205 A Visitor

    At Capital City's Detention Center

    "She's not real.... She's not real... I only did it to save you from your suffering father..." Juliet repeatedly murmured inside her cell. She was trying to calm herself down by continuously saying those words. Yera's face kept appearing inside her head and what followed was her father's face while he gasped for air and with his hand reaching to her.

    "Stop!!!" She cried while she pulled her hair with her both hands and then hit her head with her palm as if it would help her to take away those images she did not want to see inside her head.

    She was startled with the sudden opening of the door. "You have a visitor... Get her." the security guard said and two more guards went  inside to escort Juliet out towards the reception area where she could meet her visitor.

    She entered the receiving area and frowned seeing the standing visitor's back in the transparent glass. The security guard made her sit in front of the transparent glass before she was left in the small cubicle alone.

    Her visitor was wearing a shawl on the head but based on the petite figure, she was definitely a woman so Juliet thought it was her daughter, Jam.

    "Jam... Please get me out of here..." she pleaded. The woman covered with the shawl and wearing shades finally turned around to face her. With a smirk she sat on the chair and removed her shawl from her head and neck followed by the shades.

    Juliet's eyes widened in terror... She abruptly stood up from her chair and ran towards the door. "Get me out of here!" she shouted as she hysterically knocked the door several times.

    "Aunt Juliet don't be afraid. It's me, your niece. I'm not a ghost you know... I'm real..." Yera spoke and even knocked on the transparent glass with holes so the visitor and detainee could hear each other.

    Juliet paused and turned around. Yera was smiling at her. "Dr. Song?" Juliet spatted. She walked towards the glass looking confused..

    "I see that you'll soon have retribution for what you did to grandpa... After what he's done for you... I will make sure you'll stay at the place where you really belong to Juliet Go... All of you will get the punishments you all deserve!" Yera broached before she stood up and turned her back to leave.

    Juliet helplessly slumped on the floor. Her head was pounding and she felt as if it would burst open due to pain and frustration and soon after she lost her consciousness.

    Yera put her shades back on and covered her face with the shawl. The conference would be held tomorrow and same with the emergency board meeting whereas the new Chairman of Life Hospitals group would be chosen.

    She intentionally visited her aunt Juliet in the detention cell to personally see how much she was suffering with guilt before she would stand for her trial. She was walking out from the exit door when Yera noticed Jam was about to enter. Yera walked away straight and ignored her.

    However, Jam, with knitted brows suddenly stopped walking. "Dr. Song?" she stammered before turning back but the woman was gone and Jam had to run back outside to confirm if she had actually seen right.

    "What is she doing here?" she mumbled as she looked around outside the detention center. Could it be that she was mistaken?

    Suddenly she saw a woman wearing a shawl of the same color and she quickly followed to approach her and grabbed her shoulder.

    "I'm sorry," she apologized when she saw the face of the woman who also removed her shades. She was not Dr. Song.

    Jam sighed and walked back inside the detention center to visit her mother. She could not believe this was happening to their family just like that. Her father was busy clearing out their family name that was in a total mess right now not to mention that their positions in the hospital management were in turmoil.

    "What happened?!" she cried when the security guard informed her that her mother was still unconscious so she could not see her.

    "She is hysterical and has been sent back to her room,  she keeps on mumbling the words 'She's not real' and 'I only did it father to save you from your sufferings over and over again. Someone just visited her before she totally passed out." narrated the security guard.

    "A visitor? Who?" Jam asked, wondering who could it be.

    The security guard furrowed his eyebrows while he checked the logbook and replied, "Miss Yera Han."

    Jam's eyes rounded as she stressed, "Yera Han? Are you sure?"

    'Could it be that it was her whom she had seen while entering here ? Was her gut feeling correct all along? Dr. Deyna Song and Yera is the same person?' Jam nervously pondered.

    "Alright... I will be back. I will check first if she's already conscious." Jam hastily muttered. That instant she hurriedly walked outside to rush to Life Hospital.

    "Drive faster!" she hissed at her driver while they were on the road going to Life Hospital. With trembling hands, she dialed her father's number.

    "She's alive. Mom is right. Yera Han is alive... Dr. Song is Yera Han!" she immediately relayed to her father over the phone.

    Roy was massaging his temples because he could not cope up with the current mess in his plate at that moment. It just came to his knowledge that most of the board members wanted him to step down from his position. He received the request from them asking him to resign or else they would conduct the voting for his removal from his position in the board meeting to be held the next day.

    "Jam... Stop that nonsense. We all know your mom's history... I have a lot of things to do right now. I might lose my position in the hospital very soon, so let me focus on convincing the board members first. Not to add that I have to make sure that we are well prepared for your mom's trial..." Roy specified before ending the call.

    Jam crumpled her face. She thought that she should tell the same to Lyndon but she had no proof, without any proof everything was just a few baseless words from her mouth. "Turn around quickly!" she yelled at the driver. She almost forgot the cctv footage! She must get a copy of it to convince Lyndon that she was telling the truth!

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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