230 Agreement To Kill

    "Fu*ck! Fu*ck that bit*ch freaking bit*ch! Traitor!" the man grunted as he kept on running. His body was already full of sweat because of running for so long. He cursed when he could not find a good spot to stop and hide.

    He was being chased after being abandoned just like that. He thought he already hit the jackpot by living in hiding with a good provision but it did not last long.

    He was panting hard. It was very dark and there was almost no one in that deserted area. Though there were people living there but none dared to interfere with the commotion.

    He paused for a while, seeing two directions ahead of him, contemplating which direction would be best to escape, left or right! If he remembered correctly, there was a dead end in either of the two directions.

    "Fuuu*ckkkk it! Fuuu*ckkkk..." he snarled.

    "Stop right there. You have nowhere to go now, so you better listen to my advice and quietly come with us," he heard the familiar voice of a man. He was the one who had hired him, 'the Client' who instructed him and his gang to abduct the woman named Yera Han years ago.

    He smirked at the Client and said, "Why should I? Who knows what you are going to do to me! Someone is trying to kill me ever since I accepted that job you asked!"

    "No! I told you that I won't kill you! I will not harm you! I only want more information from you. My instructions were very clear... So now tell me, what exactly happened that night?" the Client persuaded. He wanted to know what really happened.

    "That was not me who fired that shot! It was Niro! That idiot!" he shouted. His instructions were clear so he himself was unclear why Niro fired those shots unless of course he received special instructions and came into a separate agreement with someone else.  An agreement to kill Yera Han without him knowing.

    He could not trust any one so he should escape. He was about to run once more but a few pairs of hands pinned him down.

    "Let me go! What do you want from me now! I told you I will keep my mouth shut! I already told you that it's not me!" he screamed as he tried hard to fight the men pinning him down. He had managed to escape death several times and he vowed that this day would not be his last day.

    "I am not going to kill you... Just tell me where is that man who shot her. You said you killed them all but we did not find the body of that man. Do you know if he talked to any other persons or some other clients?" his Client sternly asked.

    "I really don't know... I don't have any idea if he had received any special instructions to kill her from someone but I clearly shot them all. Maybe he's body was eaten already by the fishes.  But if you're really interested I can help you to trace him since I know every contact of that bastard, but you have to promise to keep me alive and free me from prison since that woman is alive and I heard she is also pursuing those responsible for her abduction. If I will go down and you will go down with me. Don't you dare try to kill me also or else you will get exposed because I have left evidence of your involvement with a trusted person, and once he does not hear anything from me..." he bargained, trying to coax the Client who seemed to buy his bull** and signaled his men to loosen their grip on him so he could stand.

    When the grip on him was loosened and he was already standing, he instantly ran for his life because he could not trust the person in front of him or else he would get betrayed once more. They were not armed so he assessed he could easily escape them.

    The Client cursed and exclaimed, "Follow him! Make sure you capture him alive!"

    He kept running and was about to turn right when he heard shouts saying, "Stop!!!" You'll get hit! Stop!" He turned right at the intersection and it was too late because he was already hit by a bulk four by four vehicle car.

    "Retreat!" shouted the man as he witnessed how the man they were chasing was being dragged back and forth by the car.

    "Sir, we should leave. This place is no longer safe." one of the man of the Client reported. They had to flee the site because the police was about to arrive soon according to their dispatcher since some witnesses had reported the chasing that happened in the area.

    "Let's leave... Make sure you find out the details of that vehicle." the Client hissed. Someone was trying to kill the leader of the gang he hired to abduct Yera. Things were unexpectedly getting messier every passing day. If he couldn't contain it, everything would fall and he would be dragged down soon.

    "Sir, I think it would be good for us that he died... I mean he can no longer speak of the matter about the abduction..." one of the Client's men commented.

    He sighed. Could it really be for the best that the leader was dead.

    "Make sure he is dead." he muttered. His another problem was who was behind it. He was sure whoever that person was, knew him well. He surely was the one behind the person who fired the gun to kill Yera.

    'Who could that be...'

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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