198 Hypnosis

    The next morning, Yera screened the profiles of all the household helpers in the Han's Ancestral Mansion and she was glad to find that her aunt Juliet had retained almost everyone.

    "Are you sure we can trust them?" Xander reconfirmed as he cooked breakfast. Yera picked out a few of her trustworthy staff. She was planning to meet them and reveal her true identity, and seek their help and assistance to penetrate Han's Ancestral Mansion.

    Yera strongly believed that she could trust them because she had helped those people a lot when she lived there, so, Yera met them one by one. She told them all the truth about Juliet and her grandfather's death and asked them to help her, she even offered a good sum of money in return for their help but they all refused saying that seeing her alive and well was more than enough for them. Their affection and loyalty truly touched Yera's heart.

    After another day...

    Xander's team finally received the information of a request for fumigation at Han's Ancestral Mansion... They had actually managed to infest the mansion with  a lot of pests that were caught with days of hard work by Xander's security personnel in disguise and were spread with the help of some household staff among the helpers that Yera had contacted.

    Yera and Xander's team now got the opportunity to penetrate the Han's Mansion in disguise as the pest control service provider.

    He had used a lot of connections and asked favors from his many connections that he had never done before, just to make sure that everything fell in the right place. 'No room for mistakes' was his motto just like Yera when she was inside the operating room. They must pull the right strings at the right time with the right strength to get what they wanted from their next target - Juliet Go.

    As he suspected, it was Juliet Go who had instructed the security personnel to fire the shots. But even if the guard confessed, his altered statements were not alibi enough and could not be used in the court to bring down the Gos. So he unwillingly supported the use of Yera's ghost technique once again, to make things more realistic and also to make Juliet spill out all the truths.

    They also consulted Rui, who guided Yera on how to put more psychological pressure on her aunt and also a few more tricks that he was well versed with as a psychologist. There was a high chance they could get confession from Juliet Go using those techniques.

    Xander set up a meeting with some important person for Roy Go at that time while they managed to keep Jam away from home too by engaging her into a meeting at that same time. It was the Sy's Law Firm that offered to host a fundraising program for Life Hospital because of  Xander's internal request of course. As Xander's family lawyer, he particularly requested Liam to make sure that Jam would be in the meeting for a certain time when Yera and the team entered Han Mansion.

    Every movement of the people in and outside of the mansion was well monitored. Yera sat in the back seat of the van  that carried the staff of the pest control company. That van carrying Yera arrived at Han Mansion and entered inside the large main gate after the security approval by the security guard of the mansion. Yera knew every corner of this mansion and she was quite sure everything had stayed the same as told by her people who still worked inside the mansion.

    She was wearing a one piece jumpsuit, black coloured that was the uniform of the whole team but beneath it was her costume props that she needed for her haunting act.

    The whole team also took their positions and requested all others to stay out of the mansion for a while as pest control was to be conducted soon. Juliet was the last one to be informed about going out, by one of the maids who was helping Yera.

    Juliet was going out of her room with her book to read it in the garden while the fumigation would be ongoing but then she paused seeing smoke coming out from somewhere. "What the heck is this? Have they already started with me still being inside?" she irritatingly exclaimed. She was about to shout for their butler when she suddenly froze.

    Her eyebrows furrowed and was followed by the widening of her eyes. Yera was walking towards her enveloped in smoke, as if coming out of that smoke, with one of her familiar sharp red dresses but then blood suddenly started spilling from her lips.

    Juliet shouted for her helpers. She blinked her eyes several times but it was still the same, Yera was actually walking towards her.

    "Auntie, help me and grandpa..." she heard Yera plead several times. "Grandpa is missing you, he is waiting for you..." Yera continued.

    That instant Juliet snapped, "Father? Why would father wait for me? He never loved me and so I gave him what he deserved already!" Then she laughed out loudly and added, "Tell him not to disturb me again or else I will have to kill him all over again."

    "Right... You killed him..." Yera mumbled.

    Juliet's forehead creased as she looked around as if checking if there were people around them then with a wide grin she whispered, "Shhh... No one knows about it..." Then Juliet started talking nonstop about her heart aches and how she saved Old Master Han from his sufferings by ending his life by her own hands.

    "She's really a psycho lunatic..." Vin mumbled as he watched the video while doing his work in altering all the cctv footages inside the Han Mansion.

    The smoke actually had an added medicine given by Rui that would make a person blurt only the truth  because they felt they were in some kind of a dream and not in reality. Yera also used some hypnosis techniques on her during the confrontation as taught by Rui.

    This was the only start of Juliet Go's nightmare. After some time, Juliet Go was awakened by one of her maids. "Madame, the pest control personnels are waiting so they can start with fumigating..."

    Juliet was sweating profusely as she looked around and mumbled, "I saw Yera. Have you seen her? Did any of you see her here? Search the mansion, search each and every corner of the property and find her!" she exclaimed. Everything felt real. Was she just dreaming? It had been twice already!

    "Where's my medicine?" she asked hysterically while she rose up and checked her medicine cabinet. Maybe she should see her doctor more often. She was getting scared that she would soon become crazy with her hallucinations lately. But why would she see Yera?

    "That bitch! It's all her fault!" Juliet Han furiously hissed, pertaining to Dr. Deyna Song. She felt haunted ever since Dr. Deyna Song had arrived in their hospital because her face reminded her of Yera.

    She ran out of her room to check the area where she had seen Yera.

    The maid helping Yera kept observing Juliet, hoping that their Madame would not get suspicious about anything. A few of them managed to stall time with others, to make them stay outside and not to enter the mansion, while Madame Yera performed her plan.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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