226 The End Of The World

    As soon as the Chairwoman left, Shan immediately prepared herself to leave as well  to arrive at the meeting place in time. She almost forgot how assistant Ron was like a ticking clock.

    Shan smiled as she checked her make-up once inside the car. It took her nine years to finally be able to see him once again. She was really nervous. To be honest, she tried many times to approach him whenever she could but she would get jittery and always ended up running away everytime she would get near Ron.

    Hopefully today she could finally overcome that jittery feeling and by then she could finally return him what she owed...

    Shan drifted into the memory of her time before she joined Life Hospitals group while she was on her way in the ride provided by  the Chairwoman duly assigned with a driver....

    Nine years ago, Shan's life was very hard, at that time she worked like a cow as a temporary employee in various establishments while fighting hard to graduate in her Business of Administration course. But then one day, Shan received a very big opportunity when she was selected for an interview at Life Globals group as a trainee.

    She could remember that day when she was well prepared for the interview. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity. She was walking at the side of the road to get to the bus station when she saw an old man suddenly collapse behind her .

    She immediately picked the old man, carried him in a cab to the nearest hospital and waited for any of his relatives to come and stayed with him till then. It was still early at that time and so she thought she could still run for the interview but then the relative came too late.

    It was still very vivid in Shan's memory where she rushed out running from the hospital as she looked at her wrist watch. Only a few minutes were left before her interview but she tripped in haste, causing her to bruise herself and still worst was that the heel of her shoes broke.

    Shan cursed as she looked around and saw a bench. She walked there almost hopping while she held the other shoe in her hand. She sat and tried to fix it while she looked at the time on her wrist watch. Tears unconsciously started to fall from her eyes while she tried to fix her shoe. There were no shops around too to buy new shoes, not to mention if the pocket money she had that time would be enough to buy any had she found a shop.

    While she sat there counting her series of bad luck encountered that day, a man suddenly bent down on his knees near her and pulled the other shoe on her feet away, while giving her his sneakers.

    "Wear these for now. I'm working in this hospital and I have a pair of spare shoes in my locker that's just a few steps away from here. Stop crying now, because it's not the end of the world when a few mishaps happen."

    Shan wiped her tears and stared at the man who was probably just two or three years older than her based on his physique. 'He is wearing long sleeves and slacks so how come he's in sneakers?' she mused.

    Shan saw the man stood up and with a serious look on his face he said, "Get in the cab that I just used. You look like you're getting late to where you're going..."

    Shan immediately stood up recalling that she was almost late! And immediately ran inside the cab. She hurriedly told the cab driver the address where she was going. "Please hurry!" she added.

    When the cab moved, Shan's eyes rounded because she forgot to say the words 'thank you' to the man. She hit her head also because she even forgot her shoes in his hands. Shan laughed alone as she reminisced her stupidity at that time.

    To cut the story short, she discovered later that the man who helped her was Xander Yang's executive assistant because she happened to see him with Xander Yang of Yang Globals group in every article and news later on. No wonder because the hospital where she brought the old man was the Yang Globals hospital where Ron was already working as Xander's assistant.

    Unfortunately, she did not actually make it for the interview but... She was still accepted at Life Hospitals group as trainee because she was lucky enough that the old man she had saved, putting her career in line, happened to be the Old Master Han of Life Globals group.

    Since then, the Old Master Han appointed her as Yera's assistant in every aspect because Old Master Han believed and trusted her blindly.

    Shan finally came out of her reverie when she arrived at her destination. She contemplated whether to give assistant Ron his shoes or not back yet, that she brought with her in a paper bag.

    In the end, Shan left it in the car itself because she thought there would be many more opportunities to return him his shoes. Meanwhile, maybe it would be better that the two of them get along well first.

    When she was already inside the private room, her eyes rounded seeing the papers scattered on the table. Assistant Ron sat on the floor with crossed legs. He looked at his wrist watch before he said, "Remove your shoes and join me here. You're two minutes late. Next time, don't waste two minutes of our time because we have a crucial job at this moment. We have to accomplish this before the verdict on the trial is out."

    Shan twitched her mouth and slightly bowed in front of him and said, "Hello, it's nice meeting you... I'm Sha---"

    She stopped when Ron signaled her to sit. "Leave it... We already know each other..Remember, we're the assistants of the infamous rival couple... Anyway, I think sitting like this will be uncomfortable to you. Wait I'll ask the waitress to give you a blanket. Next time we're going to meet, change into a lack because this place will be a regular meeting place for us." Shan heard him speak without even looking at her as his eyes were still focussed on the documents he was reading.

    "What a workaholic man!' Shan silently exclaimed. But on second thought, she felt happy with that strong aura emitted from assistant Ron because surprisingly the jittery feeling that she always had whenever she saw him, was suddenly gone...

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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