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    "Darling, I think that's enough scolding. I think being here is a good thing anyway, I will get to see you often and that's like a blessing in disguise..." Xander commented, trying to calm down his dear wife because he was afraid that assistant Ron would confess sooner or later in fear of Yera's anger.

    He too was shocked to see how terrifying his wife could be. He could feel her concern about him that made Xander fly over the moon. "Ron, go now and leave us alone." he then added and signaled Ron to leave who then almost ran out of the room seeing his signal.

    "Darling, you have already wasted so many precious minutes of being together by scolding Ron too much. Come here..." Xander murmured with twinkling eyes.

    Yera did walk towards him but instead of sitting beside him she crossed her arms, raised her eyebrows and angrily said, "Xander Yang! Do you really think you can fool me? I will immediately ask for your transfer to the nearest subsidiary hospital of Yang Globals."

    Xander gulped and muttered, "Huh?" His wife did not buy their acting? Then why did she scold assistant Ron so much?

    "You two deserve to be choked! Why would you risk eating food like that just to get sick? Didn't you think about how worried you can make me huh? Look, I know and understand that you want to protect me and want to always stay with me but please..." Yera reproached.

    Xander held Yera's hand and countered, "You're in the enemy's lair and no, you don't understand my dilemma, do you expect me to just entrust your whole security, everything with my men and relax at home? Sorry darling but you don't know how disturbed I am whenever I think of you fighting alone for yourself and hence I can't stop doing things like this in order to watch over you. As long as there is a threat to your life, don't stop me from doing things on my own to look after you. If only it could be possible, I wished to watch over you on my own 24/7."

    "Don't worry, my staying here would not be a hindrance. I'm your stalker remember? Just appeal to Lyndon and the rest to discharge me out from the hospital instead since you see no reason for me to stay admitted. I will take care of the rest." Xander added before pulling Yera onto his bed for a kiss.

    "Stop this! Someone might enter." Yera murmured as she tried to pull herself from Xander's embrace.

    "Don't worry, my guards are outside..." Xander responded before kissing his wife once more. He was here to bully Lyndon and  Roy Go. He wondered if those two would be able to kick him out from Life Hospital.


    Lyndon was in his office unsettled. "I want him to get discharged as early as possible," he exclaimed and ordered Dr. Dwayne. It came to his knowledge that Xander especially asked for treatment from Dr. Deyna Song. 'So he is stalking her now in my hospital?' he irritably mused.

    Although Xander was actually sick but Lyndon had this intuition that Xander had planned all of this to get inside his hospital because as Rizie said before Xander tried hard to convince Deyna to not leave Yang Globals but Deyna had refused to meet with him after saying her final decision.

    Dwayne smirked and said, "He's still sick. As soon as he's no longer ill then let's kick him out."

    The chatting of  Lyndon and Dwayne was interrupted with the sudden entrance of Jam in Lyndon's office who comfortably sat on his couch in front of Dr. Dwayne.

    "What is this? Yera's ghost and now Xander Yang is inside at Life Globals?" Jam mumbled and looked at Lyndon who was sitting on his desk.

    She had already heard that Xander Yang had his eyes on Dr. Deyna Song. Could it be that he was now stalking his favorite surgeon now by getting admitted in their hospital when he could choose to get transferred anytime?

    "He is a psycho who is obviously bored by doing nothing lately since his hospital is still closed. I'll have him kicked out," Lyndon simply remarked. She could see the obvious irritation and annoyance on Lyndon's face.

    "It's not like we can kick out a sick person," Jam snorted, still confused why Lyndon was annoyed about Xander Yang when he never actually got affected by Xander before even though they were competitors in business.

    Well she could have an unexpected ally if that Xander Yang was in their hospital for the reason as she suspected. Or as Lyndon said, Xander was probably just messing around and mocking their hospital with his hidden agenda. Lyndon called Xander a crazy person who should get a psychiatrist for staying admitted in their hospital that he even burst out openly in front of one nurse and one doctor in the emergency room.


    Meanwhile, almost all women in the VIP ward were swooning over the CEO of Yang Globals group and they wanted almost all shifts in charge to check on him and be assigned to them. And Yera witnessed that hilarious scene as soon as she returned to the nurse station.

    "What are you guys doing at work?! Stop that and be professionals." Yera could not help but to reprimand some staff who were busy chatting and squealing as they debated about the schedules of shift in the coming days.

    "Doc, can you blame us? That's Xander Yang! He is the complete package... Just seeing him smile, gosh our heart is melting!" bluntly commented one of the obviously blabbermouth vulgar nurses. Yera's face soured, hearing how her husband was being fantasized by other women in front of her face.

    'Stop that! I'm his wife!' she wanted to voice out but of course it could only remain inside her head for now.

    She cursed inwardly because tonight was Jane's turn to be haunted.

    She sighed and looked at the nurses who looked excited and very much inspired at work at that moment. "I heard that the CEO of Yang Globals group is an incapable man when it comes to bed but this information might not be true," Yera suddenly blurted out before leaving the nurse station that left the girls there with mouth agape.

    "Did Dr. Song mean that CEO Yang is impotent?" one of the nurses murmured. "I guess so... Dr. Song seemed to be a woman of few words... So whenever she says  something it must be reliable? right?"

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