183 VIP Room

    "What the hell? Did you already know about Xander getting admitted here?" Rizie interrogated. Dion did not respond and Dion's silence always meant 'YES'. As usual she was having coffee with Dion during her break time.

    Rizie twitched her lips. Their second play for Yera to haunt the vip ward would take place at three in the afternoon. Everything was already arranged and she would be with Jane at that point. It was a good thing that Jane was a person who seemed to be afraid of ghosts.

    Rizie looked at her wrist watch and said, "I have to go now and meet Jane." Dion nodded and said, "Remind Jane about our dinner."

    Rizie who already stood up suddenly paused and lifted her eyebrow up at him. "Dinner? Are you dating her?" Rizie burst that almost made Dion choke on his coffee.

    "What? We also often have dinner together so does it mean that we are dating?" Dion threw Rizie the same question

    "Of course not but..." Rizie murmured and she couldn't seem to find the right words to explain herself. "We are different. We're like best of friends..."

    "Go now Rizie it's almost time. Everything is ready...'" Dion mumbled with an expressionless face. He hated those words 'best of friends' when he knew he wanted more. Unrequited feeling was the worst feeling he ever encountered in his entire life. But somewhere, his sixth sense told him that Rizie had a mutual feeling for him but then again he did not want to keep his expectations high so he always brushed off that idea.

    'Maybe I need to push her a little more fiercely,' he mumbled because though he was trying hard not to expect but in reality he was somehow expecting still.


    At past three in the afternoon, Rizie brought Jane some snacks and the latter was grateful as they walked and talked in the vip ward.

    "Some rooms are still under renovation but they look really nice especially the main room which the late family is using. It's like they are in their own home," Jane bragged. The nurses assigned at the vip ward were also keenly chosen so Jane was obviously proud that she was staying at vip ward.

    "Oh can I look at that room? I heard that's the best one. Did the management entrust you for the keycard there?" Rizie asked while pointing her finger at the main room where Old Master Han stayed.

    Rizie saw the hesitation on Jane's face so she intentionally commented, "That's okay Jane. I understand that not everyone has access to that room. I'll probably ask Dr. Song to take a picture in case she has a patient who will stay there."

    Knowing how proud Jane was, as they expected she took the bait. "Of course I have access there too. We can actually sneak inside since there's only a few people from the staff right now as we don't have patients in this ward as of this moment except for Mr. Yang and the daughter of Senator Gil.

    Jane took her card key out from her pocket and had it scanned at the door that automatically opened. Jane entered first and Rizie followed after her. Rizie made sure she did not close the door and quickly took Jane's attention inside.

    "Wow!" Rizie burst as Jane showed her one of the rooms. She had a bluetooth on her ear that was covered with her long curly hair. That way she could monitor everything.

    "She's in," Rizie heard on the other line.

    "She's in position now." hearing Dion's signal, who was still in the cafe having his coffee as he watched the scene in the hacked cctv footage on his tablet. He was hiding in a corner where no one could see what he was doing in his tablet and he looked like some random doctor surfing his tablet.

    "She only has five minutes to get out from there," Vin, who was Dion's closest friend, recalled on the other line. Vin was the one who hacked the cctv monitoring system inside Life Hospital.

    That instant Rizie turned around and walked to the area where Yera stood in white with her dead props' makeup and wig. Rizie kept on talking, "Oh it's like a living area even bigger than mine geez rich people really did not know how to spend their money..."

    Rizie could see Jane froze from the corner of her eyes so she looked at her and asked, "Hey Jane? Are you alright? You look pale... Should we head out?"

    "Don't you see someone inside?" Jane whispered as she looked at Yera's direction. Fear was all over her face. Rizie creased her forehead while she looked around. "What are you saying Jane? There's only the two of us here. Maybe we should head out already..." Rizie mumbled in her confused voice.

    "I see her there in the corner..." Jane mumbled with pale face. Rizie walked towards the direction Jane's eyes were staring and paused to raise her hand and asked, "Here? It's only the wall in here Jane."

    Rizie walked back towards Jane to pull her out of the room but before Jane went out of the room' she managed to press a button inside the room.

    "Security room..." Rizie panicked when she heard the security personnel's voice.

    "Please check the main room at the VIP ward. I think I saw someone suspicious." Jane mumbled trembling.

    As they went out Rizie said, "I don't see anyone Jane. You should cancel the security you called. You're just probably tired."

    "That's the point Rizie. You don't see her but I did. I want to make sure I'm the only one who is seeing it..." Jane replied in her trembling voice.

    "She's already out!" Dion marked the other line. "Vin! How long will it take to erase her visuals in the cctv?"

    "I need more time. I froze the camera but the control room might see the abnormalities if the camera won't capture the security personnel who would go to check the room." Vin explained.

    "Ria are you in position? Do you think you'll be able to.block the security men on their way to the VIP ward? We need to stall time... I'll hold them here as much as I can." Dion whispered and quickly stood up with his coffee.

    "Lyndon... Crap you will meet him on the hallway! Hide!" Dion suddenly said seeing Lyndon suddenly appeared at the vip ward. Dion sighed when he saw Yera manage to walk inside one of the VIP rooms to hide but then cursed afterwards seeing Lyndon paused at the same room.

    "Fu*ck... Lyndon is going inside the same room!" He whimpered as he quickly moved and almost ran towards the escalator.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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