187 Face Everything Together

    Who could have thought that such a childish act or trick could become a way to reveal something as big as this. Dion still looked a little shocked and stared at Rizie in awe and couldn't help but admire her more in his head because it was Rizie's idea in the first place to bring up the ghost of Yera, and she even made sure to have Jane as one of the targets.

    "What? I told you I have sharp instincts." Rizie bashfully muttered as she read the expression on Dion's face. The two of them stayed in the cafe in between their buildings for some fresh air after the incident.

    Well, to be honest Rizie doubted Jane from a very long time especially when she found out that she was one of the nurses on duty when Old Master Han was hospitalized, she somehow tried to test her and commented nonchalantly about Dr. Deyna Song when she was with Jane like, what if Dr. Deyna Song was a long lost twin sister of Yera Han and asked Jane if she somehow knew the Han's personally or if she was already at the hospital when Old Master Han was hospitalized.

    Jane was obviously trying to vaguely change the topic and her expressions froze for a second, so Rizie instantly smelled that something was off.

    Then Rizie heard Dion chuckled, interrupting her reverie, recalling the events at that time when she tested Jane. "I still can not believe that we managed to uncover the truth with such childish acts like this..."

    Rizie rolled her eyes and said, "Well, there are things that sometimes science can not explain and same goes with solving mysteries. Sometimes only investigating is not enough, that's why you have to experiment and use all means you possibly can, if you are really committed to finding the truth..."

    Jane was finally willing to cooperate with Yera and her team and it was agreed that she should remain at the hospital so nothing shall be suspicious however, Xander had assigned a team for her security for safety reasons.

    Rizie let out a long sigh. One mystery was solved but the pressing question about Yera's abduction was still unclear.

    Though Juliet Go was the one responsible for Old Master Han's death, but that did not mean that she was also responsible for Yera's abduction, though there was a possibility of course that she was responsible for that. But more evidence would be needed to confirm that.

    Juliet Go had obsessive-compulsive disorder and the woman was probably crazy, someone who wouldn't bat an eye before doing such a gruesome thing, could even be the mastermind behind Yera's abduction. If one threw a glance on the reputation that Juliet Go had built, who could have thought that something such evil was hiding behind that angelic face of hers.

    "I only hope we are soon able to find out who is the culprit behind Yera's abduction and killing also," Rizie muttered.

    "We will reach there eventually. I know that we will soon get the justice my sister deserves..." Dion seconded, hoping that everything would be solved very soon.


    At Yera's Condo, the small painful cries filled the dark room while Xander tightly hugged his wife and gently patted her back to give as much comfort as he could give.

    Although Yera was prepared for the bitter truth but what she found out totally shocked her. Among everyone, her aunt Juliet was the last person she thought could do such a thing. She witnessed how well her aunt Juliet was treated by her grandfather, so much so that she herself did not get a hint of her being an adopted daughter ever!

    Yera was in so much pain and her pain and cries were breaking Xander's heart..

    They stayed like that for hours and Xander let Yera cry as much as she wanted in his arms. He gritted his teeth as he vowed to make Juliet Go pay for the heartache she had caused to his wife.

    He immediately mobilized his people to obtain necessary evidence such as video recordings during that day where Jane witnessed everything. It would be easier now to move since they already had a lead, unlike before that everything was like finding a needle in a haystack.

    "Hush now my darling... I will make sure.. to get justice for her crimes." Xander finally spoke after hours of letting her wife cry. He could no longer take it so he tried to stop Yera from crying.

    Yera tried her best to calm herself. She already accepted the fact that she lost her only family, her grandfather. However, confirming that her grandfather died in the hands of his daughter whom he really loved, was really grieving and painful.

    "How could she..." Yera muttered in her stammering voice. She couldn't find enough reason for her aunt, Juliet to do such a thing! Only a heartless person would do such a thing with a bed ridden sick person. How much full of greed and evil was her aunt to do this to her poor grandfather. Yera's heart was really torn into pieces...

    "Darling... Everything will be fine soon..." Xander whispered as he kissed Yera's hair and forehead.

    Yera felt good that she had Xander to cry her heart out, in times like this, that she had someone comforting her tremendously and taking care of her.

    She tightly clinged herself to her husband as she slowly stopped crying. She gently pushed herself away after finally calming down. She faintly smiled at her husband, looked into his eyes  and whispered softly, "thank you."

    She was really grateful that Xander unexpectedly came into her life. Xander smiled back at her and naively asked, "Hmm, and... what's that thank you for?"

    "Thank you... for everything.... To be honest I'm really grateful that you are always by my side." Yera honestly conveyed.

    "Hmm... so... am I not too clingy?" Xander asked almost in a whisper.

    Yera chuckled hearing that and nodded. "Yes you are... but I like it... Your way of clinginess..."

    Xander grinned and tightened his hug at Yera as he jested, "Don't you dare back out on your words Mrs. Yera Han Yang! You said it yourself so don't complain later if you happen to experience more clinginess from your handsome husband. Well just so that you know, I'm one in a million and you will never find another one like me in this world so don't you dare let go of me whatever happens or whatever comes our way."

    "We have to face everything together darling..." Xander added. Yera smooched her husband out of joy. Yes indeed she couldn't agree less. Definitely she would never find another man like her husband...

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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