196 Warm Relaxing Bath

    Dion was already stable but he was still unconscious. Rizie arrived at the hospital and saw Yera earnestly watching over him.

    "Doc, I will take care of Dion. Please go home and rest... You've been through a lot today and you look so exhausted." Rizie murmured while she arranged Dion's things. A lot had happened that day. It was already late and Yera did look worn out.

    Rizie saw Yera holding Dion's hand while she wiped her face. Rizie did not notice that Yera was crying. "Will you look after him well Rizie?" Yera said in a hoarse voice and with a smile as she stood up from the chair beside Dion's bedside.

    "Yes I will, so don't worry too much..." Rizie reassured her.

    Yera let out a long bone weary sigh as she walked out from the hospital. June was waiting for her at the parking lot. Xander had called her up a while ago informing that he had gotten himself discharged from the hospital to take care of the whole matter regarding Dr. Moore.

    He wanted to find out everything and reach to the bottom of the incident. He strongly believed that the shooting was intentional to totally shut Dr. Moore and hurt her at the same time.

    Life Hospital was back to normal as if nothing had happened that day. Dr. Moore had died during the operation and Yera no longer cared about her anymore because she was focussed on saving Dion and making sure that he was not harmed in any way and came out of his critical condition as soon as possible.

    But her husband would definitely get a hold on the situation to squeeze the truth out of the guard who shot at them.


    Xander was already at Yera's unit, waiting for his wife's arrival. He clenched his fist while he reviewed the report sent by Ralf. The security man who fired the shot was held in for questioning already, but was soon released because he claimed that he only fired the shot as a part of his duty and that his aim was to shoot Dr. Moore.

    But Xander was quite sure and adamant on his belief that the Go's had planned all this and that they wanted to kill Yera as well as Dr. Moore.

    "I will make sure you will all pay for this," he jeered. Though Yera was not hurt in the end, but even the thought that she could get hurt badly and was the target of the bullet fired, made his nerves explode!

    He immediately called Ralf and instructed his team to proceed in a more aggressive way. He would make sure none would get away for trying to harm his wife.

    June called him to inform him that Yera had already left the hospital so Xander immediately prepared a warm relaxing bath for his wife.

    Yera arrived home and he immediately received her with a warm and tight hug. He took her bag from her hands and helped her to take off her clothes.

    Yera managed to smile and said, "I'm not a baby... I can manage to take off my clothes darling." Xander pouted his lips as he continued to undress his wife. "I have prepared a relaxing bath for you darling." Xander complained as he did not let Yera move even a finger on her own. He even tied up Yera's hair and carried her inside the bathroom.

    Yera instantly felt relaxed seeing the scented candles, hearing the good music and smelling the relaxing aroma that came from different petals from her bath tub. "What would I do without you?" she mumbled with her eyes closed while she felt Xander massage her shoulders and neck with essential oil.

    Xander smiled widely with those simple words. He felt so happy flying at cloud nine. He wanted to join his wife in the tub of course, but he controlled himself because he wanted her to just relax for tonight, to have her mind at ease at least for one night.

    "Darling do you want me to put a relaxing face mask on you?" Xander whispered.

    "Hmm, uhuh. Thank you darling," Yera sluggishly answered.

    Xander immediately prepared it and gently put one on his wife's face. "Darling, I had one of your subsidiaries conduct a DNA test for me. The result will probably be up by tomorrow. Did you know that Dion's blood type is the same as mine? Same with my dad and grandpa."

    Yera muttered.

    Xander gulped. He contemplated on what to say but one thing was sure. Yera would soon find out that she and Dion were connected by blood.

    He heard his wife let out a soft low chuckle while she continued, "Do you know that I'm somehow excited? I actually... I actually want the result to be positive. I want Dion to be my family, because I do feel like he is one... He's always been good to me like an older brother, though he is younger than me in age. How I pray that we are siblings or maybe he is like my uncle if he happens to be born with my grandpa if he is not born to my dad."

    Yera's tears unconsciously fell from her eyes... She considered herself very lucky of course for having the Yangs but the thought of having a family like Dion was like a blessing to her because she had no family, real family by blood that she could turn to.

    "He is your brother..." Xander suddenly confessed. Yera flinched when she heard his words, then moved and sat properly, removed the face mask and turned to look directly at Xander.

    "What do you mean?" Yera whispered. Xander sighed before he detailed everything to Yera including Dion's request to Xander about not disclosing it to her because Dion wanted to tell it himself.

    That instant Yera burst out in loud cries, both tears of joy and sympathy for her brother. Xander immediately hugged his wife, giving his wide shoulders for her to cry to her heart's content. How he hoped that it would be the last time he witnessed his wife crying hard like that.

    Now Yera knew why Dion was always there for her but she did not know why Dion kept this important matter hidden from her all this time. "Why kept it so long from me?" Yera helplessly whispered.

    "I'm not sure too darling why but once he wakes up you can ask him yourself." Xander replied as he consoled his wife.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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