218 To Keep You

    Rizie was unconsciously biting her fingernails while waiting in the dining area for the cook to prepare their lunch. She had been practicing the whole night before on how to approach Dion and open the topic about her problem of breaking up within one month in all her previous relationships, she was finding it all weird and hard to put it in words.

    Her thoughts ran wild, would it be better to just say it straightforwardly, to the point, or maybe she should strike a conversation first and would lead to the topic. She did not know why but she suddenly felt scared. Till now she was not able to decide about how she should start the topic and open up to Dion.

    "Miss Rizie, the lunch is ready. Shall I have it served already?" the cook who came out from the kitchen asked her.

    "Yes please, I'll go fetch Dion," Rizie answered with a smile before hurrying upstairs. She went inside Dion's room and did not find him there. 'Where is he?' Rizie thought and grabbed her mobile phone to call Dion. The mansion was too big and she did not have the energy right now to go around and look for him.

    "Where are you? Lunch is ready." Rizie asked while biting her fingernails. She would often bite her nails whenever she was nervous or in conflicted emotions.

    ""I'm at my father's library. Come here... Let me show you something..." Rizie heard Dion from the other line who then gave her the instruction on how to find his father's library.

    Rizie entered inside the door not far from Dion's room. The library was pretty big,like the ones they had in school. She bet a lot of rich people had it like this. It was very organized and labeled properly for different types and subjects of books.

    'Dion's father and grandfather must be very fond of reading all kinds of books.' Rizie thought. She saw Dion, sitting comfortably on one couch, reading something intently, so she walked towards him and sat down beside him.

    "What is that?" she asked while she looked at the book he was reading. "It's my  father's journal." Dion commented and Rizie noticed that the notes were all handwritten.

    "I found this inside his drawer. Good thing those Go's did not bother to check it. They didn't have the kind of passion for reading as did my father and grandfather it seems. They must not have even thought about how important things are kept here in the library. Riz, my father seems to be a serious and deep type of person..." Dion commented after reading several pages already where he was able to know his father more, like his perspective and how he thinks about life.

    Rizie noticed Dion grin so she asked, "Why? What is it that you read that made you smile?"

    "Father was sure a very romantic person... He says here that in a relationship you must learn to appreciate it for it to last. Avoid the trial and error method, because when you feel that you're no longer comfortable, you would easily give up..." Dion stated that made Rizie gulp.

    She even abruptly pulled the journal out from Dion's hands while she remarked, "Are you sure it's written in here and you're just not adding it?"

    Dion laughed and said, "Yeah... Read it yourself. Why would I add that? Oh I see you're just probably hungry.... Give me that and I'll continue to read it later. For now let's go down and eat."

    Rizie's eyes widened when she read the sentences with her own eyes. 'Was this a coincidence?' she still could not believe it.

    Rizie closed the journal with pouted lips. She held Dion's hand and gently squeezed it. "I need to tell you something," she seriously murmured.

    Dion was startled by how serious Rizie looked so he answered, "I'm listening."

    Rizie then began to tell Dion about her previous relationships and how all of them did not work-out for more than a month, probably because she got easily bored with them like how she got bored with her work and other things.

    She bit her lower lip seeing how expressionless Dion's face was. After a few minutes of silence, Dion stood up as if he did not hear a thing and held her hand.

    "My stomach is grumbling. Let's eat first..." Dion said with a smile.

    'Is that it?' Rizie, confusedly pondered. As they walked in the hallway, Rizie paused because she found it weird that Dion had no reactions at all. She only saw him listening very seriously to her, but there was no comment even once and she found it really weird.

    Dion turned around and asked, "Why?"

    Rizie pursed her lips and commented, "How come you're so quiet. You know how uneasy I am when you're quiet like that and just change the topic as if you have heard nothing?"

    Dion released a long deep sigh before he smiled and said, "Honestly, I was expecting that already but you don't have to think about it or be bothered about it at all. Just do what you want to do and be honest with your feelings towards me while as far as i am concerned... I know what I got to do to keep you with me... not just for a month."

    Rizie creased her forehead, her facial expression was clearly saying that she was not convinced otherwise.

    Dion pulled her closer and cupped her face. Then with a reassuring smile he whispered, "How come you look more bothered than me? If you're that worried then try your best not to dump this poor lovestruck man after a month. How about that?"

    Dion already knew about it because Rui had mentioned it when he asked about Rizie's case, about getting bored easily. He could still remember Rui commenting that it was a hundred percent possibility that in relationships too, Rizie would easily get bored.

    Rui said that Rizie's case was a deep psychological impression of her insecurities because she grew up without a father, so she always found it hard to stick to any one person or thing with a fear that they may leave her later on, so she unconsciously left them first, before they did.

    Dion understood her well. Rizie was struggling with a psychological trauma, she had a deep rooted fear in her heart of losing someone very close to her, like the fear she felt when her grandmother was rushed to the hospital, where he offered her his handkerchief and consoled her with his encouraging words.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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