225 Baggage

    As Yera expected, she was hearing a lot of negative feedback from the board of directors because of last night's party.

    "You have to tell us what is it between you and Xander Yang. You clearly know that Yang Globals group has been our competitor from the start. How can you have a scandal with him?..." one of the board members commented.

    Yera arched her eyebrows and said, "What's with all this reaction from you all? I don't see how this incident will affect our group? Don't tell me that all of you have enough time to care about my personal affairs this time? Should I be glad because you all are particularly taking interest in my love life? To be honest, I find it absurd to call a meeting where we don't discuss anything that's related to plans or projects to expand the Life Hospitals group?"

    Yera stood up from her chair and smiled. "I do appreciate your concern about it though but let me handle my lovelife myself. You all are aware that I need all of you and your cooperation and support. Let's focus on how we can improve and expand our group rather than discuss this kind of nonsense... If there is nothing important to address then I shall take my leave first."

    No one spoke a word after Yera did so she bade her farewell and left. She was already working with winning the votes of half of the board members. While she needed to work more strategically for winning the other half.

    As soon as Yera left, the half who were loyal to the Han Family also left and the remaining half went out to secretly have a meeting at a private dining place.

    "What happened? Aren't you two getting along? You do know that a merger might possibly happen if Yera and that Xander ended up together! And we will end up being under the Yang Globals group if anything of that sort happens!" Mr. Lua exclaimed. He was too disappointed that Lyndon did not even bother to say a word during the meeting as the Vice Chairman.

    "Did we put you in that position just in vain?" one of the board members hissed. It was Lyndon who had promised them a lot of unsaid benefits, once he was put in the position of the Chairman but looking at Lyndon's silence today was making them all uneasy.

    "I suggest we use this opportunity to vote for the new Chairperson! Yera Han was gone for too long whereas we all were toiling here to keep the Life Globals group rise high and mighty. She was absent for years from here! Not in service for years! How  dare she suddenly show up and claim the position of chairperson that easily and to top it all, be arrogant enough to do whatever she likes! If we all combine our shares it would be more than enough to kick her out of her position and crush her arrogance and pride!" Mr. Lua encouraged.

    Lyndon sighed and looked at everyone whose eyes were fixed on him. They were waiting for his decision. Yes he started this war but it was against the Go's and partially against Yera's grandfather. However, it was Yera now who he would be fighting with, and this was the last thing that he wanted to do.

    "Don't forget that we have all the evidence against you... We are all in this together! I can see the hesitation in these eyes of yours. Is it because of Yera? Are you forgetting how Yera's family treated you and your family? How you and your family had begged for mercy to Old Master Han? Yes, the old man is dead now but it's still the Hans' that hold the power over the hospital today, while you and your father put in so much efforts into taking it where it is now." Mr. Lua tried to convince him.

    If Lyndon kept hesitating like that then he would not have another choice but to step over him and win this chance!

    Mr. Lua looked at Mr. Kang and gave him the signal. Mr. Kang coughed and cleared his throat before suggesting, "I see Lyndon is hesitating. How about we do this... Let's have Mr. Lua to be voted in for that position because Lyndon is indecisive at this time seeing he's still caught up in his relationship with Yera. Don't you agree with me?"

    All board members inside the meeting room nodded. Mr. Lua was a better choice compared to Lyndon at that moment because the man was getting emotional and this affected the plans they already made.

    Lyndon was still quiet. He was in a conflicted situation. Mr. Lua with the rest could easily put him down in a snap and that was the consequences of his actions in the past that he did for gaining a higher position in Life Globals. He did not debate them nor did he say a thing to them and everyone knew that his silence meant he was not against the idea.

    "You do remember that you have to keep your loyalty to us Lyndon or else you would lose everything..." Mr. Lua specified then followed by the clicking of his tongue.

    "Tsk.. tsk... you boy need to sort things out. Wasting everything you worked hard for just for a woman who seems like she no longer wants you back, is it really worth it?" Lyndon heard the mocking statement.

    His eyes narrowed at Mr. Lua who had been on his watch list for a long time. He knew one day the old man would viciously attack him anytime, but he did not expect it this soon.

    All his plans crumbled with Yera's announcement of her identity. He could not add now more suffering to Yera by taking away from her what was rightfully hers. She came back to claim her right  so he should not be a hindrance to Yera and worst add more sins to his already heavy baggage...

    "Don't worry. I will keep my word and vote for you. After that, consider me gone from this group..." Lyndon muttered before he stood up from his chair and left.

    His heart was too heavy. Maybe Jam was right. He should just leave for some far away place and start a new life altogether. But was he capable of doing so? Could he really do that after everything that had happened? Lyndon's heart and mind were both in dilemma.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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