199 Unexpected Visitors

    Juliet Go's dilemma worsened because it was not only in her home where she saw Yera. She could see her niece, Yera, everywhere she went,  in the cafe, supermarket and she even saw her standing outside her favorite salon as if she was waiting for her. She even chased after Yera outside the salon but in the end she only looked like a crazy person frantically running on the streets.

    She took two tablets of her medicine during breakfast, afraid that she would be sent for rehabilitation once again to cure her mental disorders.

    "Mom are you alright?" Jam worriedly asked. She could see the same symptoms that her mom had once before so she was worried. Her mom once had a mental illness, she even started hallucinating then, but was healed after the rehabilitation program their grandfather had put her into and for years she didn't suffer with any problem or showed any such symptoms, but now she suddenly started taking her medication and that too in high doses.

    Juliet gave her a reassuring smile and nodded during their breakfast at home but remained quiet otherwise.

    Roy Go noticed it too that recently his wife always looked weary so he called her Doctor to visit Juliet in the afternoon that day.

    But what really shocked the Go Family that morning was the unexpected visitors who landed in their house with no further notice.

    "Sir, there are policemen outside. They are looking for Madame Go." one of the maids said. Roy Go and Jam were completely shocked to hear that.

    "What?!" Roy Go exclaimed. 'Why would the police look for my wife?' He mused then looked at Juliet and said' "Stay here. I will go and talk to them."

    He immediately rose up from his chair and walked to their living room. He knew it was his wife's plan to plant  Dr. Moore in the hospital and frame Dr. Song. He clearly made sure that he wrapped up everything well to protect his wife from any kind of danger.  'What is the police doing here now?' he mused.

    Jam looked at her mom who seemed to be out of herself. Her mom was zoning out, staring only in a particular direction.

    "Mom? Are you alright?" This time Jam walked beside her mom and bent on her knees to look at her closely.

    "I keep seeing Yera dear. She follows me everywhere I go. She said, father is waiting for me... Maybe that's why the police are here..." mumbled Juliet with her restless face. While her hand trembled. Jam saw that and held it while she gently squeezed them.

    'What are you saying mom?" She whispered. Her heart ached seeing her mom acting strange once more. Juliet stared at her daughter with her rounded eyes. Fear, resentment and guilt, all emotions could be clearly read in Juliet's eyes.

    "I killed him already so why would your grandpa ask for me again? Haven't I made his sufferings less by sending him where his own son and granddaughter are? Why would he still ask for me?" Juliet continued with a strange look on her face to her daughter.

    Jam was mortified with what she heard and said, "Mom, shhh don't say that. No one killed grandpa. Stop saying that nonsense."

    She looked around and sighed when she confirmed that no one was around except her and her mom.

    That instant she knew her mom had another outbreak of her mental disorder. So she panickedly called her doctor to visit and check her mom that instant. Unconsciously, Jam was already tearing up. 'Did her mom really kill grandpa?' she nervously mused. She wanted to erase what she thought but the look on her mother's face was confirming it.

    When she was a kid, she could not forget an important incident she witnessed. Her mom was the one she last saw with Yera when Yera got lost in the woods when she was six. She remained quiet about it then as she grew she realized that her mom might have intentionally left Yera to get lost in the woods but she was confused though because her mom was very kind to Yera so she brushed those thoughts off. Then all she remembered was her grandfather had her mom kept in a rehabilitation for quite some time after the said incident.

    When her mom was back, she was very normal, loving and caring that she could not believe she had any of those mental disorders that her dad and grandfather told and warned her about. Her mom gave her everything and she was the best mom for an adopted child like her.

    "Mom... Stay with me. Stop spacing out. Don't say unnecessary things. Your daughter is here with you..." Jam consoled, sobbing. She could hear the loud voice of his father who was stopping the police from taking her mom away.

    "What absurd nonsense is  that? Who registered the Goddamn report against my wife? I will call my attorney! Don't you dare lay a finger on my wife!!!" Roy shouted as he called their family attorney.

    "The warrant of arrest for your wife is valid Sir. If you want you can have it verified but right now we need to take your wife away with us. The charge on her is the murder of Old Master Han while an attempted murder for Yera Han, and Dr. Moore. There is also evidence that she's connected to Dr. Moore..." the police officer explained.

    Roy Go could not do anything while his wife was taken away. Their attorney confirmed the charges and his wife would be under arrest as the trial proceeds.

    "Yera? I did not kill Yera! And my father? I did not kill him! I only saved him from his suffering!!!" shouted Juliet while the police took her. Yes she killed her father because he was suffering enough but she did not kill Yera Han!

    "Dear... Please don't say a word just remain calm and quiet. I will take care of everything so don't utter any words under their pressure. Let our attorney handle the situation'" Roy calmed Juliet.

    He clenched his fist because he did not expect that Ryu Ken would dig in this case. Why would the Kens get themselves involved when they were not related at all with the Hans? 'Why would he be concerned with Hans?'

    "It's the Kens who filed the case! Look into it!" Jam heard her father shout on the phone, while she kept on crying. She somehow knew about her mother's involvement with Dr. Moore but Yera and her grandfather, she could not believe that her mother would involve herself in killing the two of them.

    She clearly heard her mother insisted she had nothing to do with Yera's killing and killing her grandfather was just an accident that she did it out of her concern for grandfather's suffering. She did it out of her love for her father. That was what her mom kept on shouting while the police dragged her out.

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