210 Obsession

    Lyndon stayed for a very long time inside the meeting room. He sat there stunned, happy yet crying... He could not get up from there and go to her and say any words at all. He kept staring in nothingness.

    'Deyna is Yera,' he kept mumbling this thing in his head. Tears continuously fell from his eyes and he would smile every once in a while. Yera was alive...

    "Thank God you're alive," he complacently muttered. He was too happy to find that Yera was alive. It was as if a heavy rock was lifted up inside his chest.

    "Is he still inside?" one of the janitors asked. They were supposed to clean the room since another department wanted to use it soon. But they were hesitant in going and disturbing the CEO inside because they all knew what had just happened.

    "He should be inside the Chairman's office instead of sitting here. He's wasting his time here..." one of the janitors commented.

    "Let's give him a little more time. After ten minutes you go inside and-" the janitor talking paused seeing CEO Chu finally went out from the door, mentally drained.

    CEO Chu walked past them as if he did not see anyone. The janitors both shook their head. One of the janitors mumbles.."He looks totally out of himself..."

    Lyndon went directly to the Chairman's office, Yera's office but he halted when he was almost near the door of the receiving area. He wanted to talk to her but he felt that he was not ready yet. He should apologize for not properly taking care of her... For...

    Lyndon abruptly turned around and left in haste. It had been a long day already. Maybe it would not be a good idea to talk to her right now.

    Inside his office, Lyndon sat on his chair exhausted and fatigued yet felt light. He picked up his mobile phone and saw a lot of missed calls from Jam. He also had several unread messages from her. He restlessly closed his eyes. He knew that Jam needed him now.

    He let out a long deep sigh before he opened his eyes and returned Jam's call.

    "Where are you?" he directly asked. Jam told him her location so Lyndon immediately stood up to go to her.

    Lyndon creased his forehead as he drove inside an exclusive residential area, at the address  texted by Jam. He stopped when he reached the exact house number. Jam asked him to directly enter the house  when he arrived so he did. It was a fully furnished house and was pretty big in size. It was located in a good neighborhood too.

    "You're here... Isn't this place nice? See, Yera bothered so much to buy me this house. She actually even wired a huge amount of money in my account and has loaded me with cars and everything I need to live in luxury. I honestly don't know how I should feel about her generosity... I should be grateful, right? But my heart screams otherwise. I feel absurdly mocked." he heard Jam speak.

    He found Jam sitting on the terrace of the house looking devastated, totally zoned out. Guilt built up in Lyndon's heart, seeing the current state of Jam. If he closely looked at everything and introspective, Jam had treated him good, more than good to be precise.

    Lyndon walked towards her and sat beside her. There was a moment of silence... While the two of them looked at the nice view of the garden before them.

    "How about we go far away together please. It's okay even if you don't love me... I will be good to you. I will do whatever you want. Let's just leave this place and go away." Jam suddenly blurted out. She turned to Lyndon with teary eyes and held his hands, hoping she could receive a good answer from him.

    Lyndon's eyes were filled with empathy towards Jam. He moved his hands to hold hers instead followed by a gentle squeeze.

    "Jam, it won't be good if you drag this too long. You have to quickly end this." Lyndon requested.

    "You're waiting for me and I'm sure you yourself think you're pathetic. That's not love Jam. It's an obsession... You have to let me go..." He casually added.

    Jam's lips trembled, her shoulders achingly dropped. She started to sob and with a stuttering voice said, "Do you think Yera will still accept you after everything? She never loved you from the very beginning and she never will. Don't you get it??? Yera has a man now. I'm sure she was not bugged by that Xander for nothing. She said to me herself that I can keep you for myself because she already has a man."

    She was intentionally implying that the man was Xander because she strongly believed that he was Yera's man after the gunshot incident in the hospital.

    Then Jam gave him a scornful laugh and added, "How about I say those words back to you Lyndon... You have to let her go..."

    Jam removed her hands from Lyndon's and turned back to look at the beautiful garden. With a blank expression, she lifelessly muttered, "Go away Lyndon. You are right... I probably need to let you go now."

    Lyndon gulped. He had conflicted emotions at that very moment. He somehow sympathized with Jam but one thing he could confirm was his heart belongs to only one woman, to Yera alone.

    With a heavy heart, Lyndon left Jam to be alone because he believed Jam needed to be alone as well since he was not of much help to make her feel better.

    Jam cried out loud when she felt Lndon was gone... She kept hitting her chest because of the pain her heart was feeling.

    She grabbed her mobile phone and dialled a number. There was no more reason to blackmail Lyndon... She would let him go now... She was too tired already...

    She wanted to go to a far place, to start a new life... But right now, she should get wasted!!! She looked inside the cabinets and cursed when there was nothing alcoholic to drink. She had seen a bar nearby so she headed out for a heavy drink!

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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