214 Remain In Action

    Yera had planned  to visit the hospital in the day and check how things were going but her body was too drained out by the night activities of her husband that she chose to stay a little longer in bed. She was still laying around in bed when she heard the door open.''

    She opened her eyes groggily and saw Xander enter with a tray of food. He was already dressed up prim and proper, to go out. "Darling eat first  then go back to sleep. It's not good to skip a meal. I will update you about the trial later, for now you take rest."

    Yera lazily sat on the bed. Surprisingly, she was already feeling refreshed with a new nightgown on her and she didn't even feel sticky. Her husband probably cleaned her up and she was too sleepy to even notice it.

    To be honest, she did not want to witness the trial because she did not want to hear the alibis and lies of that Go couple to protect themselves. It would be better not to watch any of it and just attend when there would be a final verdict for their sentence.

    "Hmm looks, tasty and yummy," Yera commented and hurriedly dug in since she was starving already.

    Xander watched her with amusement and teased, "But it's not as yummy as you!"

    Yera almost choked and threw sharp daggers at Xander with her eyes. "Stop that or I'll kill you. Was last night not enough for you? For all I know, you and Dion teamed up to corner me..." Yera accused him with twitched mouth before she continued to eat.

    Xander chuckled and said, "Darling how can you say that when it's you who started it?"

    Yera ignored Xander and no longer responded. She started it? Knowing how cunning her husband could be, for sure it was his plan all along... Intentionally, acting in front of her as if he was so tired...

    "Darling, I will take your leave now. Yang Global Hospital will be back soon in operation and we will become enemies once more." Xander jested before he gave Yera a sounding kiss on her forehead, nose, cheek and lastly on her lips.

    Yera nodded and babbled, "Yes, enemies in business fighting in bed. Take care darling."

    Xander was left flabbergasted on her words and felt like just pressing her down once again and leaving later but all he could do was bend down, grab her chin, suck her lips and ravish her mouth completely. Yera was left speechless and shocked by his actions.

    "Right darling, this kind of fighting must always remain in action." With these words he kissed her again on forehead and gave her a peck on her lips and left.

    As soon as Xander left, Yera dialed her attorney. She was planning to merge her hospital with Xanders but she needed to consult things first because although she had a higher number of shares, still she should not disregard the other shareholders and she needed the approval of the board of directors for this merger.

    Then she called Ralf next. "How is she?" she asked the man on the other line. Yera  wanted to make sure that Jam was doing okay. She knew Jam surely would be having a hard time at that moment. Though Jam and her were not in good terms but she still sympathized her situation, especially now that both her parents that she cherished had committed murder and were in police custody. She truly hoped that Jam could start a new life and at least choose the right path along the way.

    "Ma'am, she left the house early with all her luggage. She was driving towards the north... I think she will go to the farthest province away from  the city," commented Ralf on the other line.

    "Alright, ask your men to leave her once you confirm she's in a safe place..." Yera instructed before she ended the call.

    It was a long debate, before Dion and Xander agreed to let Jam away. The two wanted to have Jam still be monitored by she insisted that it was needed. She had Jam be monitored for now just to make sure she would not do anything stupid to hurt herself. She had lost her parents and Lyndon. She had no one now except for herself and Yera knew it was not easy for her right now.

    She strongly believed Jam was not the one who was responsible for her abduction. Yes Jam was a bitch and probably wished her dead but was not rotten to the extent to execute something as dirty as killing a person.


    Jam on the other hand decided to leave the city for good. Today was the beginning of the trial of her parents. She wanted to watch but she couldn't face Yera. She left the City and was monitoring the situation through some people she paid for. She changed her number and mobile phone too. She wanted some solitude for herself.

    She drove to a province far from the city. She stopped the car to grab lunch at a small dining place at the side of the road. The surroundings were peaceful and Jam could see a lot of trees everywhere.

    The dining place seemed pretty old without any customer except her. 'Maybe because it is already late.' Jam thought looking at her wrist watch and it was already three in the late afternoon.

    If not for the continuous grumbling of her stomach she would continue to drive as far as she could. Without her knowing, tears started to fall down her cheeks. How could  she be this unlucky? Without a family and rejected by the man she loved.

    She felt like dying but she was afraid to die. Was her emptiness enough to end her own life? No! She would definitely find a reason to live! She did not want to die as a coward and most importantly die as a hopeless loser.

    But she was totally at a loss...

    An old lady approached her with a smile and said, "Miss what would you like to eat?"

    Jam wiped her tears and answered, "Please give me the best dish you have." The old lady nodded and left.

    Jam was startled when the old woman returned with some peanuts and tea. She put it on her table and said, "have some of these first while I cook your meal."

    Then the old lady held her hands to give her a small book. "Read it while you wait for the food, my child..." the old lady suggested with her warm smile then left.

    The book seemed old and overused. Jam stared at the book cover with the title 'The Purpose Driven Life' then a subtitle written 'What on earth am I here for?'

    Then she thought and silently asked herself, 'Why am I here? What is my purpose?' She bit her lip and opened the first page, hoping the book could help her find the answers for all her queries somehow.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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