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    Xander suggested a lot of scenarios but all were rejected by Yera since all his options took Yera out of the picture in the actual scene. Xander could only sigh and accept the plan that Yera made in the end.

    Their next target was Yera's uncle Roy. The plan must somehow be quite effective given how the gossips inside the hospital were circulating.

    One of those was that Yera was haunting the hospital since she was probably in despair, asking for justice for what happened to her and her grandfather.

    There was also a noticeable change in Jane's behavior lately after the incident where Yera showed herself to  her as the ghost. So Dion started pursuing her by going out with her more often. Dion could feel that Jane knew something important regarding Old Master Han's death.

    Dion also kept mentioning to Jane that he could often see Yera on places where they went to.

    "Jane, I'm not sure if I should tell you this... But lately, I've been seeing Yera lingering a lot around the places where we go. Well, she is mostly standing at a distance, usually at your back not far away. I mean, I'm not connected with her, I hadn't known her at all, so why would she show herself to me, so I thought maybe you were close to her? Do you happen to see her whenever we are together?" Dion straightforwardly told Jane while they were having lunch.

    'At her back?' Jane nervously thought inwardly. She cursed inside and thought to never look back at all for the rest of her life.

    Dion noticed Jane becoming restless. She forced a smile and murmured, "I was not close with her Doc. And I have never seen her whenever I had been with you..."

    Maybe, Dion thought, they needed more shoving as Rizie suggested. Rizie wanted to extend the frightening play to Jane's apartment, but he refused; however, seeing Jane's reaction now, Dion was rather convinced to accept Rizie's suggestion.

    "Hmm, I see. I really wonder why she's..." Dion continued but was stopped by Jane.

    "Doc, please stop... I'm sorry but can we please not talk about your third eye views? I will really appreciate it if you do not mention things like these to me whenever we're together. I'm uncomfortable." Jane almost begged. Dion could see the conflicted look on her face.

    He wondered, if he had already done something like this before during his internship at Life Hospital, maybe he would get a grasp of the truth earlier somehow. But he did not have a ghost like Yera with him at that time, who could haunt and show herself to others.

    "Alright... Sorry Jane. I thought it's okay. I will never mention it again." Dion apologised.

    After lunch, Dion encouraged the idea of bothering Jane at night and this time it was an easier task since they could facilitate Xander's team. Before Jane could go out from her duty they managed to penetrate Jane's building in disguise. Jane was only an ordinary employee and was not staying at a high end building so it was easy to invade her apartment.

    They decided to postpone haunting Roy Go and to proceed to pursue Jane late at night.


    Meanwhile, Yera did her routine rounds at the in-patients and that included Xander's room late in the afternoon before taking her off from her work at the hospital. She rolled her eyes seeing how the nurses would still get ahead of each other to accompany her inside the room.

    "Alright, stop that and all of you can come!" she exclaimed with twitched lips. Well she was not a killjoy after all. Let their eyes feast since they could only look and she would not deny that liberty to these poor souls.

    They marched inside Xander's room who was startled to see the number of assistants Yera had as she entered. "Mr. Yang you're so popular that all the nurses are willing to assist me while I do my round in your room." Yera greeted with a scornful smile as she checked Xander's condition.

    "Hello beautiful ladies," Xander greeted the nurses with a wink and broad accommodating smile.

    The nurses giggled and timidly greeted him back.

    Yera's eyebrows arched seeing the flirty moods in the atmosphere. She moved and touched Xande's stomach and pressed it harder. "Ouch!" Xander cried. Yera's eyes rounded as she said, "It hurts?" Xander nodded. His wife was literally doing it on purpose. 'Was it his fault that women swoon at him?'

    "I will refer you to a urologist," Yera naively offered.

    "What?! Me?" Xander burst in horror. Weren't he healed already. Why would she bring this up openly in front of many women. He pouted his lips and answered, "No thanks. I have my own urologist."

    He could see the meaningful glances the nurses gave to each other. Well it was true that he had that problem before with his manhood but he was already healed. He was too embarrassed to even have it mentioned in front of so many other staff that his face became red.

    Yera raised an eyebrow and said, "I heard you have symptoms of urinary tract infection." And with a smirk she added, "What do you think I meant Mr. Yang?"

    "Doc, CEO Yang is blushing..." one nurse couldn't help herself to comment.

    "Still so handsome..." whispered one of the other nurses that made Yera's ears burned. 'How come nurses at Life Hospital do not get easily turned off?' she irritably mused.

    Yera creased her forehead and continued, "Meanwhile, I will require for a urinalysis, until the result is out, I advise you to control your flirtatious moves for a few days if you don't want to infect your partner."

    'Flirtatious moves? Can I get urinary tract infection from it?' Xander cried inwardly.

    But what made Xander shocked was Yera's next words. "No sex for a while Mr. Yang unless the urologist cleared you..."

    'Is that for real?' Xander's eyes spoke to Yeras who only gave him pursed lips.

    Xander scratched his head and refrained himself from smiling too much especially when the nurses bid their farewell at him. Before Yera and the nurses totally left Xander asked, "When will the urologist see me? I will pee now and give me the specimen bottle immediately."

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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