189 The Case

    Xander's team worked twice as fast, they managed to get biometric identifications from Juliet as soon as she passed out using one of the high tech devices their security had. With that they could somehow access the confidential areas and files to obtain necessary things they could use as evidence.

    That same day, Dr. Moore was having her lunch when she received an anonymous call.

    "I want her out! What's taking this so long?!" hissed her client on the other line.

    Dr. Moore arched her brow and answered, "Relax, she did not report today on duty so the plan has been postponed. Don't you worry, I will make sure that tomorrow will be her last day at Life Hospital. Her career will end there so chill out will you and prepare the other half of our agreed contract."

    Dr. Moore irritably clicked her tongue as soon as the call ended. "What an impatient client!" she exclaimed as she stood up from her chair and left her unfinished coffee. She dialed a number and told the person at the other line to ready everything by tomorrow.

    The next morning, Yera reported back at the hospital like nothing had happened. A patient who needed surgery was rushed to the emergency room and asked for her.

    Yera checked the patient thoroughly and went through all his reports and upon confirming that an operation was needed she decided to perform the surgery. The patient needed bladder cystectomy and Yera then asked the staff to make necessary arrangements for the same.

    As expected the patient was stable and the operation was a success. After the operation Yera went to grab a coffee at the cafe on the ground floor of the hospital. Soon after Lyndon entered and saw her.

    "Good morning Dr. Song. Do you mind if I sit with you?" Lyndon asked with a smile. Yera smiled and answered, "Not at all CEO Chu."

    "You look exhausted. I guess you just finished surgery. If it's too much you can always file for leave, take a vacation and have some rest." Lyndon noticed as he nodded and thanked the waiter who brought his coffee.

    Yera sighed and said, "Yes I will do that."

    The two were startled when Xander suddenly sat on the chair in between them at the cafe's round table. "I heard my favorite doctor is here so I took some time to stroll around because staying inside the room is so boring." Xander nonchalantly commented as he sat comfortably on the chair with his dextrose stand at his side.

    Lyndon shook his head and scoffed, "That's why you should leave the hospital as soon as possible since by simply looking at you it seems that you are too well already to stay any longer in the hospital."

    Xander ignored Lyndon and bluntly stared at Yera, "You should go back to Yang Globals once its back in operation darling... Look how bad they treat you here? Is there any day that you don't have an OT day? Geez, you work like a cow in here."

    Lyndon creased his forehead in irritation. 'Are you a mushroom?' He wanted to ask Xander because the man suddenly appeared like one ruining his lovely morning with Dr. Song.

    Instead he looked at Dr. Song who seemed not bothered with how Xander called her 'darling' just like that. Or perhaps she did not notice since Dr. Song seemed to be in deep thought at that time.

    "Mr. Yang, you're not allowed to drink coffee since you have UTI... We are still waiting for the urine culture sensitivity to give you appropriate antibiotics since you said you have allergies." Yera commented with raised eyebrows seeing the waiter served Xander coffee.

    Xander looked at Lyndon with an amusing grin as he said, "See that? My darling doctor is very concerned about my well being while you CEO Chu always want to kick me out without giving me complete treatment..."

    Lyndon was about to counter that sentence from Xander when Yera's phone rang and she quickly stood up from her seat and left the two men.

    Both men watched Yera running to go up to attend the emergency. "Can't she just walk when she has a call from emergencies. She might trip if she continues to run on heels." Xander muttered.

    And for the first time Lyndon commented in agreement, "I know right..."

    Xander creased his forehead, he stood up from his chair and said, "I should obey my doctor and not drink this coffee. It's more awkward if I stay here drinking coffee with you Lyndon..." Xander even wriggled with a twitched face.

    Lyndon shook his head and unconsciously commented, "What a funny guy."

    Meanwhile, Yera was panting as she rushed towards the room of the patient she had just operated on. "Doc, his heart rate is going down." commented the nurse as she readied the defibrillators as instructed by Yera.

    After a few minutes of tense hard work, his vitals stabilized.

    Another day had passed and Yera received a complaint from the patient she had performed a surgery. The patient was accusing her of malpractice

    "Doc, the patient complained a lot. He said something was really aching in his lower abdomen. At the site of the operation." the nurse relayed. Yera wanted to double check the patient but he refused and asked for some other doctor to handle his case instead.

    The operation had been very smooth and was successful so Yera wondered where it went wrong. The case was transferred to Dr. Qing and it was found in the ct scan that there was a foreign object inside the patient's body, near the operation site.

    Yera creased her forehead as she looked at the results of the ct scan. "I will need  to re-open him..." Dr. Qing commented. Yera nodded. But the meeting inside the office of the Department of Surgery was interrupted when the hospital's risk management team barged in with all the bosses of their department and looked for her.

    "What's going on?" Yera asked as soon as they met the head of the risk management department in their receiving area.

    "Dr. Song we would like to invite you for some important talk because we have received a complaint of malpractice against you..."

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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