191 Things That You Want Me To Do To You

    Xander got the information that Yera had asked assistance from Keira's husband, who was a General, and it made him less worried knowing Yera did have an upperhand in the situation.

    Like his wife suggested, Xander did behave well and remained in the vip room as a patient although he was dying to cuddle his darling already.

    He also heard that Keira asked for an audience tomorrow so the questioning regarding the surgery would be held at the conference room and everyone was allowed to watch it even the patients currently admitted in the hospital.

    The night came and Xander kept moving left and right on his bed. He couldn't sleep at all. Yera already called him a while ago informing that she arrived safely in her condo and would soon prepare to sleep.

    He grabbed his mobile phone while thinking about what his wife was doing at that moment. "She's probably done cleaning and changing into her sleepwear," he murmured. Xander crumpled his face as he stared at the ceiling of his room. How good was it lying on the comfortable bed with a good and nice room when you were not with the most important person in your life? Everything just felt empty!

    He raised his arm and hand where he held his mobile phone to dial the number of the person who could make him feel complete.

    Yera had just finished cleaning up and changing. She lazily lay on the bed and closed her eyes for some quiet time. She had a lot of things to do and this mess in the hospital dared to add up.

    She inhaled and exhaled to relax her body. She considered herself lucky when she did the operation because she managed to have a recording of the whole process. She had a habit of secretly recording the procedures whenever she performed surgeries to assess herself afterwards on how she had performed the surgery.

    She suddenly recalled to call her husband to inform him about it and of course to say good night because she was sure Xander was expecting it though she wanted to talk to him also since she missed him. Her day actually felt dull without seeing her husband or talking to him at least.

    Yera grabbed her mobile phone and was about to dial her husband's number when her phone began to ring. A sweet smile curled up on her lovely lips seeing her husband's caller id 'darling'. She quickly pressed the answer button.

    "That's fast darling." Xander commented with a grin because his call was answered with only a ring. Yera chuckled and said, "I was about to call you too so..."

    Then she heard Xander release a sigh followed by, "I miss you so much..."

    "Me too... Let's wait until I wrap things up tomorrow." responded Yera as she continued to detail the plan and countermeasures she had for tomorrow.

    "After I settle everything tomorrow. I would start to haunt aunt Juliet as soon as possible. She has some emotional disorder so I think it will be effective in bringing out confession from her own mouth. I mean we should try the plan we used with Jane but this time we have to record everything as part of the evidence. That's another option since it would be too hard to penetrate the mansion and install hidden cameras with the kind of tight security there." summarized Yera.

    Xander felt Yera had so much going on in her mind so he suggested, "Darling close your eyes for now. Just tonight relax your thoughts. Blank your head of everything except my handsome face..."

    Yera laughed and said, "You want me to only think of you and imagine your face? Hmm then what?"

    A naughty grin covered Xander's face while he seductively whispered, "Think of the things that you want me to do to you..."

    Yera's face flushed as she naively and bashfully commented, "Hey, stop that...", thinking Xander was starting to get erotic with his teasing voice.

    Xander's crispy laughter roared the speaker while he said, "What darling? Alright let me revise in a wholesome sentence. What do you want me to do with you? Think of the things you want us to do together."

    Yera turned deep red with embarrassment and was relieved that Xander was not present in front of her, to see the reddening of her face. She laughed with her husband and realized how her life had turned upside down on a good day when Xander came into her life. She could not help but get confident with him by her side. She had this feeling that she could surpass every kind of hardship just by seeing his lovely smile everyday.

    "Hmm, I want to try a lot of things with you. Perhaps do a lot of sports - all kinds of them since I missed doing it before I met you. Or, may be read books together, clammed up in a blanket? Hmm, does that sound boring? Maybe kickboxing? Wrestling? Because of the busy schedule we both have not managed to do a lot of things together, and I want to experience everything with you by my side now." Yera commented but mostly the ideas were going into hibernation as of now because of the fact that Yera was still hiding her identity from the whole world.

    Then she suddenly thought, "Do you think I can finally come out as myself once we get aunt Juliet to confess and she is arrested?"

    "Hmm, yes darling if it's her who is responsible for your abduction also. Though I want you to finally show your identity but still I think it won't be safe until we capture the one who is responsible for your abduction because that person is the one who harmed and tried to kill you..." Xander explained.

    Then he realized, "Wait... I said you have to think only about me..."

    "Like, how your husband is so desperate right now to go to you to kiss you hard and take you in his arms..." he added with a complaining tone.

    Yera smiled and suddenly whispered, "I love you. After tomorrow, feel free to do whatever you want..."

    Xander's eyes blinked while he felt the excitement rushing through his body. His darling wife was such a tease without her even knowing!

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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