223 Her Possessiveness

    The next day, Dion shook his head while reading the newspaper. He was already in the dining area with Rizie for breakfast and was waiting for his sis and bro-in-law to come down to congratulate them for being the most trending search topic in the social media and for making the headlines in all the major newspapers.

    The event last night garnered various speculations from netizens. Most of them commented about how the two looked so good together saying opposites did attract. Most comments were positive but of course negative comments were also there like they both had their own interest in attaching with each other and that they might be using each other for climbing higher.

    "Wasn't it agreed that they will announce their romantic relationship after the verdict of the trial of the Gos? Last night was like a bomb! They both surprised everyone with that awkward moment of proximity between each other." Rizie commented while she prepared Dion's coffee. She read some of the comments in her mobile phone a while ago and some were really funny.

    Dion was grinning, looking amused while he read the article written in the newspaper..

    "Why? What does it say there? Why are you grinning like that?" Rizie asked with knitted brows.

    "Oh it says here, mortal enemy to mortal lover. Bro-in-law really nailed it without shame... But I must say, this is better so that people will get the idea about their relationship and won't be that shocked once they announce their wedding ceremony" Dion commented with a grin.

    "Shhh..." Rizie beckoned when she heard footsteps.

    Yera walked in the dining area with a serious look on her face. She felt her head would explode because Shan had called her early in the morning since the board of directors suddenly asked for an urgent meeting. Though she saw it coming but still she wanted to skip those whinings from the elders if she could but unfortunately she must compulsorily be present in that meeting.

    "Sis, goodmorning..." Rizie greeted with a warm smile and same she did to Xander who was just behind Yera. Dion pursed his lips. His girlfriend was acting too prim and proper whenever his sister was around and he was not used to it.

    Rizie on the other hand was suppressing herself not to forcibly joke around Yera as much as she could or give her blunt comments as she was used to. She was afraid that she might get kicked out with one wrong move or more like she did not want to displease Dion's family.

    Xander greeted the two with his brightest smile and pulled out a chair for his wife. "So are we on the headline? It's not my fault but your sister's you know. She declared her possessiveness for me without her knowing... And even pulled me out of the party too early..." Xander proudly stated, disregarding his wife's dagger eyes at him.

    Dion and Rizie exchanged meaningful glances and looked at Yera who remained expressionless but trying to silence her husband with her deadly eyes. The sight was too amusing and it took efforts for them not to laugh loudly.

    Rizie could not help but cleared her throat and mumbled, "I read in some comments that the womanizer CEO just met his match."

    "Like a match made in heaven? That's probably what they mean. Right darling?" Xander jested followed by a wink to his wife.

    Rizie laughed and said, "I wonder how they will react when they find out that you two are already married."

    "I bet you're too happy that my sis acted towards you... Are you? So how does it feel for the first time since all along it was you who had been super clingy and possessive?" Rizie naturally added but immediately bit her lip upon realizing she threw a wrong tease seeing how Yera's face reddened. 'I'm dead!' Rizie mused with a twisted face.

    "Well of course... I feel so loved and cherished. Who would have thought that my darling has the capability to surprise me like that and I'm really touched and pleased." Xander responded with a teasing tone to his lovely wife who looked so cute in his eyes at that moment with those blushing cheeks. How he wished he could bite her cute cheeks right then.

    Yera cleared her throat and managed a straight face as she looked at Dion and asked, "The board wanted to meet you as soon as possible. When do you think your body can manage going out?" Obviously she was trying to change the topic because she herself was too embarrassed to talk about how she ran into the party last night, it was just so out of her character.

    Dion sneakily looked at Rizie before he murmured. "I think I can manage next week. I'm a lot better."

    "Oh by the way, when will your mom arrive? I will have one of the rooms ready for her, tell me her preferences and style or maybe it would be best if you handle the preparations of her room." Yera reminded me.

    Rizie's eyes widened hearing those words from Yera's mouth, she was not aware about Dion's mother's arrival. "Your mom is coming?" she repeated, she suddenly got nervous and worried.

    "Yeah, mom said she is busy wrapping up the business and will inform me the earliest she can book a flight," Dion answered with a smile. He was actually excited to introduce Rizie to his mother because he already told his mother a lot about Rizie and his mother was too keen to meet the woman who had caught the attention of his aloof eyes.

    Rizie gulped... She suddenly felt scared...'Should she leave before Dion's mother arrives?' that's the first thing she thought because it would not be good that Dion's mother would see her living under the same roof. But that was not the thing she was scared of. She felt that things were happening too fast and that she had never thought or had the idea yet of meeting each other's parents.

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