219 Cocktail Party

    Xander quickly wrapped up everything for the reopening of Yang Globals Hospital to the public. The opening ceremony went well and everyone was glad especially the staff and medical teams of the hospital who were once again back in action to give their best services to the people.

    This time around the security in the hospital was tighter and top notch techniques were installed for capturing the faces of every person entering inside the hospital as well as for the staff. Security was also heightened and everyone would also have to undergo facial recognition as they entered, making sure that everyone who would come and go inside the hospital would be properly recognized and recorded.

    Yang Globals group also organised a cocktail party in the evening where everyone was invited. It  was a formal event organized to celebrate the reopening of the hospital where many known personalities were invited who would also perform and grace the event.

    Xander wanted Yera to go there but the latter refused saying it would not be a good idea at this time for them to be seen together though everyone was aware that Yang Globals group had sent the invitation for high ranking officials at Life Hospitals group.

    The event would be held at one of the most prestigious hotels in the Capital City and since Yera did not want to come Xander went there directly in his dark emerald turtle neck paired with a medium grey suit.

    He even took a selfie in the car and sent it to Yera.

    Yera was already in the Han Mansion when she received Xander's photo.

    "What the heck..." she mumbled with a grin. Her husband looked handsome in his cocktail suit. Her eyebrow arched while she read his message.

    [Are you sure you won't come? Aren't you afraid that your husband would get eaten alive with this handsome face? You do know that the organizers have invited a lot of beautiful celebrity performers, models and some heiress who are still a bachelorette that surely would race to get my attention in that simple event this evening?]

    Yera twirled her mouth and murmured, "That's so awkward." Imagine her with Xander in everyone's eyes. Surely it would be a shock for everyone to see.

    Yera typed her reply while she tiredly sat on the side of the bed.

    [Nah, enjoy the party darling. You know that I'm not into parties too.]

    Her mobile phone beeped and Xander's message popped up.

    [Alright darling... I'll be home a bit late but I'll try to sneak out. Don't wait for me and rest early. I love you.]

    Yera replied with 'I love you too' followed by a kiss and hug emojis.

    She recalled her cocktail dress that would fit and match Xander's outfit. She stood up and checked the closet to see it.

    If she would go... and be with Xander... It would be as good as announcing to the world her relationship with him. But she wondered how it would impact everything, especially her position in the hospital. She wanted to merge the two groups but she should plan it well with the perfect presentation showing all the benefits and advantages.

    Not all the board of directors were easy to deal with. There were a lot of people who were greedy for position and would take this opportunity to pull her down. She was aware that almost all of them were kissing Lyndon's ass already before she showed up as Yera han.

    She heard knocks on her door and it was Rizie's voice so she said, "Come in..."

    Rizie entered smiling and said, "I heard you will not attend the party tonight. It's still early. Would you like to play scribble with me and Dion in his room?"

    Yera smiled and nodded. "I'll just go change and join you guys in a minute."

    "Alright..." Rizie mumbled before leaving Yera.

    After some time, Yera walked towards Dion's room. The three enjoyed various games while having some snacks.

    "Let's see in the evening news how the party Yang Globals organized is doing. I heard they invited a lot of celebrities so I'm sure they will give that party good air time, even a longer live broadcast is possible." Rizie commented and grabbed the remote to open Dion's television.

    A few more minutes passed before the event for the entertainment news was broadcasted. "Wow... Brione is there and Xander is her escort?" Rizie burst and quickly halted when Dion elbowed her.

    Yera was expressionless while she watched Brione snake her arms at her husband's for the picture taking. The broadcasting was live and the party had not started yet. It was like a red carpet where Yang Globals gave their employees the opportunities to have their own photos together with the celebrities and the famous people in the town.

    Rizie and Dion exchanged meaningful glances because it was already Yera's turn in the game. Neither of them bothered to remind Yera about the game because the latter was too focused on the television.

    That time, the camera was focussed at the CEO of Yang Globals group who was very friendly to all. He was a real magnet because almost all women wanted to click a photo with him and Xander accommodated them all with his trademark smile.

    Yera was still calm for some time but abruptly stood up from her chair and walked in a hurry out of Dion's room.

    "What was that?" Rizie murmured while she looked at Dion's door from where Yera rushed out.

    "Look at the TV..." Dion commented so Rizie did. There was a commotion on the screen and the camera was focused on Xander who was on the ground and on top of him was a woman.

    "Who is that?" Rizie howled. The woman wore a sexy outfit and they had caught a lot of attention in that position.

    "What happened?" she exclaimed. Dion shrugged his shoulders and simply commented, "she probably slipped and was disbalanced... Bro rescued her but they ended up falling together with her on top of bro-in-law?"

    "Wait... Isn't that Dr. Yao?" Rizie confirmed when the camera was focussed at the woman on top of Xander.

    "Hmmm, yeah. Go fetch sis..." Dion murmured that made Rizie raise her eyebrow.

    "Fetch from where? At the party?" she mumbled because she was sure Yera would crash the party in no time.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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