224 To Touch

    Yera and Xander shared the car that morning and Xander instructed his driver to drop Yera off first at Life Globals private parking space that led directly to Yera's floor.

    As soon as he was inside the car, assistant Ron started with his morning reporting as usual.

    "Sir, we are receiving a lot of calls in the office. Many are asking secretary Ness about your relationship with Dr. Yao. There's also a poll going around where they are voting for who best suits you, Dr. Yao or Madame. It's been circulating online. There are also photos of Dr. Yao on top of you with memes and also Madame sticking herself onto your arm with memes. Should I shut it all down?"

    Xander wanted to strangle assistant Ron instantly for reporting the situation at such a wrong moment. He looked at his wife who was sitting beside him. His darling was expressionless and to be honest, this was more alarming. He would rather see her getting angry or annoyed but not as calm as this. It was making him nervous.

    Assistant Ron turned his head toward Xander when he heard no response and gulped seeing his Boss run his pointed finger on his neck gesturing to him that 'he's so dead'.

    Assistant Ron cursed himself quietly and took a sneak glance at his madame at the back seat. She did not seem to be upset. He was used to reporting the situation everytime his Boss came inside the car so he thought it was okay to do so with madame Yera there as well, since his Boss once said that he would not keep any secret from his wife.

    "Let it be Ron. Let's see who wins the poll for your womanizer Boss," Yera scorned after a few minutes of silence. "Make sure to send me the copies of all of those memes Ron. I want to keep every single photo and have them printed as well."

    "Printed?" Xander burst out at that moment.

    Yera shrugged her shoulders and casually hammered, "Remembrance? To remind me of that skin to skin contact and your punishment!"

    Xander suddenly grabbed Yera's hands and lovingly kissed them as he reassured, "Stop saying that darling! This is the only skin I would want to touch my entire life."

    The driver unconsciously choked with a cough while assistant Ron elbowed him to control it.

    Meanwhile, Shan was getting slammed with the amount of calls their office was receiving. She felt her head was already spinning around with the same questions being asked over and over again. She was like a robot repeating the same thing all over again. Even the board of directors were pestering her asking, if she knew a thing about what was going on with the Chairwoman and CEO of Yang Hospital.

    "No, I really don't know Sir. And even if I knew, I'm not allowed to disclose any personal affairs of our Chairwoman." Shan explained to the person on the other line.

    After the call ended, Shan immediately instructed the trunkline operator not to transfer any calls that wanted to connect to the Chairwoman's office especially if it was not related to work and if was to ask about personal matters regarding the Chairwoman.

    If only she could, she would hang all the telephones in the office so no calls could get through. She called the Chairwoman to relay the matter and the Chairwoman finally had given the signal for her to cut their direct lines for the meantime.

    She emitted a long sigh of relief when her area was once again finally silent.

    "Finally!" She helplessly mumbled. Like the others, she too was curious to find out what was going on.

    She immediately stood up from her chair and waited at the elevator to greet the Chairwoman together with the other staff in their office. As soon as the chairwoman went out and walked inside the reception area she instructed, "Shan come with me to the office. The rest of you can go back to work."

    Shan followed Yera inside her office. Yera sat on the couch and signaled Shan to sit in front of her.

    "Shan, besides being my personal assistant, you know you are one of those very few persons whom I trust, so I believe you must know the truth about the whole thing... Xander is my husband but we have to keep it as a secret until the verdict on the Go's trial is out. Please help me to keep that secret until then. Do not deny anything but don't confirm anything too - if you get what I'm saying." Yera directly said.

    Then she added, "I have to convince the board of directors for the merging between Yang Globals and Life Hospitals group. Please work closely with Xander's assistant, Ron. He will contact you soon. Collaborate well with him and come to me if you have any questions... That's all for now, you can go now Shan."

    Shan nodded and immediately left the room dumbfounded. 'They are married???' Shan wanted to voice out but controlled herself. Then she would shake her head once in a while... She was dying to know how it happened because the last thing she could remember before Yera disappeared, was how she  cursed CEO Xander Yang to the core not to mention the infinite number of times the Chairwoman had killed that man in her head, no not just in head because she could still clearly remember how many times the chairwoman said the words 'I will kill that bastard!' previously.

    'What the hell just happened? And now they are husband and wife? Is that a joke?' Shan inwardly asked herself in a row.

    Her trail of thoughts were interrupted by her mobile phone's ring. It was just a number but Shan answered seeing the familiar digits of assistant Ron with the business card she had.

    "Hello," Shan answered.

    "Meet me at 5:00 pm sharp..." she heard the man say like a robot followed by the meeting place before he said in the finale, "It's assistant Ron from the office of the CEO and Vice Chairman of Yang Globals group."

    "What the heck is that?" Shan mused. This would be the first time she would see and talk to him after so many years and Shan wondered if he would be able to recognize or remember her somehow.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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