration. But she knew Lyndon too well... He was just waiting for the right time. For now she could still get a hold of him by blackmailing him this far but Jam knew it would not last long given Lyndon's capabilities.

    She grabbed her mobile phone and dialed a number. "Make sure you follow every instruction I gave you or you will end up dead. I will send everything you need as you requested."

    Jam was about to walk back to her office when she saw Lyndon suddenly rushed out from the security room. She stopped one of the security personnel that was inside with him in the room and asked, "Why? What's going  on?"

    "CEO received a call from the ER. Looks like, the CEO of Yang Hospital was rushed to the emergency room." answered the personnel based on what he heard from the telephone in the security room that was put on loudspeaker when answered as instructed by CEO Chu.

    "Xander Yang?" Jam with a creased forehead exclaimed. Why would Xander Yang go to a competitor hospital? Yeah she knew that Yang Globals was still temporarily closed due to the ongoing investigation but they still had other affiliates and subsidiaries?

    "Was it really an emergency for him to be run in here instead?" she mumbled and continued to walk back to her office.

    Meanwhile, the emergency doctor on duty that time had requested for the necessary tests for Xander. Then he immediately said, "put him in IV quick! I will have him admitted to monitor his vitals. Process his admission."

    Assistant Ron and the nurse beside Xander nodded.

    "He is on his way," Xander heard the nurse whisper to one of the doctors at the scene. He closed his eyes and acted as if he had fallen asleep.

    After a while, he heard Lyndon's voice, "What happened?" The doctor in charge explained Xander's condition and why he decided for Xander to get admitted. Meanwhile, Xander's assistant explained that Life Globals was the nearest hospital when his CEO passed out after vomiting a lot.

    Xander was grinning inside as he listened to the doctor who was one of his spies. But that grin was replaced with a sour face when Lyndon added, "Also make sure that our best psychiatrist would check on him too."

    Assistant Ron pursed his lips hearing that, trying his best not to laugh on the scene. He could see the gritting of his Boss' teeth so he quickly moved to vaguely cover his face from the others. CEO Chu had a point though, his Boss truly needed to see a psych for being too possessive and protective of his wife.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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