211 Shortcuts

    Yera celebrated her come back into her real identity with her husband, Dion and Rizie at Dion's condo since it was not yet advisable for Dion to go out.

    Rizie could not meet Yera's scrutinizing eyes boring into her.

    "Stop that darling. You are making them uncomfortable..." Xander commented as he sat beside his wife on the couch of Dion's living area.

    He put the snacks on the center table and looked at Dion and Rizie who were seated at a separate couch on the left side.

    "Don't mind Yera. She's just a bit shocked with the relationship advancement of the two of you." Xander said laughing followed by a teasing glance to the two.

    They heard Yera exhale loudly and say, "Well, I do get it... They are in a romantic relationship now but still... Rizie living in with Dion? This will not leave a good impression of Dion if Rizie's family finds out about it."

    Dion scratched his head while Rizie remained quiet. It was  her idea all along but Dion had saved her grace in front of his family, by insisting that he was the one who requested her to stay with him.

    "What are you thinking?" Yera scolded her brother with narrowed eyes. "Let's move into the mansion soon and I will get a caregiver to assist you." Yera nonchalantly stated.

    "No!" both Rizie and Dion said in the chorus.

    Yera rolled her eyes while Xander was grinning. He was eating some fruits while enjoying a good show before his eyes. His darling wife was a very strict and a conservative sister. Rizie and Dion were both weary.

    "Don't worry Rizie... I'm sure my wife will get him a male caregiver if you're worried about some other woman assisting Dion," Xander teased more, adding more fuel to the fire.

    Rizie pouted her lips  and vaguely elbowed Dion.

    "Sis... Alright let's move in soon but I refuse to get a caregiver besides uhm..." Dion responded but paused in the middle. "I also would like to bring Rizie there since she's my personal assistant. She could help me better..." Dion added by paused once more.

    Yera touched her forehead as if she was having a heavy headache while Xander could no longer help but burst out in a fit of laughter  because of how lame Dion was with his words. The boy had a long way to go. How come these two did not consult an expert like him before bringing up their relationship in front of Yera.

    Yera, on the other hand knew that the two of them were both grown up and mature, but she was just concerned about  Dion's situation if Rizie's family found out about it. She had heard that Riizie's family was a little conservative so it would leave a bad impression of Dion on them all. They might even think that Dion took advantage of Rizie.

    "No no no... Rizie will not live in the mansion. Not until you both get married!" exclaimed Yera and looked directly at Dion.

    "What is the distance of Rizie's condo from the mansion? No matter what or how far, the two of you can always find a way to meet, even if the distance is too much each of you can come halfway and meet each other. You're the man and you should make efforts to court Rizie! It's best to experience hardship along the journey because that way you can build a good foundation for your relationship. Don't do shortcuts!" Yera advised that left Rizie and Dion's mouth agape including Xander.

    Xander gulped and pondered, 'I think I did take a few shortcuts before?' But he was proud because he had experienced hardships along the journey if he must brag. Thawing Yera's heart was not as simple as it seemed. He encountered emotional distress but it was all worth it.

    Both of them were actually in the marrying age, but it was still too early to get married, and it would be best that they get to know each other first. If he would give his opinion, there was nothing wrong with Rizie staying in the mansion near Dion, as long as they both  did not go beyond their limits? But his wife did have her good reason too that could both protect Rizie and Dion's reputation.

    Xander sighed and said, "how about we have some ice cream? Oh wait let's watch a good movie over ice cream." Hopefully it killed the serious atmosphere. He looked at Dion and Rizie and both looked pitiful with their downcast expressions.

    When Yera went to the restroom, Xander winked at his brother-in-law and said, "Don't worry. I will help you out later but make sure you will not do anything naughty inside the mansion together before marriage..."

    Rizie's eyes widened in embarrassment and she almost splashed the ice cream in her mouth over Xander.

    Xander chuckled and continued, "Give me three days and she will allow Rizie to stay at Han Mansion."

    "Really? How?" Dion was not convinced otherwise.

    "Well I have my ways into things but let me tell you it's not going to be for free... If I happened to convince your sister then you owe me one. Someday I will ask for a favor and you must help me." Xander confidently offered and explained.

    Rizie's mouth twitched. "Hmmp, just agree with him since he won't be able to convince Yera anyway," Rizie mumbled. Yera did have a point but of course she still wanted to stay near Dion as much as possible because she was the one more used to of his presence near her every time, the one who would often bug Dion every now and then. It would be very difficult for her to stay far away from him.

    Xander laughed and countered, "Hey... I absolutely beg to disagree." Then he looked at Dion and asked again, "So what? Do we have a deal?"

    Dion, who honestly thought that no one could move his sister, thought that Xander would just fail. He wondered how Xander would be able to convince his sister though?

    "Alright, we have a deal..." Dion replied and suddenly pursed his lips seeing his sister was already walking back towards them.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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