201 Precious Gem

    Life Hospitals group was in chaos because of the sudden allegations the Go Family was facing.

    "You must call for a board meeting. Everyone was unhappy with how they worked and handled the hospital and wanted the Gos out from their positions. It's a good opportunity for you to fully take over the hospital management. Everyone wants you to take Chairman Go's position. You should do it right away before the Kens schedule their press conference. I don't feel good about all this fiasco by the Kens. I mean it's like they are saying the Han's are their responsibility and the way Ryu Ken announced it was like it includes the assests Old Master Han and Dr. Yera Han had left." Dr. Dwayne voiced out while he drank tea in Lyndon's office.

    Lyndon sighed and had a silent agreement with his friend. Indeed, he should move fast since luck was already in his hands.

    The Go's were finally getting their own dose of medicine. Who would have thought that Old Master Han was murdered? No wonder he himself was not convinced about how he suddenly died though he was extremely eager to find his granddaughter.

    Lyndon had the impression that the old man would not die until he found out the whereabouts of his granddaughter and brought her back home alive.

    He then called Shan to immediately call the board members. He should take quick action and wrap things up quickly.

    Yera on the other hand was well aware of Lyndon's moves with the help of Shan whom she  met and had revealed her original identity. She was with Shan for years and she knew that Shan's loyalty would always be on her side.

    Today she went back to the Ken Mansion with Xander to discuss the situation and she wanted to have the press conference the same day as the board meeting called by Lyndon.

    Old Master Ken immediately hugged Yera as soon as they arrived at the Ken Mansion. "So , finally you found out your real identity, my child. I am really glad that you thought of us when you needed help in your fight."

    Then Old Master Ken gently pushed Yera to turn and look at her husband. "Hmm, and I see you've been in good hands. Mr. Xander Yang... It's nice to see you again." Old Master Ken greeted Xander. The two families, the Ken and the Yangs, usually met in the yearly banquet to commemorate their great ancestors, Yao Yuren and Wei Xianyi. However, they were not usually close and would only casually greet each other at parties and events.

    Xander slightly bowed his head and smiled to show respect for the old man who treated his wife like a family. He had heard a lot of good words about the Ken Family. He was also aware that the family had their own score with the underworld that was already settled before.

    "Ryu will take care of everything so don't worry. Those responsible for your mistreatment will go behind bars for sure... For now, let us all enjoy the dinner my great granddaughters-in-law prepared for us." Old Master Ken reassured before he held Yera's hand so they could all share a wonderful dinner together.

    Xander noticed that the Ken Family was huge compared to theirs since he only had his dad and Yera while the Kens... Well, Old Master Ken had three children and three grandsons who had their own families now. Surprisingly they all lived together at Ken's Ancestral Mansion and it was very rare for such an elite family to have a good relationship with each other like theirs.

    "Hmm, I bet you're quite surprised seeing us all in large numbers here. Well our family is still incomplete since our other aunt and uncle are out of the country," Dean, Ryu's cousin commented with a wink. The huge table was almost completely occupied.

    "The family that eats together stays together son..." Old Master Ken interrupted and Xander  smiled in agreement because his dad also taught him the importance of a family.

    Xander lovingly looked at Yera. Soon they would build their own family and he would make sure that it was a huge one. He suddenly wanted to fill in his entire mansion with his future descendants.

    That evening, Yera stayed longer to catch up with her friends Arya, Rita and Denise - the wives of the Kens.

    "So how's married life in secret?" Arya asked with a meaningful look.

    Denise laughed out loud and said, "Of course it's exciting sis. Why ask the obvious? I mean look at Deyna's eyes..." Denise paused recalling her real name. "Ooops sorry, I'm used to calling you Deyna so Yera... I must say how bright and glowing your eyes are compared to before..."

    "I bet it's very hard too because they have to hide from everyone's eyes. Imagine yourself dating in disguise or I bet you rarely go out at all." Rita commented.

    Yera smiled and told her how she and Xander managed to go out. "Hmm well I hope you soon find out who is behind your abduction if Juliet Go is really not the one responsible..."

    Arya sympathetically hoped for as she said the words. She was glad Yera finally found herself though they felt a bit left out because Yera hid her identity from them until now. But they did understand that she did not want to burden them.

    "Still Yera please make sure next time you run to us whenever you're in need... I'm still sad that Xander was the first person to offer you a helping hand while we are all here for you..." Arya said with pouty lips.

    "Hmm, but I would not be able to get in the picture if she happened to ask for your help from the very start." Xander, who suddenly popped up in their circle, interrupted. He gave the girls his trademark charming smile with a wink before he sat beside Yera.

    Arya laughed and shook her head. "Yeah you're right. You would definitely be out of the picture then." Arya seconded. Xander knew how capable the Kens were.

    "That's what you call fate - things happen for a certain reason and purpose." Denise finalized.

    Yera looked lovingly at her husband. She couldn't agree less because looking back to all that she had been through, she had lost too much but in the end she felt like God had rewarded her with the most precious gem, she got the love and care of  Xander along her way, the most precious jewel of her life...

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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