222 Skin To Skin

    The party went well though Yera and Xander had been the center of attraction for the night. Everyone was wondering if the two were having a good relationship or in a relationship already. Among the guests was also Mr. Lua who was one of the shareholders and board of directors at the Life Hospitals group.

    He was not pleased with how close their Chairwoman was with the CEO of Yang Globals group who was also the heir of the said group. It could be a huge problem if those two would have a good relationship and the worst part was a possible merger of the two companies, because if that happened, it would affect all his hidden plans that had been baking in the oven for so many years.

    He looked for Lyndon and cursed seeing the latter walk out of the party just like that. Lyndon was becoming useless ever since Yera appeared in the hospital as Dr. Deyna Song and he was too disappointed. He thought Lyndon could take over soon and then it would be easier for him to kick Lyndon away afterwards because he had something up his sleeves that could bring Lyndon down in a flash.

    He looked at Dr. Dwayne and signaled the latter to follow Lyndon. Then he looked at Yera who was with Xander. He shook his head and sniggered as he wondered how long could the woman's luck last. 'After that long thorny journey, look how strong and tall your granddaughter is standing, Luke...' Mr. Lua mused with an arched brow before drinking his shots.

    His mobile phone rang and he smiled seeing it was his granddaughter Cali. Knowing that Yera had a brother having his beautiful granddaughter back in their country could be put up to some good use.

    Meanwhile, Xander was so attentive to his wife that he did not bother about his image in anyone's eyes, he kept on fawning over her the whole time. His suit was still hanging on Yera, covering her bare shoulders.

    After a few more minutes, Xander signalled Ron for a sneak exit. "Darling, let's go home..." Xander mumbled because he was not comfortable with his wife's revealing outfit, he couldn't tolerate the feeling that another man had that opportunity to see his gem.

    Yera was honestly tired too and would rather go home than stay at the party.  Xander whispered to her where she should walk to secretly get inside his car so she obliged. Before Yera went out, she took her time to bid farewell to those she knew.

    "Chairwoman, I thought you would not come but it's nice to see you here. I'm hoping that the reopening of Yang Globals' head hospital will not cause harm to our group... especially now that almost all their patients have transferred to us." whispered Mr. Lua who managed to get a hold of Yera before she reached the exit door.

    Yera narrowed her eyes but quickly gave the old man her reassuring smile while she responded, "Of course it won't Mr. Lua. As long as we give our patients the best and sincere care and service, there's nothing to worry about... Anyhow, I will leave first and enjoy the party."

    Yera let out a long sigh as soon as she turned her back to Mr. Lua and continued to walk to the exit door. Mr. Lua was one of the families that pioneered the success of their group along with her grandfather and she was aware that the old man was one who would oppose her on her intended merger with Yang Globals group. She could almost predict how big a headache it would be in convincing the old man.

    Xander's men guided her towards the parking lot after clearing the whole area. Yera was guided to the passenger seat of Xander's car. Her eyebrows arched at the thought that Xander himself would drive the car. She grabbed her mobile phone and dialed her husband's number.

    "If you're not here in three minutes I will leave..." Yera simply uttered in her serious voice before ending the call. She wanted to see if her dear husband would be able to escape all those predators inside the party and be with her in three minutes.

    Yera set her timer on her mobile phone and she was startled when the driver's door suddenly opened.

    "See how fast and obedient your husband is?" Xander mumbled. He leaned towards Yera to grab her seatbelt and put it on Yera followed by a sounding kiss on her lips.

    Yera's irritation was quickly dissipated with that simple and warm kiss from her husband.

    Xander started the car's engine and before he hit the gas he winked at Yera and said, "Be ready because tomorrow we'll be in a scandal. We are going to hit the headlines tomorrow..."

    "Why? Are you so afraid of ending your bachelor image?" Yera childishly muttered but of course she was just teasing her husband.

    "Of course not. If you only give me the signal to say it inside I will without even blinking." Xander stated before he drove the car out of the parking lot.

    "Darling, did you know how I wanted to wrap you up the moment I see you at the party?" Xander mumbled. Yera ignored him and Xander ended up scratching his head.

    Xander pulled the car at the side of the road.

    Yera turned to him and asked, "What's wrong? Why did you stop?"

    Xander looked at her and sighed deeply before he pulled her for a warm embrace. "Please don't get mad darling. You know that in my eyes, you're the only one. The most beautiful and sexy woman in my eyes... I love you so much that it bugs me so much whenever you act indifferent towards this poor man like this...'' Xander murmured in Yera's ear while he caressed her hair.

    Yera on the other hand was squealing inside but tried hard to suppress it. Instead she murmured, "If ever I see you getting too close to any other woman, having that skin to skin contact with anyone again, you will be banned from my room for a month!"

    Xander's jaw dropped while he gently released Yera from his embrace to closely look at her. "Darling, I promise!" Xander answered without blinking an eye, promising to himself that if any woman comes close to him, even an inch close, he would surely run away.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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