184 Behind His Back

    Dion's heart almost jumped out of his chest seeing Lyndon going inside the same room where Yera had rushed to, but then he heard Yera on the other line, "I'm safe and fine you all stay put as planned."

    Dion reviewed the footage and murmured, "Vin how much longer?" He was walking and he saw the security personnel going towards the place of incident, he intentionally bumped into the man and spilled his coffee all over him.

    "Oh I'm sorry. I spilled it on your uniform, I am extremely sorry for spoiling your uniform." Dion muttered and inspected the man's uniform.

    "That's okay Doc. This is nothing..." answered the man who seemed in a rush but Dion apologized further and offered him a shirt to change into. The security personnel refused though and immediately left him.

    "Ria, get out of the site. I'm almost done. There's no need for you to stall and get on the site." Vin remarked as he manipulated all the clips and cleared it of Yera's visuals.

    Meanwhile, Lyndon knocked at the door and went inside Xander's room but he was not to be seen on the bed. "Mr. Yang," he called seeing the door in the restroom was slightly opened.

    "I'm sorry, I'm inside the restroom to wash up. What can I do for you Mr. Lyndon Chu? Can I just call you Lyndon and drop off all the formalities? Please feel free to call me Xander." Xander answered.

    "How are you doing Mr. Yang?" Lyndon continued. He would be busy later and was only available now to visit Xander, so he used this time to go to Xander and talk things out straight with him.

    'This stalker must know his limits and that he can't snatch away my staff at any cost.' Lyndon mused.

    Xander smiled and said, "Life Hospital's service is really good. So much so that I have decided to stay here a bit longer."

    "I see. I have good news though. Maybe not too good for you... well the news is that you can be discharged as early as tomorrow and then you can do home medications for further relief, so there is no need for you to stay here and kill your time any longer." declared Lyndon.

    Xander arched a brow and said, "If I'm not mistaken my doctor had advised for another test since I still have some complaints with my body. Besides, I had heard that Life Hospital accepts longer than required stay for some 'special' patients in their vip wards, despite the fact that they are not sick. Like Senator Gil's daughter perhaps? She's healthier than I am but she's been staying here longer than behind the bars?" Xander countered. Senator Gil's daughter had accidentally killed a kid due to drunk driving.

    Lyndon remained calm and directly said, "Why are you really here Mr. Yang? Aren't you uncomfortable at all?" He knew what Xander was implying but he couldn't care less.

    "I'm here to recuperate better and take back my most precious surgeon." Xander bluntly declared but he suddenly blenched.

    "What's wrong?" Lyndon asked as when he heard Xander's painful cry.

    Xander quickly said, "Nothing just a small insect, maybe an ant that bit me! Lyndon if you don't have any more important things to say, can you please leave me for a while?"

    Lyndon sighed and replied, "Yes I will leave you now but just so that you know I will not let you take anyone from my hospital that easily. Get well soon Mr. Yang and I do hope that you recover really soon."

    As soon as Lyndon left the room, Xander murmured, "Darling, why did you hit me like there? Do you want little Xander to become incapable?"

    "So, I am an ant? I bit you? Xander Yang, let this ant bite you some more now." Saying this Yera fisted her hands and punched Xander everywhere on his body. This sudden assault caught Xander off guard and by the time he was able to catch hold of Yera's fists he had started feeling something down there.

    Then he added, "Darling, this hitting had turned me on and I wish to take you to the bed right away..."

    Yera was leaning on the wall with Xander's arms at both her sides holding on to her fists and almost caging her.

    He teased his wife with a mischievous smile curling on his sexy lips. Well, he was not joking because his little buddy was up and awakened because Yera's body was so close to him.

    Yera ignored him and quickly dodged out from his arms to go out of the bathroom and lock the main door of the room.

    "What's with your outfit and make up?" Xander finally got the chance to ask. He had freaked out and was about to run out from the bathroom a while ago, when he saw someone entering inside the bathroom wearing a weird white gown.

    But Yera quickly turned to him and said, 'it's me darling. Please  hide me fast.'

    "Don't worry the room is very safe and well checked. We can discuss everything here." Xander assured seeing the hesitation on Yera's face as she looked inside the room.

    Yera sighed because obviously her husband had no idea yet about the ghost plan. She contemplated for a while but ended up spurting her agenda behind his back.

    "What?! How could you hide this from me?" Xander burst after hearing everything. Yera sat on the side of his bed and with raised brow answered, "Well you also hid your intention of getting admitted so I believe we are both equally guilty and are even now?"

    Xander pouted his lips and silently admired the shamelessness of his wife. He then got up from his seat and sat beside his wife then grabbed Yera's hands. "Darling, both the situations are entirely different. My agenda to come here was to be with you always but your whole plan is about  moving around the hospital disguised as a ghost, on your own, risking your life to haunt them..."

    "If you knew, you would not allow me to proceed on this..." Yera mumbled.

    "True. I would have used a double!!! Besides, ghosts don't look as beautiful as you are looking. Your makeup is not right for a ghost!" Xander jested but obviously he was not pleased with Yera doing things on her own because their plan might sound easy but in reality it was a risk like now, his wife almost got caught.

    But Xander understood his wife's sentiments, they both have the same goal so he said, "No more doing things behind each other's back from now on. I will try my best to loosen up a bit so please make sure you tell me whatever is in your head."

    Yera curled her lips, she was not convinced and her expression told him so. Xander sighed and muttered, "Alright, believe me in this darling. I will really cooperate obediently because this will serve as a lesson that you had already planned things behind my back and I don't want something like this to happen again so please believe me..."

    Yera narrowed her eyes as if she was trying to figure out if her husband could really cooperate as he was promising. She did not know whether to laugh or get worried seeing her husband's pleading face.

    She let out a long deep sigh and answered him with a simple nod. She hoped Xander could be rational though it would be a bit hard for him with his protective nature towards her.

    Xander on the other hand knew it would be a struggle for him but he did not want his wife to do things like this behind his back so he should try his best to adjust and he would make sure that there would be reliable back up plans for Yera's safety from next time.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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