192 Gamble

    Rizie was feeling a bit restless. She was nervous about the next day for unknown reasons. She got up from her bed and grabbed her mobile phone to call Dion.

    'Maybe having some evening snacks with Dion will release some uneasy feeling.' She thought.

    Dion's mobile phone kept ringing only and that made her crease her forehead. She looked at the clock and it was still early for him to sleep. "What the heck is he doing right now?" Rizie mumbled as she grabbed her coat and some pocket money.

    Dion's unit was not that far away so she decided to  just wait for him at her favorite cafe in between their buildings. She tried to call him once more but Dion still did not answer. She proceeded to walk out from her building and headed towards the cafe, but she suddenly paused when she reached near the cafe.

    "Dion?" she whispered with knitted eyebrows. She was about to shout his name but halted when she saw a woman with him. It was Jane, coming out from the cafe side by side with Dion.

    "What's this? Are these two together? Are they dating?" she panickedly muttered and stood rooted at her spot, she then moved a bit to the side and didn't go towards the cafe to observe what the two would do next.

    Jane seemed to be bidding her farewell to Dion with her widest sweet smile pasted on her face as Dion called a cab for her.

    Rizie bit her lower lip seeing Dion smile back at Jane and opening the cab door for her.

    "What's this? Why does it feel like something is pricking in my chest?" she unconsciously voiced out. The cab had already left and Rizie quickly turned around to go back, trying to escape Dion's eyes, when she noticed Dion was about to look towards her direction.

    She had unsorted emotions at that moment and she did not want Dion to see that or else she would definitely look funny.

    Dion turned his head towards Rizie's building thinking if the latter was still awake. He had left his mobile phone at his room when he left to meet Jane so he was not sure if Rizie had tried to contact him like she usually does at this hour.

    His eyebrows furrowed when he saw Rizie's familiar figure walking not far from him. Well he was quite sure it was Rizie so he called out, "Riz!"

    But Rizie did not turn around as if she had not heard him so Dion ran towards her and called once more, "Riz!"

    'Rizie runn!' Rizie mused as she fastened her walking while her heart started to thump really hard. She was nervous too. 'What is this!' she cried inside because she felt really weird.

    However, Dion caught her and grabbed her arm to stop her from almost running away from him. "Hey can't you hear me? What's going on? Are you running away from someone?" Dion asked in a row and he even looked around for anything suspicious, checking if Rizie was running to escape from someone.

    'Yes, I'm running away from you,' Rizie wanted to voice out as her face crumpled. "Are you alright?" she heard Dion ask her because Rizie was still nott facing him.

    Rizie released a heavy sigh before she turned her face to him and asked, "Let me go and you just continue with your date." Then her lips twitched as she scoffed, "I've been calling you, I called you several times and no wonder you're not answering. Don't worry I won't disturb you ever again..."

    "Huh?" Dion was befuddled. It took a while before everything dawned on him.

    He unconsciously smiled and murmured, "Is that why you're irritated? You saw me with Jane a while ago?"

    Rizie did not respond but her knitted brows and crumpled expressions answered it all.

    Dion's smile suddenly disappeared when he realized something at that moment. "I don't know why you're acting strange with me for being close to other women. Can you tell me why?"

    Rizie seemed to cut her tongue out but she immediately composed herself and defended, "What are you saying strange? I am not acting strange at all. It's just that I'm not used to you being like that. At Yang Globals, I was the only woman you would talk to and at Life Hospital you're flirting with almost everybody..."

    "Riz, do you want me to stop talking to other women?" Dion nonchalantly asked.

    "I mean... If we are in a romantic relationship, I will stop flirting of course but you said it yourself that we should maintain our relationship as friends only and to be honest it is getting hard for me..." Dion continued. He would burst out at any moment because he was really confused with Rizie's reaction.

    He knew he was taking a risk if he continued further but he wanted to take that risk, at least to be honest with his feelings... He had a confession that he was aching to make... It was a dilemma for him to keep such feelings for too long.

    Rizie stared at Dion's soft face with her mouth agape. 'What is he saying?' she mused. Dion said it was hard for him being friends with her? Was it because she would always bug him even with unnecessary things?

    "Are you tired of me? Of being my friend?" Rizie whispered that made Dion crumpled his face. "Riz, what I'm saying is it's hard because I like you more than just a friend..." Dion straightforwardly confessed.

    Dion knew Rizie was too shocked with what he said. He released Rizie's arm before he added, "Sort out what it is that is in your heart Riz, ask yourself what you really want Riz. I'm also confused with the way you're reacting towards me that I often mistaken it as jealousy. I sometimes feel like you also like me but then I know your goal is Rui... But I want to be clear with you about my feelings and I really like you, not just as a friend but someone who can be my girlfriend."

    Dion was extremely nervous at that moment but at the same time he felt relieved that he finally let those words out. He only hoped that Rizie would not change. Being awkward and breaking their good friendship was the last thing he wanted to happen between them. However, he needed to gamble for love.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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