195 Mr. Handkerchief

    Rizie's eyes swelled up badly when she entered Dion's condo to fetch some of his things. She knew the password to his entrance as it was not the first time that she had been there. They both knew each other's password because they were like the best of friends.

    "Oh God, please..." she muttered as tears started to form once more in her eyes. She was too worried and felt scared for some unknown fear, though Yera had already confirmed to her that Dion had already passed the critical condition and would soon be transferred to the recovery room.

    She immediately ran to Dion's condo when she heard that he might regain consciousness anytime, to get some of his things that he might need while he stayed at the hospital. Wiping the tears in her eyes, Rizie walked towards Dion's room. Although she had entered Dion's condo several times for a quick snack or sometimes for a meal with him, she never had the chance to see Dion's bedroom.

    As expected, it was very neat and clean unlike hers. Dion was a very organized person too. She immediately opened his closet to get his personal things like underwear, comfortable shirts and shorts, towel and other things. She creased her forehead when she noticed the other drawer that was transparent too where his small towels were kept perfectly arranged in neat stacks.

    "Are those handkerchiefs?" she mumbled. She did recall Dion often used a handkerchief so she grabbed some and somewhat dropped it.

    "Tsk!" Rizie fuzzed on her clumsiness while she bent down to pick up the handkerchief. She grabbed them but paused as her brows furrowed.

    "What's this?" she whispered seeing the same three tulips embroidery in warm colors of red, yellow and pink. She quickly stood up and checked all the handkerchiefs and to her surprise they were all the same. Suddenly something dawned on her and  flashbacks of the day when Dion asked her if the man who offered her the handkerchief was not Dr. Dee, danced in front of her eyes.

    She knew Dion often used handkerchiefs but he probably folded it in such a way that the embroidery was always hidden, so she did not notice it ever. Then she realized, she never saw even once Dr. Dee using a handkerchief. Both men wore eyeglasses too. 'Could it be?' Rizie's heart raced.

    That instant she grabbed her mobile phone and called Dr. Rui Dee who was still abroad.

    "Rizie? What is it? Is Dion alright?" Dr. Dee asked. What had happened already came to his knowledge and he was extremely worried for Dion who was close to him and was like a younger brother.

    "He is safe now Doc. I just have an important thing to  ask you Doc if you don't mind. Did you happen to lend your lab gown to Dion sometimes when he was still working in Yang Globals?" Rizie asked and then mentioned the date to be more precise.

    Although a bit confused with the out of the blue questions from Rizie, Rui still answered, "Yeah... I do recall that I lent Dion one of my lab gowns because he was a mess at that time and he needed to go for his rounds. He ran out of gowns and had no spare one with him, and so..."

    "Okay Doc thank you so much. Please always take care there. I'm sure Big Bro Xander will keep you updated on the situation here. Thank you Doc," Rizie immediately cut the call.

    She thought she was a quick witted person but how come important things such as this did not hit her.

    'Mr. Handkerchief is Dion.' The man she was looking for was Dion and not Dr. Rui. "Stupid Rizie," she mumbled while she smiled and cried at the same time. As soon as she packed Dion's things she immediately ran back to the hospital.

    She sat like a crazy person in the cab, even the driver was looking at her suspiciously because she would cry and laugh at the same time.

    "Miss are you alright?" asked the cab driver. Rizie suddenly laughed as she sniffed. The cab driver cringed and scratched his head. "I'm alright Sir. Please don't mind me... I'm just having some silly thoughts about the current events in my life..." Rizie answered and the cab driver understood.

    Rizie heaved a long deep breath as she wiped her tears. When Dion was shot, she felt her world crumble down as she watched him fall on the ground. She was trembling as she ran towards him and saw the blood on his body. She did not know what she would do if something happened to him. She was too devastated just seeing him in danger.

    Then she realized how important Dion was for her. She often brushed those thoughts away because she wanted to protect the good friendship they had, but at that critical moment she realized that life was really short. That instant, she could lose Dion without telling him what she truly felt for him. So while she waited outside the operating room for the result, she vowed to herself that she would no longer have any reservations about their relationship. She would definitely tell and let Dion know that she also liked him more than friends.

    She never expected to discover though that Dion was the same man she adored before, the man who lent her his handkerchief and whose simple words encouraged her during her distressed time.

    She couldn't wait to see Dion. She wanted to be the first person he saw as soon as he woke up.

    "Sir, can we go faster? I'm in a hurry..." Rizie requested the cab driver who complied and drove faster.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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