208 Live With Me

    "Wow... That's one nervewrecking revelation we got there... Repaying kindness with evil, especially towards the people that loved you like family. I don't understand... I don't understand at all why people like them can't  just be content with what they have. They are lucky compared to others and yet they still aren't satisfied!" Rizie snarled.

    Dion and Rizie watched the press conference as they sat beside each other on Dion's couch. She couldn't help but get furious once more though she was already aware of the real story. They were updated on the situation and Rizie truly saluted the Kens on how they handled everything at the press conference,  truly, a reliable comrade they got.

    "Hmm... I bet Yera will now take over everything. Hopefully the trial goes well... By the way, how  do you feel about her exposing you as her brother?" Rizie asked before she picked up an orange fruit and peeled it.

    "I'm happy of course... That she's proud of me, but to be honest, I'm still hesitant with her decision to give me a position at Life Hospital group..." Dion opened up. Though Yera asked her if he was alright with it,  it was still so sudden that he felt like he was lacking, in both skill wise and mental wise, to be able to assist her with the Han family's business.

    "She said to try it first, right? You can tell her anytime if you think it's not for you but now, I believe you need to give it a try  first." Rizie encouraged him, she believed that Dion would do great in assisting Yera. She was confident in that.

    Then something alarming dawned upon her, because she heard that Yera would want Dion to live with her at Han Ancestral Mansion, saying the mansion would be his home soon as Yera would stay at Yang's Ancestral Mansion with her husband and father-in-law. Han's Ancestral Mansion was not within walking distance from her place, unlike Dion's condo wherein she could bug him at any moment of her convenience.

    "What's with the sullen mood?" Dion noticed.

    Rizie sighed before she quavered, "Hmm... it's just that, I won't be able to... be with you whenever I want, once you live at Han Mansion."

    Dion chuckled and pinched her cheek. "You can live with me if you want," he teased in a flirtatious way.

    Rizie's face creased as she spluttered in embarrassment, "Is that an indecent proposal? What do you think of me?!"

    Dion burst out in laughter. "What are you thinking? You can pay the room rent if you want. Besides... you will be my secretary since Yera will have Shan. Staying together for work sounds decent to me." Dion justified, hoping Rizie would agree.

    He wanted to stay near her, but he also wanted to live at his father's home. He was actually excited to see how his father lived. He wanted to  check his room, study room and any other things that could familiarize him with his father.

    He closely looked at Rizie who seemed to be in deep thought. "When do you plan to live there?" Rizie queried. She was honestly thinking of the alibis she would have to say to her family, as to why she would no longer stay at her brother's condo.

    'It's about work...' Rizie mused. Maybe she could just say that she will need to stay there for work.

    "Hmm... as soon as I recover or once you agree to stay there, then we can transfer as soon as possible. You will be my personal assistant and secretary. Your employer is generous enough to give you a very convenient accommodation for more proficient work you know." Dion convinced with his sweet smile. With obvious teasing in his eyes, he was smiling gleefully.

    Rizie wanted to play hard to get so she nonchalantly said, "I will think about  it more first."


    Jam was crying hard inside the car while she followed the police car that  her father was on.

    "Ma'am, I think you should watch the news and the replay of the press conference..." her driver suggested.

    Jam did check it on her mobile phone and she was truly devastated. "This is not true! My parents could never do such a thing!" she chided. She could not believe it at all... that her parents were being accused as murderers!

    Yera was confirmed alive and she was not shocked by it.

    She received a message from an anonymous number. Jam immediately checked it.

    [You have to leave the mansion. I'll be generous enough to give you a nice place to stay at... All your things are already there. I have nothing against you Jam, so I hope you can start anew. I'm hoping that you will not turn out like how your parents did... so please live a decent life and be happy. The company froze all of your accounts since it's  part of the policy but I already transferred a good amount of money that you can use to start with...]

    Then another message followed that had the address and informed her that everything was under her name, and all the legal documents were already inside the house.

    Jam burst out into a scornful laugh. She slapped and pinched herself hard, hoping that she finally woke up in that nightmare. She had lost everything... Then she thought of Lyndon. 'I won't lose you!' she snarled inwardly. Lyndon was the only person she had left, and she would make sure not to lose him. Then... she suddenly burst out in tears once more.

    Lyndon... Now that Yera was alive with her identity confirmed, she felt like dying  because she knew how Lyndon loved Yera. 'You're mine!' she cried silently. She was desperate not to lose Lyndon, and would do anything... To stop Lyndon from leaving her side.

    She was so distressed that her shoulders dropped. Even her position at Life Hospital group was gone and all she had left was just some money and herself.

    After awhile, she finally calmed herself down and tried her best to compose herself. It was going to be a long road ahead of her and she was more determined, because that way... Only then would she be able to confidently face all of the trials she will soon be facing.

    Her mobile phone rang, and she immediately answered seeing it was their attorney.

    "Ma'am... We will have a heavy and hard trial. The evidence is all true, but we will try our best for your parents," reassured their family attorney.

    "Thank you attorney. I trust you. Please do everything to help my parents." she sincerely requested.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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