194 Very Rare Type Of Blood

    Xander's heart was about to explode. His face was too red in fury. "You're dead!" he cursed as he glared at Dr. Moore who dared lay a finger on his wife. His heart almost skipped a beat as the knife pressed harder on Yera's throat.

    "Put down all your guns or I will kill her. No one will get hurt if no one will block my way!" Dr. Moore shouted. She needed to escape because if even for once the police got a hold of her she would be as good as dead!

    "Follow what she said!" Xander shouted as he glared at the knife on Yera's throat.

    Lyndon, signaled the security of the hospital too not to come close because Dr. Moore was pressing the knife hard on Dr. Song's neck.

    Jam on the other hand, although startled, raised her eyebrows while watching how the CEO of Yang Globals seemed to be over reacting. Then she shifted her gaze at Lyndon and the same expression was visible. Both men were furious and worried.

    Dr. Moore moved backwards while pulling Yera to the exit of the conference hall. Xander's heart was racing as he followed them, including Lyndon.

    "Don't follow me!" shouted Dr. Moore at Xander.

    "I have to. Look I don't have anything with me. I'm Xander Yang and you are holding my favorite doctor. Tell me what is it that you want? I can make it happen just make sure you will release her in one piece, without a single scratch." Xander tried to convince Dr. Moore with his soft words and poker face.

    Dr. Moore of course knew Xander Yang and his capabilities so she paused for a while as if thinking.

    "Just don't hurt her. I will help you escape..." Xander said as he followed Dr. Moore who was still slowly walking backwards towards the exit door.

    "Who paid you to frame me?" Yera suddenly whispered. Dr. Moore laughed and said, "Do you really believe I will even bother to spill that out to you bitch?"

    Yera was trying to just divert Dr. Moore's attention to slow her down from going out of the conference room because she happened to see Dion at the side corner of her eyes. He was almost near while Xander tried to talk more to Dr. Moore too, giving more time for Dion to get closer.

    "Here, just tell me all your requests and I will make all the arrangements for it..." Xander said as he grabbed his phone to make a phone call.

    But Dr. Moore panicked when she noticed the hospital's security team moved and still aimed a gun towards her.

    Dion noticed one of the security team aimed and moved the trigger, he was about to fire his gun. He was horrified because there was a high possibility that Yera would be the one who could get hit by him.

    "No!" he shouted.


    That gunshot rang inside the conference room. Yera's eyes widened as Dion's body blocked her. Dr. Moore was caught off guard too and her grip at Yera loosened.

    Yera immediately moved and bit Dr. Moore's arm with the knife and she immediately dodge under her elbow while she ran towards Dion. Then another shot was heard.

    Yera turned and saw Dr. Moore fall down on the ground.

    She heard screams while Lyndon shouted, "Who fired!!!"

    But her focus was on Dion because he was bathing in blood. She felt Xander checked her while Rizie was shouting for a medic so Dion could be transferred soon at the operating room.

    "Oh God! Why would you do that... Are you stupid?" Yera scolded while she sobbed.

    "Nah this is nothing. I'm glad you're safe..." Dion whispered with a smile.

    Rizie who rushed to them was crying hard too and Dion managed to chuckle, "Stop that. It's just a scratch. Dr. Song will definitely fix it soon. You look ugly when you cry like that."

    "Yeah... Hang in there and don't dare leave me!" Rizie was stuttering as she cried hard, ignoring Dion's joke about her being ugly. She was too worried seeing the blood all over his body.

    "I haven't answered you yet... You have to live to hear me answer you dammit..." Rizie continued. Dion left her last night saying she did not need to answer him now. But he only hoped that they could both keep their relationship like they used to if she found herself to see him only as a friend and nothing more than that.

    Before Dion could answer, he lost consciousness.

    Inside the operating room...

    "He would need blood transfusion." Yera instructed as she focussed back in removing the bullet.

    After some time the nurse said, "Doc, the medical technologist couldn't find a match for him yet."

    Yera's forehead creased and asked, "Why? What's his blood type?"

    "O negative Doc and this blood type is not available in our blood bank as well as any other blood bank in the city ." the nurse answered. Yera's facial muscle flinched. Dion could receive blood only from O negative and it was a very rare type of blood, Rh negative bloods were already rare and O type is more difficult to find.

    Yera looked at Dr. Xiao and said, "I will remove the bullet and finish everything afterwards."

    Dr. Xiao nodded. After the critical part was done Yera left the OR to go to the blood bank. "Get my blood for Dr. Dion Chen. I'm O negative."

    She and her father were the only one who had it. Well her grandfather too and she heard that it was her family in their country only had  this type.

    While blood was being drawn out from her, Yera was in deep thought. She already noticed that Dion had a lot of similarities with her father, especially the facial features and his expression. Could it be that Dion was her father's son? Or her grandfather's somehow? She also could not deny the fact that she had a strong connection and a kind of bond with Dion.

    Mostly, why would Dion save her? Blocking the bullets for her. Yes, they were close but it never occurred to her that Dion would be willing to even sacrifice his life for her.

    She did not know why but Yera was having a hunch so she requested a sample from Dion for DNA testing.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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