217 Cruel

    At Life Hospital

    It was Yera's first time visiting Life Hospital after the board meeting that was held a few days ago.

    Yera stepped out of her car and was ceremoniously welcomed and greeted outside by the directors and high ranking officers of the hospital including the doctors.

    Yera's eyebrows arched as she addressed, "Why are all doctors in here? Get out of my sight and attend to the patients..."

    That instant, all doctors dispersed and almost ran back to their posts.

    "This will be the last time that you have to greet me like this. Next time when I  arrive, I don't want people following me behind my back like bodyguards. I have enough of them and do not follow me around in row. Shan would inform the people I would need early in the morning to talk to as I do my inspection, so If you're not informed then there's no need to wait for me at the entrance like now." Yera instructed.

    "Yes Chairwoman!" everyone answered in chorus.

    As she went inside the hospital entrance everyone who was on her back followed her around with her initial routine to inspect how the hospital had been doing overall while she was away.

    As she did her rounds, the officer in charge of every department would report to her the changes that were recently done in their department including things that needed improvement in the hospital as suggested by the patients submitted in their suggestion and complaint office.

    Lyndon was following her along with all other people and Yera could sense him staring at her back most of the time. She even addressed him twice just like now, "CEO Chu."

    "Oh yeah right I'm sorry. Yes we made a lot of changes in here. We have already ordered more modernized equipment to replace the old ones.." Lyndon explained, cursing himself inwardly.

    He could not still believe that Yera was real and standing before him now, he couldn't believe that she was with them in the disguise of Dr. Deyna Song all along. But why would the DNA test come out negative? 'Stupid, do you have to ask? Of course she's protecting her identity not to mention the powerful family backing her up all along.' his inner self slapped him hard.

    It was natural that every staff was murmuring to each other after Yera would pass through them. They were in awe and were really amazed by how everything had unfolded. They were all sympathizing with Yera and at the same time admired her confidence and strength  in handling her situation so well.

    "She's really lucky... I mean who would have thought someone could survive like that in that rapids. I searched the place where that Chief Doctor Song had found her and it was not almost on the map! But Doctor Song was a very known doctor during early years. Someone who was very good in ornamental medicine. No wonder Doctor Han is so good too, she can apply her knowledge in both areas in medicine..." one of the curious doctors who got inspired with her story murmured to the nurse beside him while they watched Chairman Han's back walking out to her next destination.

    But what was inciting the curiosity of everyone was if the interrupted engagement of the Chairwoman and the CEO would still pursue since the Chairwoman had already gained her memory back and that included her engagement with CEO Lyndon Chu.

    Meanwhile everyone at her back paused as Yera reached her office. She turned around and dismissed everyone except for Lyndon who she thought she should have a serious talk with.

    Lyndon followed Yera in her office and as soon as the door was shut down, Yera was puzzled when Lyndon suddenly pulled her in for a tight hug.

    "Just for a minute Yera please, just for a minute... Let's just stay like this... Oh God, if you only knew how I missed you and wanted to hug you ever since I saw you but I had to restrain myself and keep in mind that you're Dr. Song and not the Yera Han I loved..." Lyndon murmured as tears began to fall down his cheeks. He was sobbing hard, feeling really relieved that Yera was alive.

    Yera tried to push Lyndon away and get herself out from his tight embrace. "Lyndon, that's enough please. I don't want my husband to get the wrong impression..." Yera whispered because she could not get out of Lyndon's arms, grateful that Xander was not there at that moment or else it would have resulted in a world war.

    Lyndon was startled with Yera's words so he loosened his arms and let her go. He stood frozen, totally in shock. Yera called for Shan to get tea for them and walked and sat on her couch.

    She empathetically looked at Lyndon who stood like a statue on his spot. Yera heaved a frustrated sigh and said, "Lyndon, please compose yourself and come and sit down here. We need to talk."

    Lyndon who finally came back to reality sat and murmured, "You're married? Who?" Then he  recalled what Jam had told him that Yera already had a man and Jam was suggesting it was Xander Xang.

    Lyndon could feel the piercing of a sharp knife through his heart as the possibility crossed his mind. Was it really true? That bastard.

    "Xander Yang?" he could not help but whisper in disbelief in a questioning tone.

    Yera simply nodded as an answer. Lyndon felt his world had crumpled apart. Yera was alive but was suddenly already married? Did that even make any sense at all? When did she get married? Why did she?

    A lot of questions started to haunt Lyndon silently while his expression was still in disbelief, staring at the woman whom he had loved all his life, his only love of life.

    'Is this my punishment for my mistake?' he silently questioned himself. He could not process it at all that he wanted to smack his head on the wall to make everything in his brain cells in place.

    Yera exhaled another breath and said, "No one know about it but the only closest friends I have. I hope you cooperate and keep this for yourself only. I want to be honest Lyndon and I don't want you to get any false hope at all. I believe I don't have to explain everything else but to only tell you the fact that I married Xander Yang and I'm very much in love with my husband."

    'How can you be so cruel, Yera, telling that to my face like I am nothing into your life before?' Lyndon cried out in silence.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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