188 Flesh And Blood

    The next morning, everything was back to normal. Dion and Rizie reported to work as usual including Jane except for Yera who took an emergency leave.

    Her eyes were swollen and puffy due to crying and so she filed for a leave to rest for a while and also because she wanted to spend some more time alone. Xander was also back in the hospital before the sunrise before anyone could notice his absence.

    Yera on the other hand, prepared herself to sneak out and visit the grave of her grandfather.

    After a couple of hours, she looked in the mirror. She had her hair back to its original straight black color. She wanted to visit her grandfather's grave looking how the last time he remembered her look was. She knew it was pointless but somehow it made her feel good.

    The sun was shining brightly as Yera stepped out of her car. She was wearing her sunglasses with her sharp makeup on, just as she used to put on as Yera Han. She was in her semi-formal outfit of white solid knitted sheath high neck sleeveless dress with a straight hem, partnered with her high heeled white stilettos.

    "Grandpa I'm back. I'm not sure whether you can see me now but I hope wherever you are you'll be at peace seeing that I'm doing well." Yera whispered but her solitude was interrupted when she heard the warning call through the bluetooth in her ear.

    "Your aunt Juliet is headed towards there. We need to pull out..." reported Ralf on the other line. Yera remained calm and did not move an inch from her spot where she stood by and stared at her grandfather's grave.

    "She's alone right? Monitor the preminise and make sure no one disturbs us." Yera instructed in her firm tone. Ralf was confused but had the men positioned as their Madame instructed.

    Juliet Han would never fail to visit her father's graveyard once every month and today she saw her father's favorite flowers along her way to shopping so she decided to stop by at the cemetery and bring him the flowers. Her forehead creased seeing a woman in white standing before her father's grave.

    "Excuse me..." she said smiling from behind. She was curious who could be the woman visiting her father's grave.

    The woman did not move at all so Juliet walked forward to look at the woman closely who probably did not hear her.

    The moment she had a better look at her, Juliet was stupefied and her limbs felt limp, she unconsciously dropped the bouquet of flowers that she held in her hands. There was no doubt that the woman before her was Yera Han! That aura and that look... those cold expressions on the face, that expressionless eyes... yes she was Yera Han. Was she hallucinating? Juliet blinked her eyes several times to make sure that she was seeing things clearly.

    Yera removed her sunglasses. She turned her head and with her expressionless face she mocked, "It's been a while aunt Juliet. How have you been? I hope you manage to still sleep well."

    Juliet's eyes widened as she whispered, "You're alive? You're real?" Yera did not answer but only gave her a smirk.

    Juliet raised her hand towards Yera, she was about to touch her to make sure she was not hallucinating or anything when she felt a sting in her arm.

    Juliet Han passed out before Yera Han and Ralf held her aunt, preventing her from falling on the ground.


    Juliet woke up inside one of the vip rooms with her husband and daughter beside her.

    "What's going on? Why am I here?" She asked with knitted eyebrows. "The caretaker of grandpa's grave found you unconscious and called out for an ambulance." Jam explained.

    Juliet quickly sat and inspected her left arm where she felt something stung her before losing consciousness.

    "Dear don't move! You almost had a stroke. Your blood pressure was too high when you were brought and yet is not normal and your heart rate was also not good. What are you doing? Dear, stop moving," Roy scolded his wife who seemed to be checking her arm well.

    "Mom, they took your blood sample and they injected something  to stabilize your body'" Jam seconded.

    "I felt something in my arm and I clearly saw her..." Juliet mumbled before she looked at Roy and said, "Have the cctv footage at the cemetery get checked! I saw Yera there!"

    Roy and Jam exchanged meaningful gazes, a bit confused with the hysterical look on her face instead of the usual calm demeanor of hers. Juliet composed herself and added, "Never mind... Where is my mobile phone?" Jam handed her her phone and Juliet quickly sent an instruction through text message.

    Was she just hallucinating or starting to see the ghost too that was spreading inside the hospital? Even if Yera was alive, there was nothing more she could do, Life Hospitals group was already hers. What was making her restless was why would she see her at her father's grave?

    Juliet subconsciously clutched the bedsheet on her sides recalling the incident before her father died.

    She still remembered that day, she was trying to convince him to give up on Yera already, but the old man was stubborn. He was insisting Yera was alive and they should not give up on her. He strongly believed that Yera had survived somehow and he was not ready to accept her death, without her dead body being found.

    "I have already lost your brother and I can't afford to lose anymore of my blood and flesh..." she could still recall the words that made her snap out of herself. Obviously, her father would never entrust her everything because she was not his flesh and blood.

    She laughed crazily and started saying the words she kept in her heart till that day. She did not know what came into her. "Stop waiting for her because Yera will never come back! Even if she comes back I will make sure to snatch everything from her... Everything that you want to give her... I will snatch it all from her... my dear father... and before you even think of foiling my plans... you must go!"

    That time everything else in her sight blackened and she was not in the right state of mind, before she knew it, she had already removed her father's respirator for too long and he was dead with a stunned look in his eyes.

    She swore it was not intentional but seeing his father looking only at her in his last breath at that time made her really happy maybe because she felt that she even saved her father from suffering too much by waiting in vain for his one and only flesh and blood.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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