216 One Month

    Yera took her time and strolled around the mansion to reminisce about her old time as well as to inspect what else needed to be done for improvements. Later she would also consult Dion about her ideas of changes in the mansion. Yang Mansion was a bit modernized compared to their mansion and she believed Dion would prefer a modernized version of home as well.

    Her thoughts were interrupted when her mobile phone rang and it was Ralf, confirming Jam had found a place to settle down and it was a safe place.

    'That's good...' she thought as the call ended.

    Today, she had relaxed at home most of the time but she was still sore and a few parts of her body were still aching. She inwardly cursed and kicked her husband in her thoughts then promised that she would definitely kick her husband out of bed if he tried to do anything naughty again at night.

    She was deeply buried in her own world of thoughts when she was startled by the soft touch of a pair of arms that suddenly wrapped on hers. It was Rizie who cheerfully said, "Sis, I'll accompany you as you stroll around."

    "Where's Dion?" she asked.

    "He's resting now. The maid said you're strolling around here so I came by. Isn't it nice to be back in your home..." Rizie commented while she enjoyed the perfect landscaping at Yera's property.

    "Yes and I'm grateful to you and everyone for helping me out. I would not be able to succeed alone without you guys helping me out unconditionally." Yera sincerely stated. She owed so much to Rizie too.

    "Nah... I told you it's nothing but sis if you really feel indebted then I can ask for repayment," Rizie bluntly expressed with her evil smile and Yera could almost tell what repayment this little brat would ask for.

    Yera answered her with the same evil grin and murmured, "Hmm of course ask anything you want and I will give except for Dion."

    Rizie crumpled her face and childishly murmured, "I want nothing else except for him. Sis I already have everything and am already content with what I have but can I get a little greedy and have your little brother for me?"

    "Hmmm, no. Let me have him for a year only for myself first, then I will give him to you..." Yera commented in a jest.

    "Hmm, a lot can happen in a year. Maybe I will  get tired of your brother in just a few weeks, so it might not take me that long to return him back to you." Rizie answered in a jest too.

    Yera's face suddenly became serious as she paused walking to look at Rizie. "What?" Rizie asked.

    "I recall you have issues with your stability with jobs and you easily get tired of one work and shift to another. Don't tell me the same goes for men too in your life?" Yera curiously asked.

    Rizie bit her lip. For a second she wanted the ground to eat her wholly. She hesitated if she should honestly tell Yera everything or just leave it and tell her a white lie but then the thought of Yera getting her profile and background checked was too easy and things could get complicated if she would not be honest to her.

    "Before... Uhn yeah... But I was still young at that time, besides I don't consider those men. I mean I think they are not counted..."

    "Huh? Please elaborate?" Yera pondered.

    "The longest relationship I could have was just for one month. I dumped men after maximum a month of relationship," Rizie murmured with a slightly bowed head because of embarrassment.

    "What?!" Yera burst out in shock. Would Rizie dump her poor little brother after a month as well?

    "But I feel Dion is different, he has a very special place in my heart and mind, though I still can't confirm anything..." Rizie couldn't lie because she was not sure herself if she would finally surpass a month being into a relationship or not!

    Yera placed her palm on her forehead and asked Rizie for the two of them to sit on the nearest bench to talk.

    "Did Dion know about your problem of getting bored easily with things?" Yera asked and Rizie nodded. She told Yera that Dion also knew that she was seeing Dr. Dee because of this problem.

    "No, I mean not just at work and things but in relationships too?" Yera specifically questioned.

    This time Rizie shook her head because she thought it was not necessary to tell Dion about that matter, since she believed that what she felt for Dion was strong enough for her to last more than a month and she told Yera about it.

    "I think you should still tell Dion about it so that he's aware just in case..." Yera expressed her concern because that way at least Dion was aware about her illness, just in case Rizie got bored of him easily.

    Rizie was still young, really much younger than Dion so she understood that she must be in that stage of not getting serious when it came to a relationship and Yera was worried because Dion seemed to be getting deeper into Rizie especially now that Rizie was taking care of him.

    Rizie noticed the worried look on Yera's face and she wanted to assure her but somehow she did not want to promise a thing because no one knew the future. She herself was not that confident too. For now, she was sure that she liked Dion and she always wanted to be in his presence. She herself wanted to see if she could overcome a month.

    This was actually the reason why she did not want to answer Dion before. She reiterated to him that they should keep their friendship instead and should not get involved with each other romantically. She was afraid to lose Dion in the end if she ended up getting bored in their relationship. But then that shooting happened and she was too scared to lose Dion and not tell him how she liked him too. Yera was right, she should tell this to Dion.

    "I will tell him about it..." were the only words that came out of Rizie's mouth.

    Yera smiled and nodded. Rizie was a good friend and almost like a younger sister to her already so whatever happened between the two of them she would still accept Rizie with arms wide open as her older sister. Yera stood up and held Rizie's hand.

    "How about you join me for a movie?" Yera suggested. Rizie answered her with a half smile and stood up from the bench too.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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