203 Big Family**


    "Darling, are you sure about revealing your identity in the press conference?" Xander asked. The couple was still in bed and none wished to move. It was the weekend and Yera was still suspended from her duties in the hospital.

    Lyndon called her last night, asking about her condition and informing her about the board meeting.

    She sighed because Xander insisted that Lyndon was still a suspect until they caught the person responsible for her abduction and attempted killing. To be honest, she believed in Lyndon. He was genuine with his feelings towards her while they were engaged, so for her it was too impossible for Lyndon to harm her. Though Lyndon's family was still under suspicion and were being monitored.

    She felt Xander bury his face on her nape while he hugged her tightly from behind. "What's with that sigh?" Xander sluggishly asked.

    "I want to be called by my real name now. I think there's nothing to worry now, besides the security around me is still very tight. I want to fight as Yera Han now, with whoever it is who wants to harm me... I'm sure that person will hesitate to do things rashly at this point knowing that I'm under the Kens protection." Yera explained because it was a known fact that how mighty and powerful the Kens were. If something should happen to her, that person knew that he or she would be hunted down by the Kens, no matter what.

    Xander no longer debated because he knew Yera was firm with her decision though she was right that the Kens would definitely hunt down whoever hurt Yera not to mention he himself would do the same.

    After a while, Yera creased her forehead and commented, "Why are you so hyperactive since we left the Ken's Mansion last night?" It was because she could feel Xander's  manhood poking on her back once more. Last night, Xander tremendously attacked her in bed.

    She heard Xander chuckled. "I really envy the Kens or should I say I'm inspired by seeing their huge family that I want to make a big family myself..." murmured Xander in her husky voice.

    Yera gasped when she felt his warm hand caressing her bare legs, slipping under her nightgown as it went up to her hips. She bit her lips as the sensation started to roll on her body.

    She was wearing nothing else except her nightgown. Xander's warm and soft palm teasingly crawled up to her breasts, making her shiver with pleasure. She unconsciously arched her body when his finger circled her now erect nipples.

    "How about we make six babies darling. Three girls and three boys." Yera heard her husband whisper in her ear with his lingering warm breath. He even sensually bit her earlobe. 'Such a teasing brute!' Yera mused followed by her soft moans when Xander cupped each of her breast, gently squeezing and caressing its fullness one by one.

    Yera could feel herself damp below, between her thighs and she subconsciously brushed her behind into her husband's pointed member that made Xander growled.

    "Darling is that a 'yes'? Shall we make six?" Xander reconfirmed.

    "Hmmm," Yera hummed. She was of course willing to give her generous, loving and sweet husband whatever he would request to her as long as it was within her capabilities.

    That instant Xander moved his hand downwards, between his wife's thighs where he caressed and teased her. "You're wet..." he groaned.

    He pulled Yera's nightgown upward so he could penetrate her sideways from behind. He brushed his member in her moist folds to tease her. But Yera frantically wanted to feel her husband inside of her already so she moved back, trying to catch Xander's tip inside her core.

    Xander chuckled while he showered Yera's nape with hickeys while he raised one of Yera's legs as he invaded her opening.

    The couple hummed in chorus when Xander entered her. Yera was so aroused herself that she pounded herself on her husband by pushing her buttocks so she could feel Xander's member deeper.

    The sun was already up but the couple did not mind their stomach grumbling for a meal instead they filled each other to fulfill the carnal hunger they were craving for.

    Xander thrust deeper and harder. He groaned in pleasure while Yera met his intensity by pounding on him backwards.

    "It feels so good to be inside you." Xander couldn't help but voice out while he called Yera's name followed by how much he loved her and loved having her over and over again.

    Yera on the other hand was on the verge of her climax because Xander heightened her pleasure by playing on her nub with his fingers while he accelerated his thrust inside her, as deep as he could.

    "I'm cummiiinggg..." Yera unconsciously burst out.

    "Yes darling let it all go..." Xander murmured as he sped up entering her in and out.

    After a few more deep thrusts from her husband Yera's body abruptly convulsed. She bit her lower lip while she breathed erratically. She could feel her liquid coming out.

    "My babies please don't disappoint daddy..." she heard Xander mutter before she felt him release inside her all his juices after a hard and deep thrust. Xander did not pull out his member but even moved deeper before stopping, still inside of Yeras.

    Yera did not know whether to laugh because she found it funny. It was like her husband was cheering for his sperm cells to make sure to sprout inside her.

    "Darling do not stand up yet for at least five minnutes okay? Our babies will fall down if you do that. Just wait in here and I will prepare breakfast for you and bring it here in bed ..." Yera heard Xander whisper while he gently pulled his member out of her.

    This time Yera could not help but snigger while she watched her husband leave the room in a hurry.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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