197 Keep On Breathing!

    Rizie stayed with Dion and didn't leave his side even for a minute, she even slept on the chair beside Dion's bed with her head leaning and resting on Dion's bedside. She stayed like that for hours when Dion finally woke up.

    He still felt numb. He knew he was shot but luckily he was still alive. He gulped and turned his head. He smiled seeing Rizie sleeping at his side. Her curly hair was covering half of her pretty face. She was tightly holding his left hand and it made him happy, whereas he felt butterflies in his stomach. He silently chuckled at his own silly thought.

    He raised his right arm and hand to clear out the hair strands that hindered his eyes to fully see Rizie's sleeping face but Rizie moved and slowly opened her eyes.

    "Oh thank God you're awake! How are you feeling? Are you hurting somewhere? Are you hungry? Oh wait I'm not sure if you're allowed to eat. Ahm hold on I will call the doctor!" Rizie murmured in a row as she quickly stood up but Dion held her wrist before she could leave.

    "I'm a doctor Riz. No need to call them. I'm fine and stable. Relax. I'm not allowed to eat yet 'till I fart..." Dion calmly muttered.

    Rizie sat back on her chair as her eyes started to well up once more because of the tears that immediately poured out from her eyes. "You're really well now...:" she mumbled with tears of joy and gratefulness.

    Dion grinned and said, "Shhh... Stop crying now. By the way, I remembered what you said, I have to live to hear your answer so I fought hard to breathe. So here I am very well alive."

    Dion said it in a jest but he meant every word.

    Rizie bit her lips while her face flushed. She promised she would tell Dion how she felt the moment he opened his eyes so she directly said, "I like you so keep on breathing!"

    Dion was totally caught off guard and with mouth agape muttered, "Huh?"

    "What I'm saying is I like you too more than a friend..." Rizie repeated with her head slightly bowed down because she felt too shy and she knew her face was too red because of embarrassment.

    Dion, who was very startled by the sudden confession from Rizie, finally got a hold of himself and asked, "Did I really hear it right? I mean, the feeling is mutual? You really like me too?"

    Rizie did not say a word but bashfully nodded.

    Dion suddenly moved but flinched, "Ouch!" as the pain struck him.

    "What? What happened?" Rizie worriedly asked as she stood up and checked on Dion closely. "Is there something hurting you?" asked Rizie whose face was too close to Dion.

    "Uh..." Dion answered with a nod.

    "Where?" murmured Rizie who turned deep red seeing Dion was staring at her lips. She suddenly realized that she was leaning too close at him.

    She was about to pull back but she felt Dion's arm pulling her. Rizie closed her eyes and just like in movies she expected Dion to kiss her on her lips. It would be her first kiss if that happened. She could feel the racing of her heart, the mad thumping of her heartbeats in her chest.

    She felt Dion's lips but not on her lips. He kissed her on her forehead instead. Rizie opened her eyes and saw Dion's smiling face. "Thank you, for telling me what you truly feel." Dion whispered.

    He actually wanted to kiss Rizie on her lips but  he did not want to rush things and besides he wanted to formally court her and ask for her permission to be his girlfriend.

    Rizie slowly distanced herself while she whispered, "I was so scared when you got shot and at that moment I realized how much you mean to me..."

    Dion pursed his lips and complainingly mumbled, "Do you mean it takes a gun shot for you to be honest with what you feel. I mean what if I was not shot? Would you never tell your feelings to me?"

    Rizie pouted her lips and countered, "How about you? Until when did you plan to hide it from me?"

    This time Dion's forehead furrowed. "Huh? Hide what?"

    Rizie twitched her mouth while she reached for the paper bag and pulled out one handkerchief from it to show to Dion.

    Dion's eyes widened while he looked at his handkerchief. He did not need any explanation because he already grasped the situation that Rizie probably went into his room to get things he might need. And thus, he had been discovered.

    He did not know what to say so he just scratched his head while he looked at Rizie with a guilty plea on his face.

    Seeing Dion's face Rizie arched a brow and scoffed, "You didn't have any plans at all to tell me the truth, right? Besides I clearly recalled that you said Dr. Dee was such an unlucky man..."

    Dion's facial muscles flinched hearing Rui's name so he asked, "How about Dr. Dee? Does it mean you no longer like him?"

    "Of course I still like him..." Rizie intentionally hanged her words and intently observed Dion's reaction. She tried her best to control her laughter seeing the daggers Dion's eyes just threw at her.

    "But only as a friend..." Rizie burst in laughter and pinched Dion's burning cheeks.

    "I'm not yet finished with my words but look at how you already killed me with your glaring stare?" Rizie said, still laughing.

    Dion pursed his lips and signaled Rizie to come closer. Although confused Rizie did and everything happened so fast. The last thing she knew was Dion's lips was on hers. And it was moving, Dion's lips. Rizie opened her mouth to say something but was outran by Dion's tongue.

    The kiss left her breathless and while panting she heard Dion mutter in his hoarse voice, "Joke again like that and I will make you gasp for air over and over again..."

    'Then I should joke more!' Rizie mused with a smirk.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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