215 You’re Home Now

    Yera woke up almost past noon because of the grumbling of her stomach. She got out of the bed, had a quick shower and went down to check the dining area for lunch.

    She was startled to find Dion and Rizie there and was even more shocked seeing Rizie feeding Dion with her own hands sitting comfortably in the dining area. "What the heck?" she unconsciously voiced out.

    "Good afternoon sis. Bro Xander said we can both move in here and should come here as soon as possible, so we just did this morning itself. He said not to disturb you because you were really tired..." Rizie greeted and Yera could sense the teasing in her tone.

    Yera unconsciously blushed in embarrassment, suddenly cursing her cunning husband silently.. "Uh yeah... Did he mention it's just for a month?" Yera mumbled and grabbed a plate to join the two for lunch.

    With a stoic face she sat in front of the two of them and began to eat.

    "You two, make sure not to do anythingnaughty... Keep in mind that my eyes are constantly on you both, whenever I'm here." Yera commented with an arched eyebrow and the knife in her hand pointing at them, chilling them both with her gaze.. They both nodded in unison and their smiles turned into a straight line.

    'Did she really has to scare us this much?' Dion thought inwardly.

    She started eating her food and after a few dozen seconds looked at Dion and smiled. "Everything that you see in here is yours too. You're home now brother, so feel free to roam around as and where you wish, except of course in Rizie's room." Yera scorned.

    Rizie coughed while she watched how Yera burned Dion alive. Dion was too meek towards his sister and would only answer 'yes sis' every once in a while. Rizie on the other hand behaved well too and did not show any public display of affection in front of Yera, except  feeding Dion only in a casual way. She did not want to get kicked out and be separated with Dion of course.

    Rizie was relieved seeing Yera had finished eating and said, "I'll go first."

    However, Yera paused and turned around to gesture to them the 'i am watching you' fingers that left the two flabbergasted.

    "Your sister is too overprotective and strict," Rizie unconsciously whispered.

    "I know right?" Dion commented with a smile. Then he looked at Rizie and teasingly said, "You heard that right? I'm not allowed to go in your room but you can enter my room anytime you want..."

    Rizie pursed her lips and cringingly said, "Sis Yera is scary..." Ever since the truth about Dion was found out by Yera, Xander suggested that Dion call her sis, and even asked Rizie to call her so whenever they were not at work, saying that his wife would get the feeling that she had many family members loving her.

    "Yeah but my sis is cute..." Dion commented with a grin. "Let's go to the garden. The weather is nice, there's no sun and the wind is humid. It's been awhile since I saw and had been to a garden."

    "Alright, lets go walk and burn the calories we just ate." Rizie replied and helped Dion to stand up.

    Dion smirked because he actually could manage on his own already. His wound was almost healed and he could move his arm quite easily, but he liked how Rizie was pampering him so he intentionally did not tell Rizie about it.

    "Wow, the garden really looks nice and it has such a romantic ambiance..." Rizie murmured. They were walking really slow because Rizie was afraid Dion would over exert himself.

    Dion smiled and suddenly said, "Riz, I want to meet your family once my body gets back to normal. I want to ask them for your hand..."

    Rizie's eyes rounded while she stopped walking and faced Dion. "Hand? Isn't it a bit fast? You mean hand in marriage? No! I'm not ready for it!" rizie straightforwardly burst out.

    Dion pursed his lips and explained, "I mean hand -- as a girlfriend. I think it's better I introduce myself to them. What if I just randomly met them somewhere and did not recognize them? I want us to become official in their eyes too."

    "Oh... I see. Alright let's do that then. Please don't get offended with my reaction. It's just that I think it's still early... I don't mean that I don't want to marry you, okay? Don't misunderstand me please. I want us to know each other a little more..." Rizie bashfully pointed out.

    Dion pursed his lips and remained quiet so Rizie pulled him to sit on the bench and asked, "Are you mad?"

    "No. I just thought that I would be rejected if I had proposed to you at that moment." Dion simply answered.

    Rizie's eyes widened while she burst, "Of course YES! So don't you dare propose to me this early."

    Dion felt Rizie's hands and consoled and comforted her by gently squeezing them. "Let's enjoy each other's company at first okay? Let's just take one step at a time..." he heard Rizie whisper.

    Meanwhile, Yera was back to  her room and was on the terrace having tea. She smiled while she watched her brother from above strolling in the garden with Rizie. Honestly, she was glad for the two of them, though she was really shocked about it. Her brother would often complain about how bothersome Rizie could be and it turned out that Dion was a willing victim who loved to be bothered.

    Later, she would ask Dion to invite his mother to their country. She really wanted to meet her since she admired Dion's mother too much, for raising such a good man on her own.

    "You've always been protecting me... This time big sis will take good care of you." she whispered with a loving smile.

    She had gained another family and hopefully Rizie would be added to the family soon. She unexpectedly splashed the tea out from her mouth when she saw Rizie, out of the blue, kiss Dion on his cheek.

    "What the heck is that?" Yera shockingly murmured and her eyes widened even more when her brother Dion pulled Rizie in for another kiss and this time it was on the lips. Yera felt like she was watching a romance movie where the characters were on a date to a romantic garden.

    She abruptly stood up and went inside her room. She should stay out of the mansion a little more for this span of a month!

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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