228 Rewarding You*

    Yera received a call from her father-in-law who wished to visit the couple at Han Mansion for dinner so she instructed her cook to prepare the favorite dishes of her father-in-law.

    She was supposed to start training that day for learning various activities and martial arts on self defense to be able to protect herself anytime if need be, but she cancelled it so she would be in good condition once her father-in-law arrived.

    Dion watched her in the kitchen being a nosy body, tasting all the dishes and instructing the kitchen staff for every minor detail.

    "I guess father-in-law is really such a good man that you're too excited about his visit and want everything to be perfect." he teased with a smile.

    Yera ignored him at first but then paused and turned to look at him and said, "Rizie will dump you in a month. Instead of watching me in here and 'trying' to tease me, you better go, woo her more and make her fall in love with you deeper."

    Dion pursed his lips and scratched his head. He was about to leave when his sister added, "By the way, you should be fine by now so how come Rizie is still taking care of you especially feeding you meals in front of us. I don't know how long I can take in watching you two showing off like that."

    "It's a strategy sis. The more she invests effort in me, the harder it is going to be for her to leave me. And don't worry about me... Watch me, I'll show you I'm even better than brother-in-law." Dion boasted and immediately escaped his sister before he got more scolding.

    Yera raised a brow and murmured, "That kid - he still has a long way to go before he can compare to my husband... My husband is the best from every angle..."

    "I heard that!" Yera was too startled when Xander suddenly hugged her from behind.

    "Stop that..." Yera whispered because they were not the only persons in the kitchen so Xander quickly pulled her into their bedroom.

    "Hey what are you doing?" Yera whispered with a raspy voice because her husband was showering her neck with kisses as soon as her back was pinned on the door.

    "I'm rewarding you for appreciating how remarkable your husband is." Xander answered in his hoarse voice.

    He just got home and saw Dion rushing out from the kitchen and he told Xander that his sister was there inside, so he immediately went straight there and heard Yera giving him compliments.

    He couldn't help but hug her there however, they were not the only ones around so he had to control his other urges and bring her in their room.

    He was sucking and licking her neck. She was already in her casual, day wear, dress and it was too easy for him to unzip it and had it fall down on the ground leaving his wife only with her underwear and bra.

    Xander devoured her lips, sucking her lower and upper lips simultaneously. He was kissing her deeper as if he could not get enough of her supple lips. Those lips trailed their way on her neck once more then to her collarbone down to her bosoms.

    She felt Xander unhook her bra and removed it. Yera unconsciously moaned and bit her lips when her breast felt Xander's warm hand on one while his lips and tongue played on the other breast, nibbling the aroused peaks in them alternately.

    Yera's body arched as her head slightly tilted up. She was grateful that she was leaning on the door because her knees were starting to get weak with all the sensation she was feeling.

    'Are we doing it here? Standing?' she silently thought because they had never done it like that before. She gasped when  Xander bent on his knees and kissed her belly down her belly button. He was not kissing only but licking her skin that heightened the sensation she was feeling.

    Then she felt Xander pull her panty down. "What are you.." she murmured but Xander interrupted her and said, "Relax darling. I told you I'm rewarding you..."

    Before Yera could utter a word, her husband had one of her legs on his shoulder as he began rewarding her. Yera cried when she felt his tongue in between her legs, on her most sensitive parts, teasing and making her quiver with his flicking and sucking.

    She felt so good and she was lost in the feelings that she ended up grabbing her husband's hair. He was lapping and giving her unbearable pleasure, she was so engrossed in his actions that she ended up calling his name several times saying how much she loved him without her knowing.

    Xander on the other hand was dripping hard with excitement and arousal to his own self while he pleasured his wife uncontrollably. Hearing her cries and moans could almost bring him to climax in that instant.

    After a few more minutes, Yera reached her wonderful orgasm.

    Xander on the other hand felt so achieved thinking that his wife finally forgave him. To be honest, since that night at the party he was unable to make love to his wife. He was banned from making love until his darling was in her mood to do so.

    He stood up and was about to carry her to their bed when his wife quickly picked her clothes, put them back on and said, "I have to go and make sure everything is settled before father arrives."

    Xander was about to carry her but his darling was too fast and quickly ran out of their room.

    Xander helplessly looked down at his little buddy who was fully ready for action. "I'm sorry buddy but you have to settle with my hand once more. Let's try again later, maybe our darling will finally let us in..." he mumbled before he walked in their bathroom with dropped shoulders.

    Xander was hopeful that his father would mention the wish for a grandchild again  and following it up with his wife later will be easier then...

    Xander crumpled his face and whined, "Maybe I should just kick Dr. Yao out of the hospital right away. It's all her fault that I'm being tortured like this!"

    But then he sighed because that was not a right thing to do. As long as Dr. Yao was not doing anything below the belt he could still give her a chance besides Rui promised that he would take care of Dr. Yao so he should not worry.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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