213 Stamina

    At Han's Ancestral Mansion

    Yera looked around in her room. It was her first night in her room after so long. Somehow she felt relieved knowing that the trial for Juliet and Randy would begin the next day. Everything would go back to normal soon and she could feel it already.

    She looked at the wall clock and frowned. Her husband was still not back. She had received a call this afternoon after that he rushed out to meet some important people regarding Yang Globals group operations.

    Her mobile phone beeped and it was Xander.

    [Darling I already ate dinner... I will be home soon in less than an hour. I feel like sleeping already but I must keep enough energy to work hard in producing six babies with you, so wait for me!]

    Seeing the message, Yera went down to quickly eat dinner and had a quick shower afterwards.

    She was combing her hair when Xander arrived. She noticed how her husband really looked so worn out.

    Xander kissed her and went directly to the bathroom to clean up. He tirelessly threw himself on the bed after changing and complained, "My head is spinning around. Oh, I'm so tired today."

    Yera suddenly thought to tease her husband and said, "Hmm go to bed now and rest. You're completely drained out already to fill me with yourself the whole night..."

    Xander raised his body from the bed on his one elbow, because he somewhat sensed a challenge in Yera's voice. "Darling, you do know I'm not drained ever when it comes to you, don't you?" he boastfully declared.

    He heard Yera chuckle. "Just rest my tired darling and go to sleep decently tonight. We still have a lot of days and nights to make babies. And think about it, how will you satisfy the beast in me if you have no energy." Yera teased more, enjoying how her husband was unable to accept defeat.

    "Darling, you're hurting my pride. How about we make a bet. I assure you I have enough energy even after such a hard day that I can make you beg me to spare you. If I am able to fulfill this condition and win over you tonight, then you have to grant me a request..."

    Yera was controlling her laughter but agreed with her husband because she felt that Xander was really too tired after the whole day. She bet he could only do one round or two maximum and would fall asleep afterwards.

    "Darling," she heard her husband's call who was already on the bed, waiting for her to go over to begin with their bet. If Yera won, her husband would grant her a request too.

    Yera mischievously smiled and acted as if she was still busy combing her hair. In the mirror, she saw her husband rise up from the bed, step down and walk towards her. He was shirtless, showing off his sculpted abs and proportioned body with only his boxers hiding his assets.

    "Darling, you will have hair fall if you comb your hair that long." Xander commented while he gently grabbed the hairbrush from Yera's hand and put it down on the table.

    Yera stood up from her chair and turned around to face Xander. "Why do I feel like you're up to something naughty again?" Yera murmured when she felt Xander hands moving towards the innermost layer of her nightgown. Somehow she could sense that Xander would ask for something big from her if she lost.

    "Hmm, you started it. You challenged your husband's stamina. Don't tell me you're chickening out already." Xander seductively murmured while his hand and fingers trailed up inside Yera's nightgown. Yera felt her hairs rising with his warm hands caressing her skin inside her nightgown.

    "Hmm, me? Chickening out? No way! Darling just make sure you don't pass out on me trying to satisfy my desires tonight." Yera gasped as Xander's one hand moved further north, tracing her sensitive mounds inside and squeezing her melons with her sentence.

    Very soon, moaning and panting sounds filled the room and Yera was brought to climax several times by her tired husband before he dug himself deeper in her and started his rhythm.

    After several hours and almost the entire night, Yera was panting hard already as Xander laid his back on the bed while hugging her on top of him. They both had reached another climax together and Yera thought that Xander was done now and had no more strength since his eyes were already closed.

    She smiled and murmured, "I won." She was about to move her body and get out on top of him to finally go to sleep, but to her horror she felt Xander's member pushing inside her once more. "Not so fast darling," Xander breathed and abruptly moved on top of Yera.

    After another hour had passed, Yera was totally drained out and was sore in her lower body and even felt swelling especially in her inner thigh due to his rigorous and constant rubbing of himself. Her eyes widened, when her husband was moving and was brushing his member on her once more.

    "Oh stoppppp... Let's just sleep before I start to bleed. You won alright..." Yera begged, in total surrender.

    "Now fire your request..." Yera sluggishly continued. She felt too sticky already but did not dare to move out from Xander's embrace because she was totally drained with the number of rounds they did it this night.

    Xander laughed and kissed Yera's bare shoulder, her whole body still wrapped in his tight embrace from behind. "Next time don't dare challenge your husband for his stamina darling..." Xander cheerfully jested. 'How could he even joke?' Yera mused because she was even too tired to speak because of lack of energy.

    Then Xander told Yera his request.

    "What?" Yera burst-out. Xander repeated what he said, "Let's allow Rizie in here since we both know that no one can take care of your brother better than her. Hmmm, at least give her a month to assist Dion? Anyway, I know my darling will keep her promise so..."

    Yera crumpled her face because obviously her husband was vaguely reiterating that she did not have much of a choice but to keep her word.

    "So this is what made you turn from a beast into  an insatiable monster? You knew I wouldn't agree in any condition otherwise. Alright, alright one month... Only for a month..." Yera mumbled before she dozed off to sleep.

    Meanwhile, Xander could not help but smirk. He was not really tired. It was just an act but then her wife unexpectedly clicked the bait.


    The next morning, Dion received a text message from Xander.

    [You can now move in with Rizie into the mansion. Hurry up! Be fast and before your sister changes her mind come and settle here. If I were you - I would do the shifting right away so go pack-up now!!!]

    Dion almost choked on his coffee. "What happened? Are you alright?" Rizie asked while she raised another spoonful of congee to Dion.

    Dion did not respond but gave Rizie his mobile phone to read Xander's message. "Wow he's really good. He said three days but it only took him a day." Rizie commented with a wide smile.

    'Seduction technique really works on the most strict people I guess, if even my sister can be swayed by beauty what can a normal human do in front of seduction?' Dion inwardly thought.

    "Let's go prepare as soon as you're done eating..." Rizie excitedly uttered.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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