202 Take Responsibility

    Rizie was in a dilemma on whether to move in with Dion while he was still recuperating. If her family would find out about it  she would be dead because she happened to live just next door from her sister and her husband's unit. She was actually using the unit of her brother Zach.

    Dion could not use his right arm because he was shot in the chest and mobilizing the right arm was painful for him. She was packing up some of her clothes for a week's stay while thinking of a good excuse for her sister who would often visit her to give her some meals and groceries.

    "Maybe I should tell her that I will be going on a trip?" she mumbled as she folded her clothes. "But where?" Then she giggled before adding, "To my boyfriend's home...."

    She touched her hot cheeks and squealed on her silly own thoughts. She would just say that she will have a week-long vacation to unwind herself. She immediately packed all the things she would need and hurried to go to Dion's condo because she was sure Dion was struggling in taking care of himself.

    As soon as she arrived at Dion's condo, she instantly checked his room but her eyebrows creased seeing the bed.


    She heard a loud sound from the bathroom.

    "Dion," she called out and quickly walked towards the bathroom, but she got worried when she heard no response from inside. She quickly opened the door of the bathroom and rushed inside.

    "Oh my God!" she gasped seeing Dion sitting on the floor naked. She panicked at the thought of him being hurt so she did not even notice his naked state and hurriedly assisted him up. He was wet so she presumed he slipped on the floor while showering?

    "Why didn't you wait for me?" she scolded. "Close your eyes," she heard Dion bashfully whisper. Then Rizie realized that Dion's left hand was trying to hide his manhood and he was completely naked. She did not know how to react to this but she was extremely amused and felt that scene was really funny.

    She lifted her head and looked at Dion whose face had turned a shade of deep crimson due to embarrassment. He was not wearing his glasses so she subconsciously commented, "You look better without eyeglasses."

    Dion crumpled his face because that was the reason he slipped since he removed his eyeglasses! "Are you allowed to shower already?" Rizie asked, trying to focus on other things than his hot, sexy, clothless body while she grabbed a towel and handed it to Dion.

    "Yes it's okay since I have covered the bandaged area with a waterproof adhesive pad. Besides, I feel stinky..." Dion murmured while he quickly covered his lower part of the body, hoping Rizie did not notice his private part reacting abnormally in that situation since Rizie was too close to his body hugging him tight as if she was afraid that he would fall down again.

    "Was it always like that?" Rizie guilelessly asked.

    "Huh?" Dion murmured and followed where Rizie was looking. He immediately said, "Stop that Riz! Help me go back to the room."

    Rizie laughed at how red Dion's face had turned while he took Rizie's support and tried to walk out of the bathroom. She noticed something was pointing beneath his towel so she made a joke out of itt.

    Dion on the other hand could not believe how brazen Rizie would be to comment such nonchalantly on things like that as if it was something just very casual. Rizie helped him to sit down at the side of the bed while she walked towards his closet to get him a shirt and a  boxer.

    "Do you have something with buttons? I think it's more convenient or would you like to wear a dress with a zipper?" Rizie asked. Dion told her where to find it. Rizie saw both types of dresses were available but she picked the one with buttons in it since it would take much time to button and she wished to see him getting tortured by her closeness. She mischievously grinned, grabbed another towel to dry his hair and went back to Dion.

    She stood in front of him to dry his hair properly with the towel. "How is your fall? Don't we need to go back to see if you hurt some joints in your fall?" rizie asked.

    "No need... I didn't fall that hard on the floor unlike how hard I fell for you..." Dion uttered. It was supposed to be a silent thought but he unconsciously voiced it out.

    Rizie's arms and hands on his head drying his hair paused in their action and she looked at him intently. A sweet beautiful smile flashed on her lips while her cheeks blushed. Her smile was  too beautiful and Dion inwardly cursed because he was not wearing his eyeglasses to clearly see her bright smile.

    He was startled when Rizie leaned closer and wrapped her arms around his neck. Dion's heart was about to burst while Rizie slowly bent her head down to kiss him. It was such a gentle kiss full of warmth that touched him deep in his heart. But for Dion,  it was not enough.

    He forgot the thought of formally asking Rizie to be his girlfriend before getting intimate with her and pulled her in for a deep kiss. He never thought how good it felt to kiss someone you like and how addicting it could be. To be honest, the kiss they shared in the hospital kept on lingering in his thoughts so he did not let the chance to grab the opportunity of feeling Rizie's lips once more.

    "Riz, I... can we... uhm can you... be my girlfriend?" Dion in his hoarse voice asked between kisses.

    Rizie abruptly pulled herself from the kiss. She frowned and mumbled, "Aren't we already in a relationship? You've been kissing me for the second time already..."

    Dion chuckled at Rizie's expression and pulled her to sit on his lap. "Yes we are indeed. It's just that I thought I should at least court you first... Also, you have to take responsibility for me since you already saw me naked." Dion said smiling then he pinched Rizie's nose.

    Rizie smiled and said, "You can still court me while we're in a relationship. That way we can save time. But right now, I think you should wear your brief and shorts first because it's poking..."

    "Do you need help?" Rizie naively asked, pertaining to Dion wearing his brief and short.

    Dion scratched his head as he knew he surely should manage himself because he felt like it would only get worse if Rizie would help him wearing his underwear.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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