206 Where She Belongs

    All the media representatives were present at Ken's press conference that day. A lot of journalists were curious to know how the Kens were connected with the Hans that they decided to file a case against Juliet Go for murder.

    Everyone was already inside the conference  hall, waiting for Ryu Ken to arrive. Finally the door opened and Ryu Ken entered with Dean Ken and their attorneys.

    They sat at the tables in the front to face everyone with their microphones on their table.

    "Hmm, I see a lot of gossip mongers present inside," greeted Dean Ken in his usual comic humor that made all the journalists inside laugh.

    "Good morning everyone. I am Liam Sy, the attorney in charge of the case filed by the Kens on behalf of the Hans. As all of you know, my client has called for this conference to clear up some things regarding the Ken's involvement in the reopening of the case for the murder of the whole Han Family."

    Murmurs filled the room as some of the reporters took note of the words 'murder of the whole Han Family'.

    "We will show you all the evidence that will be submitted at the court once the trials for Juliet and Roy Go commences." Attorney Sy continued and his blatant words shocked everyone.

    The said conference was being broadcasted live at the Cooper's Broadcasting Network and was being watched nationwide by curious citizens, especially the staff of the Life Hospital.

    One of the journalist raised her hand and when accepted by Ryu Ken to  ask her question, she grabbed her microphone and fired, "Murder of the whole Han Family... Do you mean all the members of the family including Randy and Yeng Han?"

    Randy and Yeng were Dr. Yera Han's parents who died in a plane crash. The case was concluded to be an accident, the investigation of which was handled by Roy Go at that time.

    Ryu nodded and simply said, "Yes. Mr. Roy Go staged it as an accident. We have all the evidence against him with us."

    This information truly shocked the whole nation and everyone then put their focus on the evidences the Kens were showing including the unusually high amounts of wire transfers to the family of the pilot who also died in the plane crash. Next came the medical reports of the pilot on the screen behind the Kens...

    "You see the pilot had cancer and had only a month or less to live so Roy Go took that opportunity and lured him in crashing the plane, with the promise that his family who he will leave behind will live a luxurious life until they die..." Dean added.

    He also explained how Roy Go managed to hide everything... It was because Old Master Han trusted his son-in-law in handling the matter and it never crossed Old Master Han's mind that the son in law he trusted so much would be harboring such an ill intention .

    "The motion to reopen the case is already granted just this morning..." Attorney Sy added.

    One of the reporters raised his hand for another question. "How about Juliet Go? She's the daughter of Old Master Han so why would she kill her own father?"

    "She's an adopted child." Ryu simply answered.

    That explained a lot. All those present inside were in awe as the Kens showed them all their evidences. The Kens came very prepared in that conference.

    However, everyone was still confused because they didn't understand with what authority could they reopen the case without consent from any of the family of the victim. Surely, Jam Go was not going to help the Kens in bringing down her own parents.

    "Everyone is very keen to know why the Kens get involved in this case? What's your connection with Hans and how are you authorized to reopen the case without approval from any of the Hans?" one of the journalists asked and everyone nodded since the same question was left unanswered in their hearts.

    "I think most of you are aware of the trials our family faced just recently. Do you remember Chief Doctor Song who, we said had played a key role for us in finding out the truth about our family..." Ryu Ken started.

    Almost all journalists said, "Yes," and nodded.

    "He happened to save a woman who was carried offshore near his place. That woman was barely breathing because of the gun shots. In short she was in a critical condition but she miraculously lived... However, when she woke up... She couldn't recall things about herself, not even who she was..." Ryu began his narration.

    "Chief Doctor Song took good care of that woman and  she was living with him as his daughter since then when my grandfather, Old Master Ken, found him. Chief Doctor Song was not well and was afraid that he wouldn't live for long, so he asked  my grandfather to take her with him and help her regain her memory...That lovely woman has been under our protection since then. We gradually discovered her great knowledge in medicine so we managed to get all the qualifications she needed to be a doctor and surprisingly she passed every test that she needed..." Ryu added.

    At Life Hospital, Dr. Qing, who was watching that live telecast in  their office in the Department of Surgery, dropped his sandwich he was holding while he murmured, "I knew it!!! Dr. Song!!! Where is Dr. Song!!! He hysterically stood up to ask Shan if Dr. Song had reported or had already arrived.

    Meanwhile back in the press conference, Ryu continued, "She hasn't regained all her memory yet until just recently..."

    "Are you saying that the woman is Dr. Yera Han?" the journalist straightforwardly asked.

    Ryu Ken's face was serious as he answered, "Yes... She is none other than Dr. Yera Han."

    Again, everyone was shocked..."So Dr. Han was alive  all along!!! She did not die! The true heiress of Life Hospitals group is alive!" everyone exclaimed because it was such an unexpected and shocking revelation.

    "Where is she right now?" one of the journalists asked.

    "Chief Doctor Song named her Deyna Song and to answer your question about where Dr. Deyna Song is right now... I mean Dr. Yera Han... Well she is now back to the place where she belongs... Life Hospitals group where else..." Dean Ken answered with a smirk.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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