212 You’re My Home

    Lyndon woke up alone in the bed. He cursed seeing the blood stain on the bed sheet. He abruptly sat on his bed to relax himself from the headache caused by the hangover last night.

    He turned at his bedside table to grab his phone and he noticed a small handwritten note under it, so he picked it up.

    It was Jam's writing that said:

    [This will be the last time you'll hear of me. From this day onwards I will try my best not to cross paths with you. Forget everything that happened last night. I'm not your responsibility. Good luck with your plans in the future. No more blackmailing so here is your security... I'm not sure if I have a right to give advice but I do hope you do the right thing in the end. Love, Jam]

    Below Jam's note was an address.

    Lyndon exhaled loudly. He had mixed emotions and was in a very conflicted disposal.

    Last night, a waiter called him using Jam's mobile phone saying Jam was totally drunk and his number was saved as 'My Husband' so the waiter called him first to inform him that Jam had passed out in the bar. When he arrived Jam was already awake but in a total mess encouraging him to drink because if he wouldn't she won't leave the bar with him.

    "I'm so stupid," he murmured while he recalled all that what happened last night.


    At Yang Ancestral Mansion

    Days passed and Yera did not go back to Life Hospital since the board meeting. Lyndon was managing the hospital besides she had a lot of things to do and settle pertaining with their other properties.

    Old Master Yang's face could be painted while he walked the couple out with their luggage. Xander could not help but commented, "Dad it's just for one month. We will not stay there that long because Yera misses her home. Days will pass by so easily that you'll not even notice we're gone that long once we go back here."

    It was decided that it was best to move in at Han's ancestral mansion immediately.

    "Yes father. We won't be gone that long besides we will visit you often especially on weekends." Yera interrupted with a sweet and loving smile towards her father-in-law.

    Old Master Yang turned to the helpers that Yera would take with her since she had removed those hired by the Go's. "All of you, make sure that these two won't forget to drink the herbal medicines I have you guys brought whenever they are home or you will all be dead..." Old Master Han said and followed by a joking threat.

    "Aye Sir!"

    "Alright then that  would be enough. Yes dear don't forget this old man so make sure to keep your promise to visit me often," Old Master Han remarked with a wink.

    Yera chuckled and obediently nodded.

    As soon as their car entered the premises of Han property, Yera opened the car window and let her hand feel the cold air outside. The familiar scent of the trees invaded her nostrils, as they rode towards the main entrance. A beautiful smile lined perfectly on her lips.

    'Grandpa, mom and dad... I'm back to our home. I miss you.' Yera silently murmured, hoping her grandfather and parents could see her taking back what was theirs.

    Xander smiled while he would sneak a peek at his wife who looked very happy. "If you enjoy staying here more while we're here, we can actually permanently live here darling. I will just bring father here to stay with us," Xander stated because he honestly could not afford to leave his father to live by himself in a very huge mansion.

    Yera turned her head and affectionately smiled at Xander. She moved closer to Xander's seat and leaned her head on her husband's shoulder.

    She wrapped her arms on his and stated, "I want father to stay with us too so wherever we decide to settle then father will be with us of course. To be honest it doesn't matter to me. I will just follow wherever you are because you're my home. So it's not up to me but up to you on where you plan to settle. I just want Dion to have a company for about a month so he could adjust well."

    Xander blushed without him knowing.

    Yera emitted a long sigh of relief as soon as she was at the front of their main door. The butler and household helpers that Yera trusted to retain were all outside welcoming the couple.

    It took some time to move back to Han's mansion because Yera had it back to how it used to be. Instructing her butler to make sure not to leave a mark from anyone of the Gos who murdered her family.

    Yera excitedly grabbed Xander's hand and walked inside. "Let me tour my house to my lovely husband."

    Yera sighed seeing the wall where the Han family portraits were displayed. She had ordered it to be  removed because Juliet was present in every photo not to include Juliet's husband in some. Han mansion was as big as the Yangs except that Xander had various sports facilities in their property while Yera's had a huge garden surrounding the main residence.

    Xander wanted to see her room first so Yera guided him to her room at the first floor that remained vacant ever since she was gone. She opened the door and smiled seeing it was still the same as last time she recalled it.

    She went to her terrace where she had a better view of their beautiful garden filled with various plants and flowers to feast on the eyes. She felt Xander's arms wrapped her waist from behind while he rested his chin on Yera's shoulder and looked at the garden.

    "Darling, let's have a wedding ceremony as soon as the verdict is out," Yera heard her husband whisper in her ear.

    "Hmm, alright. I guess then I have to make sure the verdict is granted as soon as possible." Yera answered smiling. She suddenly imagined herself wearing a wedding gown and walking towards Xander....

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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