209 The Best In Her

    "That's all. You can now go..." Yera addressed before getting up from her chair and went out of the meeting room. Everyone followed and bowed outside as Yera left them to their own agenda.

    Shan on the other hand walked to Lyndon and asked, "Sir... Are you alright?" She could see the conflicted look on his face, but he managed to give Shan a faint smile and he calmly said, "You can go now Shan. I will stay here for a while. Please close the door when you leave."

    Shan nodded and quickly left the room. She would be Chairman Han's secretary again as she had emphasized in the meeting a while ago. Shan would make sure to endorse everything to whoever the HR department would replace her with as CEO Chu's secretary. 'Will they get back together?' Shan thought silently as she walked towards the Chairman's office.

    Out of nowhere she hit her head and ran to the Chairman's office as fast as she could. She almost forgot how strict her Ma'am was. Why did she let her walk on her own to the Chairman's office. She was surely dead...

    Shan was panting as she entered the office. Chairman Han was already sitting on her chair with her back towards her facing the panoramic view of the city from her transparent room.

    "Ma'am, I'm sorry. I got worried about CEO Chu so I stayed with him for a while to make sure he is alright..." she explained a bit of stuttering.

    "How is he?" she heard the Chairman asked.

    "Not good. I think he will burst in crying later. To be honest i often caught him looking at your photos togethe-"

    "Stop it Shan..." she interrupted.

    "I did not ask what  he had been doing before. Just how he was a while ago since you say you stayed with him. Have that engrave out of my sight." she instructed, referring to the nameplate with Chairman Randy Go engraved in it.

    "Noted Ma'am..." answered Shan with pouty lips. She was indeed Dr. Yera Han - the witch was back. And yet, she knew that her Ma'am Yera had a soft spot inside.

    The chair turned and Shan blinked more than once as Chairman Han gave her a bright smile and said, "I missed you Shan."

    Shan's jaw dropped. 'Wait.. What? Is she really Miss Yera Han?' astounded, she mused.

    The last time she met and talked to her was when Yera Han disclosed her identity, she had the same expressions and mannerisms as Miss Yera Han who she always knew, with her sharp expression, demanding and authoritative aura like a while ago but Chairman Han's word just now kinda creeped her out.

    "You look stiff Shan. Relax... I won't bite you but definitely I will have to make you work double time since the Go's have left a lot  of mess in my plate to clean up..." Chairman Han continued with a fond look.

    "I will leave early today, so have this office get organized after that. I don't want to see a single finger print of Randy Go in my office. Remove and replace everything back to how it used to be with my grandpa around." Yera instructed.

    While she was instructing Shan, her mobile phone rang, so she immediately dismissed Shan and instructed her to go, seeing it was her husband who was calling.

    "How is my darling?" Xander said in a soothing tone.

    "Hmm... Did you watch me through cctv? Tell me how was my performance?" Yera chortled.

    Xander grinned.  He witnessed the entire situation on the screen, everything since Yera entered the meeting room. To be honest, he fell in love with her all over again seeing how confident and on point his wife was as the Chairperson. Her aura, her demeanor and everything were entirely different than when she was with him. He indeed loved these personalities.

    "You were so great that I suddenly got worried for myself," Xander voiced out.

    "Huh?" Yera was confused hearing the sudden low toned voice of her husband.

    "Yes! Because you looked so independent and I got scared that from now on you won't depend on me anymore," Xander confessed. He somehow wanted his wife to still depend on him at most of the times but he knew, with Yera's character, it would be just impossible.

    He heard Yera chuckled at the other line. "What are you saying? I'm depending on you to become a mother of six babies darling..." she bluntly jested, full of excitement. But then she flushed realizing what she had just said.

    How come she could now mimic her husband's humor? But she was glad because her husband was bringing out the best in her.

    Xander was caught off guard. He was being dramatic with her, trying to play a victim a moment ago, but his darling suddenly gave him the best answer that could actually lift his mood if he were to feel down by anything.

    "Wow... My darling is really an amazing woman. How about I come pick you up now and start fulfilling your wish?" Xander teased. Then he added, "I also want to go to an important place with you darling."

    "Alright. I'll be ready in an hour," Yera answered, smiling brightly.

    After an hour, Yera was picked up by Xander. "Where are we going?" she asked as soon as she was inside the car.

    "You'll see..." Xander answered with a wink.

    The road was very familiar. Xander was driving to her family's graveyard. Yera bit her lip as she started to get emotional. Xander helped her out of the car and held her hands as they walked the path to their family graveyard.

    "I wanted to meet your family somehow to thank them for giving life to my precious wife. This is the only place I can meet them...: I should have done this sooner. Sorry darling that I'm late. " Xander said with a wink. He was actually waiting for a formal wedding ceremony before visiting his in-laws so that he could somehow proudly introduce and show himself as Yera's husband since their wedding was just a contract in paper earlier.

    Yera lovingly smiled and crinkled her nose. "Better late than never..." she jested with a very wide smile.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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