221 Meant Every Word

    One Hour Before Yera Arrived at the Event of Yang Globals Group...

    "You seem to be enjoying this closeness to those women!" Yera mumbled to herself as she rushed back inside her bedroom. She went straight to her walk-in closet to grab her dress and shoes.

    "Let's see if you'll be able to enjoy the night flirting with those fake faces, you playboy!" Yera irritably hissed as she stripped her nightwear gown and quickly put on her dress. While she was wearing her shoes she dialed June and put him at loudspeaker.

    "Prepare the car now and make sure that we'll arrive at Yang Globals event in fifteen minutes!" Yera instructed. Then she suddenly added, "No wait let's drop at Nika's salon first!"

    Yera ended the call and quickly called Nika, "I need my hair and make up done along the way. I will pick you up in three minutes."

    Nika was her hairdresser. She had seen that every woman was in her best hair and make-up and she was not good at makeup and doing hair. As soon as she wore her shoes. She immediately went down and jumped inside her car. 'Let's go!" she howled.

    Meanwhile, Nika did wonders on Yera in a very short span of time with a fishtail braid hairstyle on her long hair with a light make-up that perfectly complemented the color of her dress.

    As instructed, Yera arrived at the event not more than fifteen minutes later. She exhaled loudly and stepped inside the venue right at the moment when her husband had just finished his remark. 'You womanizer Yang! I'm going to cage you tonight!' Yera growled silently as she walked proudly inside the party.

    Everyone was caught off guard seeing her there because they thought she would not come knowing how strict she was with time when it came to gathering.

    'You're dead meat!' Yera silently vowed before she released her beautiful smile seeing Xander was almost near her.

    Lyndon, who was also invited to the party, saw the commotion and was distracted by seeing Yera there and when he witnessed how Yera guarded Xander from other women his heart clenched and he felt very sour.

    "Give me that!" he hissed at the waiter with a tray of drinks and quickly drank one glass.

    "Wow Doctor Han is really something. What a way to torture her mortal enemy? To me it looks like she's guarding a lover more than torturing her enemy..." Dr. Dwayne nonchalantly commented.

    "Hey, did you talk to her about your engagement before she went missing?" Dr. Dwayne continued to ask because ever since Yera had revealed her identity, Lyndon remained quiet. Even the plans they previously had for the hospital were all put on hold because they were all waiting for his signal.

    Lyndon gritted his teeth with his gloomy face. He grabbed another glass from the waiter and drank it straight in a single gulp. He felt that he needed more so he grabbed more shots. To be honest, he was already contemplating whether to attend the party or not but when Yera said she would not come, he did because he wanted to personally talk to Xander without bothering to get in touch with him first by any means.

    But Yera's arrival made him realize that it was really over. Yera would never look at him like she looked at Xander and it really hurt him too much.

    "Hey, slowdown," Dr. Dwayne reminded him.

    Lyndon on the other hand ignored Dr. Dwayne and continued to drink before walking out of the party without even starting. He could see those meaningful glances on him especially those who could remember that he was once engaged with Chairwoman Yera Han.

    Meanwhile, Yera did not leave Xander's arm at all.

    "Darling, I- umm the pa-rty... I'm the h-ost and it's qui-te hard to e-scape tho-se wome-n linkin..."

    Xander was stuttering as he tried to explain himself. His wife looked like a dragon ready to breathe fire out from her aura.

    Yera noticed the unusual slashed on Xander's sleeve she was holding. She looked at him with her raised eyebrows and asked, "Why is your sleeve slashed like this?"

    Xander gulped but quickly answered, "Dr. Yao's bracelet seemed to uhm..."

    "Is she wearing a blade as the bracelet darling?" Yera murmured with a twitched mouth. She was too irritated while she composed herself and kept a smile seeing some reporters approaching them.

    "Darling are we going to create a scandal?" Xander excitedly whispered. His face suddenly brightened at the thought that they would finally show everyone their real relationship.

    "No! Handle this yourself! You're dead as soon as you spill that we're married..." Yera mumbled.

    Before Xander could react the reporters were already at their spot, asking a lot of questions but what outshined it all was the question on how was he with Chairwoman Han given that the latter had worked under him while her memory was not back.

    Xander answered them all with his loveable smile before he answered, "Chairwoman Han is the woman of my dream so I'm planning to work my way into countering her words of 'mortal enemy' and change it into 'mortal lover'.

    All the reporters were left shocked, with their mouth agape, with that answer but before they could fire more questions, Xander continued, "Could you please give us some privacy for the night because I will not succeed in my goal if we will get disturbed every now and then..."

    The reporters almost cut their tongue tied with Xander's bluntless. They were left speechless as they followed Xander's back who pulled Yera at a solemn spot, away from the whole crowd.

    "What was that? Is he serious or joking?" one of the reporters murmured. "We do know that CEO Xander Yang's always meant every word even if he delivers it in a joke so I guess it's true... Mortal enemy to mortal lover - i will have it captioned well on my next article," answered one of the reporters with a smirk.

    "But guys, are you also aware that Yera Han had a relationship with Xander Yang's cousin before? The deceased CEO of Cooper Entertainment, the one who looked like Xander Yang. Their mothers were twins so the two boys are often mistaken as twins too since both got their facial features from their mothers." one of the crowds muttered.

    The reporter's attention was caught by the man in his suit and tie. "Here is my calling card in case any of you would like to contact me..." The man said with a smirk before he immediately disappeared like a flash.

    "Who was that?" murmured one of the reporters while he looked at the calling card. His eyes widened reading the words 'YUE Group'

    "Fu*ck..." cursed one of the reporters. Who would dare have the courage to contact that man? Yue Group was one of the organized crime groups worldwide and those who dared enter their premises just disappeared in thin air if the group was not pleased though there were some who were lucky enough to remain unscathed.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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