200 Siblings

    "Are you sure, she is fine?" Dion asked Rizie pertaining to Yera because it had been five days already and he still had not seen Yera even once. He was about to get discharged from Life Hospital that day so he wondered how come his sister never visited him even once.

    "Yes, she's fine. They executed the plans in a rush. You know how angry that clingy possessive husband of your sister was, that he wanted everyone down in a week. She told me to tell you to focus on recuperating and they will all visit you once you are discharged." Rizie explained and Dion nodded. He understood that the situation was crucial at that point.

    Rizie on the other hand smirked because Yera and  Xander were already at Dion's condo waiting to welcome him home. Rizie was too happy for Dion that she barely controlled herself from spilling everything out to Dion especially the fact that Yera finally came to know that they were siblings and that she was too glad to have found a brother for herself. She in fact wanted to come and meet him as soon as she found out about it, but they had to immediately execute their plan and expose Juliet Go.

    Later Xander suggested preparing a surprise for Dion and so Yera controlled her longing to meet her brother.

    Rizie switched the television on upon receiving a message on her phone. It was her brother confirming that justice for Yera's grandfather would soon be served.

    The whole case was all over the news. The Kens had it all covered in the news. The arrest of Juliet Go for murdering Old Master Han and her involvement with the current shooting at Life Hospital.

    "Hmm... She will now soon disclose her identity to everyone..." Rizie mumbled. The Kens would hold a press conference very soon and tell the details and the reason why their family got involved with the Han's case.

    "I bet the Go's asses are in turmoil now. All their assets will freeze soon. It's a good thing Yera finally asked for help from the Kens who treat her like a real family..." Dion commented because he was aware of how Yera was linked with the Kens.

    "Yeah... The Kens is a powerful family too and it's best that they are the ones who help her in the open. That way the Yangs won't be bugged too much by the press, media and the public..." Rizie seconded.

    She heard Xander was uneasy with this idea at first, because of course as Yera's husband he should be the one doing things even in the open but Ryu Ken insisted that it would not be a wise idea given the sour history the Yang Globals group and Life Hospitals group had... Things could be easily misinterpreted and blown out of proportion against the Yangs. The safest choice was having the Kens get involved in everyone's eyes while Xander worked in the shadow.

    Dion did not notice that he was already tearing with joy. Finally, her sister would get the justice she deserved. His sister had been through a lot.

    Rizie saw Dion was crying so she immediately wiped those tears away from his eyes and embraced him. "Let's get you ready to go home and congratulate your sister. Though it's still early because Juliet Go insisted that she is not responsible for Yera's abduction." Rizie whispered as she gently patted Dion's back.

    Rizie processed Dion's discharge formalities and stayed with the  latter. It was late at noon when they finally left the hospital.

    "Do you want me to move in with you for just a week so I can take care of you properly?" Rizie timidly offered while she helped and assisted Dion to walk in the hallway going to his condo. "How about you move in with me for good." Dion fervently suggested.

    Rzie halted and with rounded eyes looked at Dion directly. "Since when did you become this shameless Mr. Dion Chen!" she burst out, as if scolding Dion for being vulgar.

    Dion reddened and scratched his head. "I'm just saying it, if you want to then you can. Don't worry I do not attack anyone that easily.." he defended and urged Rizie to continue to walk to his condo.

    "Are you ready?" Rizie asked before they entered the door.

    "Huh?" Dion asked with a confused crumpling of his forehead.

    Rizie gave him a wink before she opened the door and helped Dion inside. As soon as they were inside, Dion heard a cheer, "Welcome back!!!"

    It was Xander and Yera. He looked at his condo unit that had been decorated as if it was his birthday party. Yera immediately ran to him and hugged him. "I'm really glad you are fine now my little brother." Yera whispered and even kissed Dion's cheek that made Xander's jaw drop.

    "Wait why did he need a kiss? He's too old already for a sibling's kiss," Xander protested, which made everyone laugh.

    "Wait, what did you call me? Did you say little brother?" Dion asked.

    Yera nodded and smiled. "Yes, I did call you little brother. Dion, I found out the truth because we both have the same blood type. Do you know that's very rare to happen right? And so I had a hunch that we are related, besides you look so much like our father with that stiff smile on your cute face. By the way I have managed to steal the photo albums from Han Mansion to show you how our father looked."

    "But, hey wait... I'm actually a bit disappointed in you. I mean how dare you hide such an important matter from me for so long?" Yera continued.

    Xander shook his head as a grin escaped his lips. "Geez my darling... Can you at least let the patient sit first and breathe? Let him absorb things first, before you bombard him with questions."

    "Sorry I'm just too excited.." Yera answered with pouty lips.

    Yera guided and helped Dion to sit and sat down beside him. She then  gently held his hands and gazed at him with eyes full of affection and concern.

    Rizie laughed seeing Xander's entire concentration was at their hands. "Come here and help me get some food Dr. CEO. Let them be clingy for a while. They are siblings after all, okay!" Rizie scolded and reiterated.

    "Yeah I almost forgot." Xander realized. He was just not used to Yera getting touched by other men, and found it impossible to allow any other man hold her hands like that, except him of course. Well Dion was an exemption since they were siblings.

    Dion was a bit shy but then he told Yera what kept him away from telling her the truth.

    "Silly! I was still young then and I didn't mean those words... Of course I'm glad to find out that I have a real family like you with me. I'm really happy to have a real brother Dion. Once everything is settled, I want you to stay with me and use our father's surname. You're a Han and I'm sure father will be glad to know this wherever he is. Now quick, tell me the whole story about your birth..." Yera said.

    Dion could not help but cry seeing Yera was crying while she caressed his hair and gently patted him as if she  was saying he was a good boy. Then he narrated everything from the start how his mother told him what happened and how he was born in this world.

    Yera on the other hand was glad that Dion grew up with enough love and a good mother.

    Rizie and Xander sighed and both smiled at each other as they prepared the food for dinner. Surely they would have a long night ahead.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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