181 Role Playing

    "A psychiatrist?! He should be the one seeing him! Meddling with my wife... Trying to get close to her!" Xander burst as soon as Ralf signaled to him that the vip room where he was admitted was all cleared from any bug or hidden cameras. Well his admission was so sudden that Lyndon had no time to install any of those in there, besides he would surely be cautious to tap someone like him.

    His face was still crumpled when he turned his head at assistant Ron. "My wife is still in the operating room?"

    "Yes sir. One more hour at most." Assistant Ron quickly answered. Xander then looked around the big room he was occupying. "Their vip room is not that bad. They surely copied a  lot from our hospital huh..." Xander mumbled as he observed the cozy room that looked more like a hotel suite from a five star hotel. He bet the price for this room was sky high.

    While Xander was observing the details of the room, there was a knock at the door before it got opened. Dr. Ming entered with a nurse to check up on Xander, so he acted as a patient should. Dr. Ming was smiling at him and said, "Are you feeling better now Mr. Yang?"

    Xander pursed his lips and replied, "Not really... My stomach is still not in good shape and I still feel weak."

    "Well you have amoebiasis with severe symptoms. You will be fine soon. Nurse Park here will administer you the medicine you need." Dr. Ming briefed him with formalities about the infection he got from eating food that was contaminated with a parasite.

    Meanwhile, the commotion about the CEO of Yang Globals group getting admitted at Yang Hospital escalated fast. "Amoebiasis? How in hell did he get infected with it? Don't tell me he eats street foods? The CEO of Yang Globals?" commented one of the nurses at the VIP ward with her co-workers as they walked in the hallway to grab lunch at the hospital canteen.

    Yera who was walking back to her office coincidentally heard it. She quickly picked up her mobile phone in her lab gown pocket and dialed Xander's number.

    She had clearly heard the words 'CEO of Yang Globals' and it made her worried. Her heart beat was so fast as she got worried, thinking something bad could have happened. "Where are you?" was the words that first came out from her mouth as soon as Xander picked up his mobile phone.

    "Hmm, I'm so near you darling. Why? Do you miss me already?" she heard Xander cheerfully jested that made her release a sigh of relief. At least she could tell from his voice that nothing bad had happened to him. She creased her forehead and asked once more in her sharp voice, "Where are you?"

    There was a moment of silence before Xander finally spoke and said, "I'm in the vip room. I got admitted just a while ago darling. It's assistant Ron's fault for buying me contaminated street food. Don't worry, I'm alright but I still have an upset stomach and the doctor said I'm a bit dehydrated so..."

    "Give me your room number," Yera mumbled. Then she authoritatively added, "Request the station for me to check on you. Tell them I know your complete medical history since I was your favorite doctor back there in Yang Globals. Do it now!"

    Xander blinked his eyes and looked at assistant Ron with pity. The latter looked so pale seeing the reaction on his face. Obviously both of them would receive scolding based on Yera's tone.

    "Yes, darling." Xander obediently replied before the call ended. Ralf on the other hand quickly bid his farewell and fled out from the scene before he got caught up with assistant Ron and his Boss' role playing.

    Xander immediately asked for Yera at the nurse station as his wife instructed.

    "Boss, can we just tell Madam Yera the truth? I mean that you did this so you can look after her.  I think it sounds romantic..." assistant Ron tried to convince his CEO one more time.

    Xander's eyebrows raised as he said, "Will it not sound childish Ron? Anyway, you're the one who bought me those tasty street foods so we are not acting at all."

    Assistant Ron helplessly scratched his head. 'But Boss' you ask me to bring you those street food in the common market place despite knowing the fact that the preparation could be not clean...' he wanted to voice out his complaint but remained quiet. He wondered how people who bought and ate similar food regularly did not get infected somehow.

    Xander sighed and said, "My stomach is not immune to those unhygienically prepared food like them... Since I never ate those kinds of stuff before. But to be fair, how they marinated those intestines are really tasty and good."

    "Don't worry Ron my wife is harmless so she will spare you," Xander winked at his assistant.

    Yera rushed to wing -C of the hospital at the VIP ward. "Doc," the nurses and resident doctor greeted her. "Give me Mr. Yang's chart," Yera simply instructed and the nurse handed her his chart. Then they walked inside Xander's room.

    "I want to see an abdominal CAT scan," Yera instructed after physically checking Xander and the resident doctor at duty and the nurse nodded. Then they left the room. Yera  paused from walking and said casually to the two, "You guys go ahead. I forgot to ask Mr. Yang something." The doctor and the nurse nodded and continued to walk back at the station while Yera quickly went back inside Xander's room.

    Inside the room, Xander bit his lip as he heard his darling wife scold his assistant hard.

    "You know food in places like that are not hygienic so why did you buy it and give it to him? This is not acceptable Ron! What if he got food poisoning the next time?!" Yera exclaimed and continued to reprimand assistant Ron who would sneak pitiful look at Xander every once in a while, asking for help but Xander only signaled him to keep quiet.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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