229 Not Cooperative

    "Is this your first meeting with Senior Yang too in person?" Rizie asked Dion as she helped him remove the dressing of his wound on his chest.

    "Yes, it is the first time. I have heard a lot of good things about him so I would love to meet him... Even my sister seems to like him a lot, so he must be really special then..." Dion commented.

    Rizie unconsciously touched his chest that was near the wound while she whispered, "It's healed I think..."

    Dion stopped breathing because of Rizie's warm fingers on his chest. "Yeah, I think so but it's still a bit painful at tim-es..." Dion murmured, stammering a bit since he was lying plus Rizie's closeness was distracting him.

    Rizie grabbed Dion's short sleeve button down clothe and helped him wear it. She bent down, almost hugging him without her knowing.

    Dion cursed because he should be the one that was supposed to seduce Rizie but why did he feel like he was the one getting seduced everytime she was near him. He should make Rizie fall for him hard but he could feel himself falling deep instead for the woman in front of him.

    He could no longer help the urge to pull Rizie on his lap and have his way with her. He pulled her down, held her nape and confidently claimed her lips. She tasted sweet and luscious and he probed deeper in her mouth with his tongue. He moaned when he felt Rizie's tongue dance with his rhythm.

    Rizie reacted with the same intensity and passion with her hands cupping his face. Dion's other hand started to move on its own, looking for something warm and so it courageously crawled inside Rizie's blouse, feeling her bare belly and going further up.

    Rizie's heart was beating erratically anticipating Dion's touch on her breasts. She was caught in the passion and she couldn't care less about her other thoughts right then, but then there was a sudden knocking at the door that interrupted the intimate moment between the two.

    Rizie immediately stood up from Dion's lap while Dion exclaimed timidly, "Yes?!"

    "Sir, Madame Yera said that the guests are about to arrive so please go down." they heard one of their helpers informed.

    Rizie immediately ran at the door and opened it. "I was just helping him with the dressing of his wounds. We have just finished, we will now go down." she defended, afraid that the helper would tell Yera that she was inside Dion's room.

    The helper nodded but her mouth curved in a teasing smile as she turned around.

    Both of them instantly went down, a tinge of blush showing off their intimate encounter to any prying eyes . After a few minutes of waiting with everyone, Senior Yang finally arrived and they all welcomed and greeted him at the entrance of the mansion.

    "Oh these children! Why are you all out in this cold? Come and let'go inside!" Senior Yang scolded seeing Yera and the others were all standing outside to welcome him.

    They did and once inside, Yera immediately introduced her brother Dion to senior Yang and Rizie as his fiance.

    'Fiance? Isn't it when we're engaged? Getting married soon?' Rizie mused in alarm. She did not know why but she was getting nervous at the thought of marriage.

    "Hmm, what a good looking man. I can see your similarities with your sister," Senior Yang commented before he gave Dion a warm hug. Then he turned to Rizie and smiled, "And of course such a fine and attractive lady. I heard about your brother the general in the military so our Dion in here must behave right?"

    Rizie laughed as Senior Yang gave her a wink. He was a carbon copy of Xander Yang in personality and now she knew where Xander got his bubbliness from.

    Yera comfortably wrapped her arms in Senior Yangs and guided him into the dinning room. Xander on the other hand scratched his head because his father did not even seem to notice he existed.

    Of course he was aware why, simply because his father was still disappointed that until now there was no good news with regards to his request for a grandchild.

    The dining area was filled with laughter, Yera could not help but feel how blessed she was. Since when was the last time she experienced such a good family dinner like this in their own home that was filled with joy while chatting together? The last one she could remember was when her parents were still alive.

    Xander noticed the sudden silence of Yera while she lovingly listened to Senior Yang talking to Dion. He grabbed Yera's hand and gently squeezed it. Yera gave her husband a sweet and loving smile. She finally had a family after everything that had happened in her life. She was not broken after all the attacks hurled at her but was restored because of the people around her. And because she did not give up on her life and chose to face everything despite how hard it could be and how difficult it could get. She kept on fighting...

    "So Dion, I guess you'll get married soon. I just hope Xander can finally give me a grandchild before it happens..." Senior Yang intentionally mentioned.

    Xander could not help but praise his father for not letting him down as always. Xander looked at Yera with his teasing smile while he muttered, "My wife is not cooperative dad."

    Yera's eyes rounded and she would definitely pinch her husband if not for her father-in-law who was looking at them.

    Senior Yang pouted his lips and narrowed his eyes as he shifted his eyes from Xander to Yera.

    "That's not true father. He did something that deserves a lesson..." Yera whispered with pursed lips.

    Senior Yang raised an eyebrow at Xander and scolded, "You brat! Why can't you behave well! You know what can make this old man happy and yet you're still not working hard for it. You should always please your wife and don't stress her out..."

    Rizie and Dion exchanged meaningful glances as Senior yang continued to shower his son with blessings. Yera on the other hand did not know whether to pity her husband or be happy... Maybe later she would just lift his ban since he already had been scolded enough...

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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