186 The Truth

    Jane woke up sweating profusely all over her body. 'Was the air-conditioning not working?' She mused as she lazily opened her eyes. She could.feel the heat brewing in her room.

    Her eyes widened with shock when she saw total darkness in her room. 'How come the lights are off?' She clearly had kept the lights on while sleeping since she could not sleep in the dark after that terrifying incident she had encountered in one of the vip rooms.

    'Oh God,' she silently cried as tension started to envelop her body. She could feel the hard thumping of her heart. She sat up on her bed contemplating if she should go to turn the lights on again.

    Fear had gripped her whole body for some unknown reasons, she tried to shrug off all the thoughts inviting fear in her mind and prepared herself to do and check on lights, but before she could move even an inch from the bed, she heard a screeching sound that reverberated in her entire room. She was jolted on her bed and her head felt numb from the fear and anxiety that crawled into her body slowly. 'Oh God!' She panicked and tried to grab the mobile phone on her side.

    Suddenly a particular light beamed in her room but to her horror it was a light with a woman form in it. No it was not a form but a woman' that woman. Yera Han!

    Jane closed her eyes hard and murmured, "Please stop! don't haunt me! I don't have anything to do with your grandfather. You should be haunting your aunt and not me. It's not me who killed Old Master Han..."

    Jane was crying hard as she spoke the words in horror. "Leave me alone please... It's not me! Please believe me, I didn't do anything, I don't have anything to do with it!!!"

    Her life was doing fine after that incident. Yes, she did have a few sleepless nights after witnessing what had happened, but she overcame it in the end. She did not choose to see what had happened. If only she could turn back time, she would definitely take an off on that fateful day.

    She could still vividly recall that scene in her head where she was about to do her usual rounds when she saw Madam Juliet Go was inside talking and crying so she was about to close the door back but for some reason she stayed listening to all Madame Juliet's pleas to her father.

    She was too shocked to hear the words. Madame Juliet's grudge against her father for not treating her fairly and giving everything to Yera. She was full of hatred and the last thing she saw was Madame Juliet Go removing the respirator of Old Master Han who struggled hard for his life.

    Jane was too shocked by all that she saw and she froze on her spot. She did not know what to do. Then she heard Madam Go start to scream for help. That was when she ran inside and asked casually Madam Go what had happened because she was about to go for her routine check at Old Master Han.

    She managed to act as if she did not see a thing and even checked on Old Master Han at that time who was already lifeless, she then proceeded further and called for a doctor. She was too scared.

    She was grateful that Madam Juliet did not become suspicious about her maybe because she too had acted as if nothing unnatural had happened and she knew nothing at all about the killing of Old Master Han.

    Years passed and everything kept going well. Yera Han also died so Jane did not see the point of spilling out the secret that she knew. She also knew that she would only bring harm to herself the moment she spoke out the truth.

    "Please leave me alone... You should be showing yourself to your Aunt Juliet and not me. She is the one who killed your grandfather, I did nothing... please believe me.. I didn't do anything ..." Jane repeated, sobbing hard with her eyes tightly closed and palms covering her face.

    Yes she was at fault for hiding the truth but what else could she do? She had no one to turn to? She contemplated whether to tell what she knew to Lyndon but then she heard that the man got engaged with Juliet Go's only daughter, so in the end she decided not to dig her own grave, and hid the whole truth in her heart, by shutting her mouth and sealing out the truth behind Old Master Han's death. Beside Dr. Jin went missing. If she was right Dr. Jin had an argument with the findings why Old Master Han died.

    Dr. Jin was skeptical in ruling the cause of death of Old Master Han but in the end he ruled it as how the Go's asked him to do. How did she know about it? Because she personally talked to Dr. Jin, asking the real reason Old Master Han died. It was due to asphyxia.

    Jane tried her best to forget and live her life normally like nothing had happened but why after  so many peaceful years a ghost would suddenly hunt her down?

    She sensed that the lights in her room were turned on so she slowly opened her eyes hoping it was only a bad dream.

    Her eyes widened in shock seeing Yera Han, staring at her. Tears continuously fell on her cheeks. "Tell me what happened to my grandfather..." Jane heard her speak and her jaw dropped. She was too confused and by then she saw Dr. Dion Chen enter.

    "What's going on?" Jane totally flabbergasted asked.

    "We need your help Jane..." Dion muttered and sat beside Jane to explain what was happening.

    Jane could not speak at all as she listened and sneakily kept looking at Yera Han who she now knew as Dr. Deyna Song.

    So Yera Han was not dead after all and was posing as Dr. Deyna Song to find out the truth. What totally shocked Jane also was seeing CEO Yang with Yera who was comforting the latter.

    Jane was already caught with the words she spoke and she did not see the point of hiding the truth anymore seeing Dr. Yera Han was alive and seeking for the truth so she promised that she would cooperate with them, somewhere relieved in her heart that she got to speak the truth and had not carried such a sin to her grave.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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