193 The Video

    The next morning, all the concerned parties, regarding the operation of the patient accusing Dr. Deyna Song of malpractice gathered at the conference hall as requested. A lot of curious employees who wanted to know what really happened were present too. And some gossip monger patients who had heard about it were also there including Xander of course.

    Jam creased her forehead as she observed Xander who sat in the front row near the center stage where all the staff were seated for questioning. The set-up looked like a courtroom with a huge audience or more like a debate with a panel of judges.

    She was with her father and Lyndon and seeing Xander sitting there with a solemn face, she raised an eyebrow. She really felt something was going on between CEO Yang and Dr. Song. Well she already heard that Dr. Song was CEO Yang's favorite so he could possibly be pursuing her also as a woman.

    To start with the proceedings, the video inside the operating room was played, in it where she explained the procedure and how she conducted the surgery from the beginning upto the end could be seen but nothing else was clearly visible that could show any clue to whose negligence led to this disaster.

    There were a lot of questions with the other staff present inside and none had really noticed something unusual during the operation.

    It was becoming more difficult for the interrogating panel to decide whose fault was all this, although it was likely either any one of the two was responsible for the said negligence but the video captured was not good enough evidence to pinpoint who left that needle inside the patient's body.

    "I told you, the only needle I held was the one that I used to close up the cut," Dr. Moore mumbled irritably as one of the risk management officers asked her about the needle she used..

    Yera on the other hand had a cold expression on her face and she then signaled the operator to play another video she handed him.

    "There's another video?" grasped the audience.

    "Unbeknownst to all, I have this habit of getting my own recording for all the surgeries that I perform which I often use to assess my procedures later..." Yera stated then she explained about the small hidden camera she often used to clip at the surgical light they used before every surgery she performed.

    "No wonder she's a miraculous doctor and a perfectionist too. I mean she always checks her work for improvements," whispered some of the doctors in the audience because none of them had thought to do the same for improvement sake.

    The video was played from the start and it was focussed specifically at the site of the body where surgery was being performed. It was very clear and detailed.

    Dr. Moore noticed that Dr. Song was adjusting the light for too long but she never thought that she was putting a hidden camera that time.

    Dr. Moore quietly stood up, looking pale and restless. Xander immediately saw that...

    Xander made sure that all security personnels were alert by giving an anonymous tip to Lyndon that the actual person responsible would attempt to escape the premises once Dr. Song showed her evidence so he should have the exits of the hospital locked down.

    In the video, Dr. Song had performed the surgery very well and most of the doctors who were present and able to watch it agreed that it was a flawless and a perfect surgery. In the video, the sound was very clear where Dr. Moore offered to complete the rest as an assistant by closing the site and finishing it up.

    And everyone stayed focused and everyone gasped at the next scene.

    "It was Dr. Moore!!!" one of the audience shouted. The video was clear enough, showing how Dr. Moore's hand performed the trick smoothly. She intentionally put a needle inside the patient's open body.

    Everyone looked at Dr. Moore with disgust. The evidence could not lie. "Why would she do that?" cried almost all of the audience.

    "Everything is fabricated!" shouted Dr. Moore. She always had a back-up plan but she did not expect the next thing that happened.

    Police arrived inside and it caused panic on Dr. Moore's face. The police was the last thing she thought that would be present. 'Who the hell will get the police that instant?' she mused as she glared at Dr. Song.

    "I submitted the evidence to the police and they silently conducted an investigation about you and it turned out you've already been on their wanted list. Changing identity, faking a lot of documents and the worst, putting people's lives in danger and even killing when ordered by people who hired you. You're not a doctor but being a hitwoman best suits your job." Yera declared that really shocked a lot of people including Jam. If she was right, it was her mother who recommended Dr. Moore as a new doctor to hire.

    "Mother..." Jam whispered.

    "Shut up Jam... Don't ever mention to anyone that it's your mother who had recommended her!" Jam heard his father whisper who then immediately grabbed his mobile phone to make a call.

    Dr. Moore panicked. She had never failed her dirty job like this before. She had to escape. She needed a hostage to escape the place.

    She was furious, she looked towards Dr. Song's direction and quickly walked towards her."You bitch!" she angrily hissed. "I'm gonna kill you for this!"

    Xander saw that and immediately removed the dextrose that was connected to him to run up at the center. "Dr. Song!" He shouted seeing Dr. Moore grabbing something from under her lab gown. Yera heard her name and looked in that direction. She saw Xander running toward the stage and his gaze was focussed in the other direction.

    Everything happened too fast. Yera turned her head to see where Xander was looking as he ran towards her. Her eyes widened. Before Yera could run and escape, Dr. Moore came like lightning and grabbed her and aimed the sharp knife she held on Yera's throat. The position was fatal and Yera knew that one wrong move from her would cost her life at that instant.

    Everyone was shocked with what was happening. The police were there, aiming their guns at Dr. Moore but of course Dr. Song was at higher risk being held as a hostage.

    Xander shouted, "No one will shoot!"

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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