227 Sly Mouse

    At Yang Globals hospital...

    "Dr. CEO!!! I missed you brother!" exclaimed Rui as soon as he entered Xander's office. He hugged Xander tightly and even patted his buttocks.

    "Stop that you pervert! Why did you show up only now?" Xander grunted as he abruptly pushed Rui from him. "Eww! Don't ever do that again!" Xander complained while he wriggled as if it gave him some kind of skin disease.

    Rui burst out in laughter and said, "What's with you? Don't tell me Yera also hates it whenever you have that skin to skin with a man?"

    Xander rolled his eyes. Rui was always quick in guessing and the psychologist often teased him right before he even told him the whole story.

    "I saw the two of you at the party so I guess I'm right. You're banned from any skin to skin contact. I did not have much time to approach the two of you because I'm too busy catching and containing a little mouse on the loose!" Rui explained while he comfortably walked to get himself a cup of tea from Xander's receiving table.

    "Mouse? Since when did you become a cat?" Xander arched his brow as he asked. He sat in front of Rui and crossed his legs. His dear friend had a lot to report to him.

    "Since that Candice Yao arrived here! I tell you that woman is dangerous!" Rui exclaimed. Xander smirked because that tone from Rui was broken and he knew his friend too well.

    Xander nodded before he teased, "Yeah, very dangerous indeed. It looks like you will become a prey of that dangerous woman soon."

    Rui's eyes rounded as he continued, "She deliberately did it. That pose to be on top of you. She had this hidden agenda that I can't get a hold of yet but I'm sure you're the target. Are you sure you got her profile thoroughly checked by your men? I think we're missing something here. Can we ask Keira's husband? I think the military sources are more reliable when it comes to profile checking."

    Xander released a sigh and said, "No! We have to respect the military database. On what grounds tell me? On what grounds can we ask that special request? For murder? For any crime? You do know Zach won't release any private information on baseless grounds. He's strict when it comes to that even though it's family..."

    Rui's shoulders dropped. Xander was right. They held nothing against Candice except for the fact that the latter seemed to have some hidden agenda like getting close to Xander. Still...

    "Just watch her closely Rui if your hunch is telling that she's up to something, but I really don't feel that she's that harmful in any way."

    That instant, the two men heard knocking on the door. "Come in," Xander mumbled.

    They exchanged meaningful glances when Dr. Candice Yao entered with her again impeccable smile. "Secretary Ness is not in her area so I came straight here. I hope you don't mind," Dr. Yao said.

    "Yes, we do mind," Rui scoffed in dry tone and Xander vaguely signaled him to behave. Rui twitched his mouth and shrugged his shoulders as he proceeded to drink his tea.

    Dr. Yao ignored Rui and walked straight to Xander with some paper bags. "Dr. CEO, I have brought a lot of presents for you from Country V and I hope you'll like these."

    "Oh, that's so nice of you Dr Yao, but you don't have to do this. I can't accept it..." Xander murmured while he moved a bit to his left because Dr. Yao sat beside him.

    "What are you saying. These are all for you. I especially took the effort to choose all these and I think it will all look good on you here try this." Dr. Yao moved closer as she picked out one of the coats from the paper bags and was about to put it on Xander who quickly stood up from the couch.

    Dr. Yao creased her forehead and was about to stand up too when Xander snorted, "Stop right there. Just leave it all in the paper bags. Don't come near me..."

    Rui on the other hand was enjoying the show thoroughly and sneakily took a video of what was happening.

    "What's wrong Dr. CEO?" Dr. Yao asked with a confused look.

    "My wif.." Xander almost spilled it and recalled that he should not disclose it yet so he continued, "My weird skin allergy. I have an allergy right now and it's very itchy. Just leave that in the paper bag and thank you for your thoughtfulness. Please distance yourself from me and stay at least a meter away."

    Dr. Yao's eyebrows arched. "Why? Is it because of the party? I see we're trending on social media and are on top searches. Hmm, will this affect our friendship? Do you want me to answer and clear everything to those reporters? But if I do I will be honest with them, and tell them that I like you."

    Rui's tea deliberately splashed out from his mouth, hearing those blunt words from Dr. Yao. Xander was dumbfounded too.

    "Stop that Candice..." Rui exclaimed as he stood up suddenly and grabbed Dr. Yao's arm with force. "What? I really like Dr. CEO. Is there something wrong with that?" Dr. Yao naively muttered.

    "Yes there is! He's already taken so stop dreaming!" Rui snapped. Dr. Yao only gave him a grimace before she spluttered, "He's still not married. Oh, and even if he is... I can always steal him away."

    Rui gritted his teeth, this little sly mouse was really testing his patience. With still raised brow, Dr. Yao abruptly removed Rui's hand from her arm. Then she turned toward Xander and winked, "I'll go for now Dr. CEO since there's a meddler in here right now. I'll see you later then. Bye!"

    Dr. Yao gave Rui a dirty look before she walked out of the door. Meanwhile, Rui turned his head to Xander and declared, "Don't worry. I'll handle her..."

    Xander with a twisted and crumpled face murmured, "You better do!" After the verdict on that trial he would handle everything properly, but for now, he must keep his marriage hidden upon Yera's strong request.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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