220 Mortal Enemy

    At Gems Integrated Resort, Hotel & Casino

    Everyone was enjoying a good time at the event because of the privilege given to them to take photos with various stars in different fields and Xander as the CEO of Yang Globals group was one of the sorted personnel to get a selfie with.

    He was somewhat grateful that his wife did not happen to attend the event because he was surrounded by women beyond his control. There was media everywhere and cameras flashing right and left so he should act as a gentleman.

    He cursed inside while he signaled at assistant Ron to do something to get him out of his current position already. He recalled how vaguely his wife punished him with the UTI thing in the hospital when the nurses flirted with him. He was hoping Yera, his wife, would not even bother to open the television and watch the entertainment news or he would be doomed tonight.

    "Dr. Yang!" exclaimed a familiar voice at Xander's side. The flashes of the camera was hindering him to have a proper look at the woman from a distance. But as she walked towards him, Xander recognized her impeccable smile. "Dr. Yao?" Xander murmured.

    Dr. Yao winked at him and effortlessly drove away the women who were beside Xander. "Where's Rui?" that was the first words Xander muttered because they were supposed to be together.

    Dr. Yao raised her eyebrow with her smile still plastered perfectly on the camera while she casually wrapped her arms on Xanders.

    "I'm not sure where that meddler feeling detec..." Dr. Yao paused and Xander noticed how her face became gloomy as she looked at the crowd not to mention the narrowing of her eyes.

    "Is everything al-" before Xander could finish to say his words he felt the sudden movement from Dr. Yao causing him to  lose his imbalance while he caught her weight. The two of them fell on the ground with Dr. Yao on top of him.

    "Are you alright?" Xander murmured, checking if Dr. Yao was hurt anywhere or not. The latter gave him a smile before she responded, "I'm fine Dr. CEO. I'm sorry I think I scratched your arm with my bracelet."

    He saw Dr. Yao quickly got up from the  top of him while Xander followed and checked his arm that Dr. Yao was referring to. "Huh? Is her bracelet that sharp to slice my sleeve?" Xander muttered dumbconfounded because it looked like a knife had passed through it.

    He was about to ask her to not wear such sharp objects and to look at Dr. Yao's bracelet but she was already nowhere to be found. 'Where the  heck did that woman go?' Xander muttered.

    By the time that more women were about to flock at Xander, his assistant Ron and his security immediately assisted him inside the venue for the party. "What took you so long?" Xander scolded as soon as they were inside the function hall.

    It was cozily decorated where cocktail drinks were served left and right. The program was about to start where Xander would give opening remarks.

    After a few more minutes the host of the party called out the attention of everyone. "Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Before our evening starts, we will have a remark from our Dr. CEO who is always giving his best for Yang Global. Let's give a round of applause to the man of the hour - our Dr. CEO Xander Yang."

    Everyone clapped their hands and Xander went on the center stage with his beautiful smile while he slightly bowed at everyone and gestured to them to stop clapping.

    "Yang Globals Group did face a lot of trials this year but because of your help and support we are able to overcome it. And now we are once again back to..." Xander hanged his words and pointed the microphone at the audience.

    Who excitedly shouted, ""save more lives!!!"

    "Alright... I won't make this long but let's hope for the best in the future. Let's give our best to all our patients and treat them like a family. Enjoy everyone!" Xander ended with a blissful smile and he received a very warm and loud round of applause from the crowd.

    As Xander went off the stage, he noticed that the crowd's attention seemed to be stolen by someone who was fixed at a particular spot.

    "What's going on?" Xander muttered to assistant Ron, seeing most reporters and flashes on the spot near the entrance.

    Ron was about to leave to check it when Xander suddenly said, "Stop. I'll go and check it."

    Xander walked towards that spot to welcome whoever that was who was a latecomer and yet gaining a lot of attention.

    His jaw dropped seeing his lovely wife was the latecomer who was the center of attention. 'My darling looks so stunning!' he gasped, seeing how sexy his wife looked in her dark emerald one shoulder high split cocktail dress emphasizing her supple porcelain bare shoulders and her bosoms. The dress was a below knee length but what was with that freaking slit!

    Xander almost ran through her while he unconsciously removed his suit to cover Yera's top but Yera removed it and mumbled, "Mr. Yang must I remind you that I'm no longer Dr. Deyna Song. It's Yera Han."

    Xander gulped feeling the chilliness and cold as ice tone of his wife. Xander cursed because at that point he knew that his wife had witnessed everything. The burning gazes of his wife were almost killing him on the spot.

    'Darling, it's not my fault...' Xander pleaded for mercy with his humble eyes on his wife but he was ignored.

    Yera smiled at everyone and scorned, "Hmm, it seems like the CEO of Yang Globals group enjoys the company of many gorgeous women. I wonder if he will also enjoy the company of his opponent..."

    Xander wanted the ground to eat him alive that instant. He almost lost breath when he felt her wife's cold arms encircling his arm while she declared, "How about I have this gorgeous Dr. CEO the whole night and let's see if he will also enjoy the company of his mortal enemy as well?"

    'He's so doomed!' assistant Ron mused while he watched the scene of the couple not that far. But he must admit, the madame's way to shoo away all the women from his Boss was really admirable.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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