190 Mistake

    The accusation of the patient on Dr. Deyna Song quickly spread inside the hospital among the staff. There were a lot of opinions but could only be segregated in two.

    One was that Dr. Yera Song was too proud and that what happened with her being a perfectionist and scolding others for their small mistakes was a good lesson for her, while the others could not believe that something like that could happen to any patient whose surgery was handled by Dr.  Song given how skilled she was and was considered as one of the best surgeons of her time.

    "It is the worst thing to happen with a patient. I can't imagine myself undergoing a surgery and waking up with a needle inside my body!" commented one of the nurses as they talked about the hottest topic of investigation.

    "Dr. Song's assistant that time was Dr. Moore and she said she only did the stitches to close the area so it's impossible for her to leave a needle. I mean it's more believable. Without the needle how can Dr. Moore have done the final sutures to close, right?"

    Xander on the other hand could just not believe what had happened. "Investigate everyone present in the OR that day. I want everyone's profile who was with Yera during the operation!" Xander instructed Ralf at the other line. Yera was suspended and prohibited from doing any other operation because of the incident.

    What Xander found funny was the incident circulated and became known to everyone in no time as if someone intended to destroy Yera's name in the medical society. But of course Xander blocked all such rumors with another rumor stating that Dr. Deyna Song was being framed by someone jealous of her popularity.

    At this point, he was thankful to Lyndon upon knowing that the latter was doing his best to contain the situation inside the hospital since the reputation of Life Hospital would be jeopardized too if this thing leaked outside the hospital.

    Dion went inside his room, he was doing the rounds on Yera's patients lately until Yera was cleared from accusation. "How are you?" Dion asked seeing how restless Xander was.

    "How is Yera? I haven't seen her for days." Xander complained. It had been two days already since he last saw his wife.

    Dion sighed and said, "She's calm and I believe she knows what to do. She said she will solve everything on her own and reminded us to just stay put. She doesn't want you to get involved since you're from Yang Globals. If you will get involved and be discovered, her enemies can use your connection with her and there's a high possibility that they will connect Yang Globals in this case."

    Yera called her and asked him to stay put in the hospital. She refused the idea of him going and staying with her in her condo saying they must take extra precautions and they must make sure that the two of them should not be seen together outside the hospital. Because even a single mistake could mean hitting two birds at the same time for whoever was the mastermind for framing her up.

    Xander made another frustrated sigh because he understood Yera's point and unfortunately he too agreed with it.

    Meanwhile, Yera who was called once more inside the office of the risk management team for investigation was calm and demanded an audience. She clearly declared her stead that she wanted the investigation to happen in front of everyone, all the involved parties and other people who wanted to watch it.

    Rizie on the other hand was too furious as she waited outside the waiting area for Yera who was still inside the office of the risk management team. She kept throwing daggers on the staff inside the operating room she would come across with because she knew that one of them was surely the culprit, framing Yera for malpractice. But Yera seemed unaffected and only asked her for a favor to connect her to trusted investigators and police officers close to her brother.

    Meanwhile, the chairman called for an emergency meeting regarding the situation involving Dr. Deyna Song because it was not something to neglect since the hospital could face a possible lawsuit once the patient decided to bring the case under law.

    Jam with a smirk subconsciously muttered, "Just kick her out and it will solve everything." She did not know why but the thought of that Dr. Song leaving Life Hospital sounded like music to her ears.

    "No, we can't do that without proving it was really her who committed a mistake." Lyndon disagreed because he strongly believed that Dr. Deyna Song was purposely being accused. Dr. Song handled a lot of surgeries and this kind of mistake seemed very unusual to happen from her side.

    "Isn't she asking for an audience to clear things out, so let's just give it to her," Jam nonchalantly commented. Everyone inside the meeting room agreed with Jam and in the end it was decided to conduct the hospital's investigation and questioning as to how Dr. Deyna Song requested.


    "Are you confident there will be no loose ends? The police will now get involved in this! And why is she so calm and confident as if she holds something to prove her innocence... If something goes wrong, I won't pay you a single cent dammit!" complained Dr. Moore's client on the other line.

    "Relax... I always do a clean job, okay! Maybe she wants sympathy or asking for a police is an advantage for her when everyone finds out that she's asking for one. It's just for a show... so that everyone thinks that she's not guilty." barked Dr. Moore. She was getting irritated with her client. She never failed a damn job and she always did clean work.

    Her face crumpled. 'How dare that bull** threaten me!' she mused. If not only for the big sum of money involved she would have killed that client first!

    She received another call from the risk management team. "Alright no problem. I'll be present tomorrow..." she answered the other line with a smirk. She had already received the letter a while ago that requested for her presence the next day, pertaining to the hospital investigation for the case upon request from Dr. Deyna Song.

    Dr. Moore creased her forehead. The only evidence Dr. Song could get was the camera inside the operating room but that was not even close enough to catch her playing her dirty trick on the patient.

    'Dr. Deyna Song would surely go down tomorrow and that big sum of money would be mine. I wouldn't even need to take further such clients with the amount of money I would  get once Dr. Deyna Song gets kicked out and loses her license as a practitioner.'

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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