204 Cooking

    RIzie woke up early and did some stretching before going out of one of Dion's guest rooms. His condo was big. Well his family was well off at Country D according to Dr. Dee so no wonders that he could afford a luxurious unit. He had his own gym and study room with two vacant guest rooms.

    Rizie went straight to Dion's kitchen and she smiled seeing how healthy her boyfriend was living that she often cross over at his condo for a meal since Dion was also a good cook. She suddenly crumpled her face at the thought of how lucky she was and unlucky Dion was with her since she did not even know how to cook well like her sister Lana.

    She scratched her head while she looked at the bountiful refrigerator of Dion filled with a variety of fresh meat, vegetables, fruits and a lot more. If she was a good cook, she could definitely cook a nice spread out of all that  stuff kept inside the refrigerator.

    In the end she picked up the eggs and some vegetables to mix it with for a nice scrumble. That was the only dish she was good at cooking, except for an easier dish like fried chicken, well basically all dishes that could be fried.

    She decided to make a perfect omelette for breakfast and just prepare a fruit platter for him.

    The sun was not yet up but Rizie started preparing breakfast because Dion was an early riser. She twitched her mouth recalling how Dion acted like her alarm clock every day, waking her up early in the morning and even encouraging her to jog around the nearest park in their area along with him.

    She prepared everything in a bed tray before walking inside Dion's room. As expected Dion was already awake and he was in the process of getting up and sitting on the bed but halted when he saw Rizie.

    "I can walk Riz and we can eat together at the dining table," Dion commented. Rizie gave him her brightest and seetest smile before she said, "let's do that tomorrow. For now enjoy breakfast in bed. I have eaten already while preparing this so don't worry about me."

    Rizie sat on the bed and placed the tray of food on the bed. She grabbed the spoon and fork and prepared a spoonful to feed Dion well. "It's okay I can manage," Dion said and was about to get the spoon from Rizie's hand but the latter hit on the back of his hand.

    "Hey... Just relax okay and let me feed you. Your wound is still recovering and it's not right to move your arm. You're right handed so it will be difficult to use your left hand for eating. Now, open your mouth obediently... ahhh..." Rizie scolded followed by a signal for him to open his mouth.

    Dion flushed without him knowing. This was the first time he had experienced being served by someone really special except for his mom who always took good care of him of course.

    Still a bit hesitant, Dion managed to slowly open his mouth when Rizie raised her arm with the spoon of rice with an omelette.

    "Good boy..." Rizie commented in a jest with a teasing smile while Dion chewed the food. "I'm not a good cook so let's just order food delivery from time to time. I'm afraid eating fried the whole week won't be good for your recovery." Rizie added.

    Dion smiled at her and suggested, "If you want I can teach you. I will instruct what you need to do while I will watch you cook. That way you will also learn along the process."

    Rizie gulped. She was hesitating to agree because she honestly tried learning to cook from her mother before but sadly it seemed that even the kitchen and cooking did not like her at all.

    "Hmm. What's with this conflicted look?" Dion asked with a grin. He could clearly understand that look on her face, given that Rizie would always barge in his condo for a meal.

    "Cooking hates me... But let's see. Okay, let's try... Maybe I will learn better if you will teach me because my mother's teaching was not effective at all." Rizie confided with a twisted mouth.

    Rizie scooped another spoonful of rice and put some omelette. She was a bit excited with the cooking guidance Dion offered so she asked, "Are we going to start with cooking lunch? What do you want to eat so I can check if the ingredients are available in the kitchen..."

    "Hmm, you decide. You know that I'm not a picky eater as long as it's healthy." Dion answered.

    Rizie could not help spacing out while she imagined how Dion would teach her. She naughtily grinned when the thought of Dion getting close to her appeared in her imagination. where he was almost hugging her from behind and touching her hand while teaching her how to properly chop the vegetables. His chin leaning on her shoulders while she started to mix everything in the pan followed by his sudden embrace.

    "Riz... Are you with me?" Dion asked when he noticed Rizie spacing out and staring at the rice while smiling on her own. He even waved his hand before her eyes just to get her attention. "Riz..."

    "Oh yeah..." Rizie finally noticed him and began to feed him once more.

    After a few more hours, the time finally came when Rizie had to prepare lunch. However, to her disappointment, what happened was the total opposite of what she had imagined.

    Dion only watched her from afar and didn't even come any closer to the kitchen counter. He dictated to Rizie what and how she should do things, especially the amount of spices Rizie should put on.

    Miraculously, the dish ended up tasting good and not bland like how she used to cook before. But Dion noticed Rizie's sulky look so he asked, "Are you alright? You look displeased. The dish actually ended well. See I almost ate it all..."

    It was  true that  Dion had heartily eaten the meal she prepared with his mentoring. Rizie hesitated whether to tell Dion her sentiments. "Come here..." she heard Dion say and gestured to her to come to his chair opposite her. Rizie sighed before she stood up and walked towards Dion's chair.

    Then she was startled when Dion suddenly pulled her to sit on his lap and bent forward to give her a gentle kiss on her lips. "Thank you for the great meal." Dion whispered followed by a peck on her nose.

    Rizie blushed as she silently thought, 'this is better than what I had imagined...' Because the kiss was not part of her imagination.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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